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Film series Leprekon (1993 - 2014). Kettle or life? The story about the Irish evil spirits of

Whatever you may say, and the Hollywood movies of an era of VHS have the charm. They can seem to present generation of the audience naive, plain, even silly, but these tapes even more often become today objects of remakes, sequels and other reconsiderations. Because technologies - that took a step forward, and essentially new plots appear very little.

This time we will talk about one American film series of the ninetieth which surely stepped over a turn of centuries and continues to live still. The speech about the black comedy of horrors Leprekon Mark Jones, the ancestor of the long-playing franchize who came out in 1993 and become. Certainly, on popularity level this opus even did not lie with genre pillars nearby - The Nightmare on Vyazov Street Craven, Friday, 13 - e and Halloween . But it is quite competitive in relation to to colleagues in particular, to horror films from the " series; Master of dolls or Zubastiki .

For those who not in a subject. Leprekon is a character of the Irish mythology, something between the gnome and the fairy. From the first it adopted stern temper, a beard, love to precious metals and growth around meter with a cap. From the second - ability to magic and other magic focuses. Leprekon - a being not that angry, but also bad. In other words, do not touch - does not zavonyat. But Americans, considering a genre, habitually took out the infernal monster obsessed with passion to gold and sadistic murders. Having left a traditional green suit, a kettle, striped gaiters and shoes with buckles, authors very much disfigured appearance of the dwarf, not to mention his nasty character.

Premiere of the film Leprekon took place on January 8, 1993. The scenario, also behind authorship of the director - the debutant Jones, did not abound with original decisions, but emergence in a shot of the spiteful sarcastic freak with hooked fingers and decayed teeth automatically made the project an exclusive.

Family Redingov, as a part of the father and the adult daughter, redeems the semi-disorganized farm of O`Greydi which former owner became an inveterate drunkard in a remote place and moved to nursing home. To the father not to get used, and here the girl obviously not delighted with acquisition and all the time strives to slip away in hotel from which, judging by the district, you it is not necessary to expect much too. However acquaintance to the nice general worker Nathan changes plans of the maiden: she stays overnight that just you should not have done.

Nathan - part of amicable crew Guys who paint where rather stupid, but lovely puzan Ozzie and the small madcap Alex also enters. Actually, the last also find in the cellar of the old man O`Greydi a box in which the ominous dwarf at which the greedy farmer once snatched a bag of gold coins is ground. Having come to be on freedom, leprekon immediately arranges to new lodgers full akhtung because in gold magic force is concluded it and this green hobbit dislikes the small fry after a ten-year imprisonment. Inquiry methods at a leprekon the most cruel, up to a smertoubiystvo therefore heroes are forced to barricade in the house and to beat off the monster improvised objects. In the final, on the advice of the dying Irish, they find the most powerful weapon, a four-leaved clover, and with its help send the negodyaysky green little man to forefathers. Curtain.

Clear business, the plot of enthusiasm did not cause in critics. The movie fast obkashlyal, reduced to a plinth and on volume a cross and put. However the picture unexpectedly attracted spectator audience. The first tape of a newly appeared film studio Trimark Pictures earned in hire 8,5 mln. dollars (at the budget of only 900 thousand) and surely occupied following the results of a year 117 - e the place in the list of the most high grossing films of America. Not God knows what result, but for the debut project - profit unprecedented. Therefore producers, in turn, also planned shootings of the sequel for critics of a nachkhala.

Here to you still couple of interesting details. In the States where small and large video rolling business, cartridges with " in the early nineties prospered; Leprekon dispersed 100 - thousand circulation, and these are not jokes any more. Besides in Jones`s tape the first steps on the big screen were taken by future star - the little-known starlet Jennifer Aniston (series Friends will appear only in 1994 - m). Let`s especially note that computer special effects at that time were in embryo, actors did not learn to cut off to halflings yet, therefore invited the real-life Liliputian to Leprekon`s role - the famous performer Uorvik Davies ( Willow Labyrinth ) . This image so pleased it that Davies became the only performer wandering from the sequel in the sequel.

Continuation did not keep itself waiting and without delay was released in April, 1994 - go. However having lost Aniston who favourably subscribed on Friends and the near fat man Ozzie, the movie a move lost all being available charisma. Creators of the second part relied on the severe Irish dwarf who unexpectedly began to rhyme threats, ceased to be afraid of a clover in favor of the forged iron and was going to marry. Actually, in England and Ireland the picture also left with a subtitle One wedding and is a lot of funeral (with a hint on the romantic comedy Four weddings and one funeral ) .

Action of the movie was transferred to the big city, having refused any references to original events. It is an independent story about how leprekon arrives to Hollywood in search of the bride (unfortunate has chance to marry only once in one thousand years). Here he faces appetizing Bridget (unlike the perspective Aniston who refused to flash stark naked in a shot, untalented Shivonn Derkin managed to show at least boobs) and crosses the road to her guy, and at the same time loses the gold again. Trying at the same time and to eat a small fish, and in the Kremlin to sit down, leprekon loses in fight with the American young growth again.

Fight for cash desk was not crowned with success too. The inexperienced director Rodmen Flender could not take from the being available scenario and a casting though how many - nibud distinct action. The sequel into which pumped already 2 million hardly - hardly beat off costs of creation, thereby hinting that the franchize is near death. Producers considered a deal and the third Leprekona ( Adventures in Las - Vegas ) let out on video at once, passing movie theaters. As well as all subsequent sequels which currently there are five pieces (including In space 1996, Neighbour 2000 - go and Home 2003 - go).

To honor of creators of a trequel it should be noted that it turned out unlike better, than the predecessor. At the general wretchedness of a cast (play worse only a porn where, however, look at absolutely other data) the plot became more - less responsible, though copied a lot of things from a horror film Wishmaster . Actually, the relative success of the third part, cost for which was with interest covered by proceeds from sales of videotapes, and allowed producers to continue to cook continuations the next eight years as hot pies.

Nevertheless together with decline of a video hire shop, the basis of profitability of film series was undermined. Leprekonomaniya finally withered especially as from the movie to the movie scenarios became growing dull and ploshche. However admirers of a tape (if those are available in the nature) with hope look in the future. Hollywood, greedy for alterations, intends to let out in 2014 a picture under original name Leprekon: Beginning . A doubtful invention, but who knows?