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Thriller Red " fires; (2011). Obvious - paranormal, or Scepticism against belief?

force us to think of Technical progress rationally. Neurons, electrons, photons, bosons. The longer we dig deep into, the less we see in breadth. Simple and clear beliefs gave way to sophisticated formulas, gods are sorted on molecules, and our reality on assurance of scientists is only what we can realize and understand no more.

But all - wants to be trusted. Perhaps not in God and not in the Devil, but in something invisibly present, coordinating, setting on the right path. The person is weak, he needs belief, hope and as it is banal, love. Therefore miracles, but not opening, still continue to excite the public and in our promptly progressing information century. And those who learned these most miracles to forge, are in a growing demand. To sceptics a request not to worry.

At doctor Margaret Matheson and her assistant, the physicist - the practician Tom Buckley, a peculiar calling. Together they work on eradicating human delusions in the nature of supernatural. Margaret is sacredly sure that at light there are two types of people with paranormal abilities: one truly believe that they possess them, others hope that their deception will never be opened. Both those, and others - charlatans. And the task of its department consists that to mow clean these psychics, mediums, exorcists, sorcerers, magicians and healers. Advantage of them any, and here harm there is a lot of.

For the time being, so far it is about swindlers of a small manner, scientific sceptics easily expose liars and deceivers. Those who contrive for fun and without evil intention, are just rebuked and patted on a back. Other, especially gone too far swindlers, hand over to the police and competent authorities. But there is one companion with whom even doctor Matheson is not able to cope. Great and awful Simon Silver, the blind seer, really works wonders, collects packed houses of sufferers and from all directions the personality more than mysterious. Habitually cool and self-assured Margaret, remembering old skirmish with this dangerous subject, does not risk to experiment with its abilities any more. However her assistant Tom to other opinion.

Buckley is sure that Silver is a swindler, start up also grandiose. You will not take it by habitual methods, as well as any unique person, he demands exclusive approach. But what if Tom is mistaken, and Silver is the real, real-life psychic? What if the science bites the dust before existence of other, much more powerful forces which cannot be measured, counted, to push in a test tube?.

Spaniard Rodrigo Cortes treats that type of film figures for whom contents is sometimes more important than a form. This is the true enthusiast of the business, the perfectionist, the fan to think of rebuses, such low budget Nolan, however, obviously allocated with smaller talent of the visionary and story-teller. Cortes is the person - the orchestra performing on the projects at once several works: it both screenwriter, and producer, and director. On the one hand, it allows it to hold all threads in the hand, to provide total control over the project, with another - considerably to save. Though recently when the Spaniard was recognized in Hollywood, he does not need to cheap out any more, but a habit to be one for all remained. Here and on Red " fires; Rodrigo is noticed vovsekh forms so it is possible to call the movie safely author`s.

For those who like to draw parallels: the picture is constructed by the principle of such sensational tapes as Illusionist Prestige and Sixth sense . From the first two Cortes adopted idea of the conjurer fooling audience and also from Shyamalan and Nolan`s works borrowed the principle the final - the double-dealing fellow . Borrowed, but did not steal as it seems to other critics ready to lower on the Spanish cinema-man of all dogs. It is amusing when the director is abused for an unexpected ending which in a root changes impression of what was seen. At the same time the same people with foam at a mouth scold other directors for predictability. And all - from two evils is more preferable the fact that with a surprise.

I will tell at once, I write from a position of the person who remained is satisfied with what was seen. What is contrary to the general opinion and cash indicators too. Red " fires; as well as previous opus of Cortes Buried alive on a habit were defeated by critical brotherhood utterly.

Nevertheless it is difficult to argue with the main claim - the tape is very ascetic and inexpressive in that, as for the concrete paranormal phenomena and demonstration of unusual abilities of Simon Silver in shining (and we did not wait for other) Robert De Niro`s execution. Well, it bends spoons as the boy from Matrixes guesses numbers at distance, digs barehanded in others stomach, a little bit levitates and effectively spoils an electrical wiring. Considering that the same count Cagliostro ate tableware without salt, and Shurik telepathic guessed Lida`s desires, focuses, frankly speaking, not the fountain. Authors at all also do not pursue staginess, staking on psychological aspect of fight of the scientist and psychic. But you should not consider this duel on a global scale nevertheless.

Having missed a visual component, Cortes became a convenient small pillow for needles. Deception Illusion told in words, looks not too convincingly. Especially as we are initially pushed to the fact that infernal Simon cannot just win this fight because the blind clairvoyant too often resorts to dirty to methods of fight against the opponents. Taught by bitter experience of any Kashpirovsky and Chumakov, we are inclined to give a palm in a charge of the young scientist, with such heat of Goodwin trying to take from a skin of the Wizard of the Emerald city in advance.

The problem is that Cortes did not decide to accept this or that point of view on the myth about existence of ultraboundary forces. Yes, we believe that we want to trust, and we see what we want to see. These can explain a set of nonsenses, but it is impossible to issue the proof for real miracles in any way. Or perhaps and the truth, them does not happen, and any mystification - laborious work of someone`s hands? And the answer to this question will stay behind scenes, forcing the viewer to remain at the beliefs which are not disproved at all or proved.

As a result it turned out as always, but not as it is better. For the detective in the movie Cortes there is too much mysticism, for mysticism - there is too much scepticism. Then that denial denial as well as minus on minus, all the same will give us plus. And all road disabusing the viewer, the author suddenly jumps off from a footboard and waves a white kerchief after the leaving express. And it in common people is called bought the ticket, but did not go . It is fascinating to watch similar process, but most there is no wish to fall into an idiotic situation.