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Fantasy Time (2011). Time is - mind is not necessary?

the Saying say that so far we kill time, it kills us. At desire for money it is possible to buy anything: glory, love, health. It is impossible to redeem time only. Relentless substance, ruthless, uncontrollable. A watch ticks only in one direction, and as if we did not want while we are not able to turn back the course the clock. And here to reduce the term measured to us - always please.

Creators of the fantastic movie Time made an attempt to picturize the known popular expression Time - money . In literal sense having turned hours and years into a change.

In some kingdom / the strange state people found a way to become immortal. However nothing on Earth happens free. You want to die young and beautiful? There are no problems, wait for the 25 - the anniversaries, receive year of life, waste it in a week and give, good-bye. Time became the main resource of the nation: it is sold, bought, earned by the sweat of the brow, stolen, given on birthdays and exchanged for buns. And one buns get more, and others - have less. The elite of hours does not observe, their timer is charged on hundreds of the years ahead whereas inhabitants of a ghetto are forced to consider every second. Was late - died. Or, as speak in the people, it was nullified.

The poor Will Salas was born in quarters where all live in one afternoon. You want to live - be able to spin. Sleep less, move more, time presses. Will as is put three years on the counter, but still lives from a salary to a salary, being interrupted by casual hours. In one remarkable evening the young man lost the mother who was not enough couple of seconds for the bus ticket, but gained centenary margin of safety from the casual stranger, the fop who came into a ghetto. Having lost everything that was lovely to his heart, the guy without regret leaves the house in favor of the central zone of New - Greenwich where the powers that be - the oligarchs who ensured immortality at the expense of such poor fellows as Will and his companions live.

Having the packed timer, Will quickly ingratiated with local cones and even temporarily descended for the - some major which is going through a fortune. However special police group Keepers of time too not for nothing receives minutes: the impostor is found and taken away from him unearned precious years. But Will does not intend to leave a bosom of a dolce vita. Having covered with a nice carcass of the rich successor, he rushes to races. The girl by no means wishes to taste gangster romanticism. Together they plan not only to get hold of a time, but also to provide poor people for years, or perhaps and centuries, to carefree life. And at the same time to force damned capitalists to wash bitter tears of per second tariffing

the Sad picture when the talented idea perishes under cliche tons. The fact that the screenwriter and the director Andrew Nikkol to which so courageous and strange thought came to mind, own hands strangled creation dull realization surprises. In other words, generated and killed rolled into one. The ideas put in Time with interest would be enough for couple of seasons of powerful fantastic series, but Nikkol managed not only to spend them for an hour and a half, but also to turn a perspective hit into the trivial criminal melodrama. Certainly, from the screenwriter Shou Trumanga and " Terminal; we waited for bigger. But since Weapon baron Nikkol slides below and below, literally in the eyes losing face.

Here is how happens, others remove frankly secondary trash about the next invasion of aliens or an apocalypse and press from themselves innovation on a drop. Nikkol thought up the new interesting world, but did not want to live in it. As the child to which the bright toy bothered in the first evening, and it threw it in a dusty corner. The first half an hour the author intricately, nice metaphors, paints the anti-utopian reality in which for one time stopped, and for others runs too quickly. Limited in finance (the budget of a picture makes 40 mln. dollars, modest to present measures) Nikkol does not build the futuristic future and as though sends us in an alternative retro - space. There are no modern entertainments Throne rich men prefer slowly (really where to them to hurry) to sip whisky and to be thrown in poker. And the streamline race car of the year one which cost is estimated decades becomes a limit of dreams of the nouveau riche.

However having depicted anti-Utopia, the author for some reason did not begin to look for the reasons and the more so consequences. Instead in the constructed scenery he molds the Bonnie and Clyde and it is so shameless that just you wonder where all imagination got to. The second part of the movie - a typical schematical criminal boyevichok about the newly appeared Robin Hood plundering from the beloved banks of time and distributing hours to the people. It is amusing how the hereditary beggar seeing abrupt wheelbarrows only on pictures dashingly drives, and his workmate who is brought up in hothouse conditions so surely scorches from a gun and runs on heels quicker than other sprinters. It is clear, when the account goes for minutes, not so you will run, but consciousness gleams for some reason dawn not on authors, but the audience forced to vnemlit to these foolish misses of the scenario.

What Nikkol - not Orwell, and even not Vachovski, we understood. Eventually, many silly fantastic tapes leave at the actor`s game, a dynamic action and special effects. But also here Time gives a weak point. Considering that on a plot in a shot there can be only young performers, at the expense of grandees to amplify did not leave. However, creators played a cunning trick also in this question a little. If to remember that to all characters according to the scenario of 25 years, then any of actors does not fit into this age qualification. To Alex Pettifer, rascally to the watchmaker which is robed by the proletariat - only 23. To Amanda Sayfred - 27, to her partner Justin Timberlake - 32, and to Killian Murphy, the conditional police officer from department keepers of time - and at all 37 years. Details, of course, but nevertheless.

Timberlake is good as far as the plot and a weak portrayal of characters allows. Takes Sayfred not ability, but magnificent dresses and widely open eyes. Pettifer, as always, is awful, but owing to cuteness it is pleasant to girls. And only Killian Murphy, it has to be a shame to them to be shown in similar projects after Dark knight and Red " fires; looks pertinently. Unfortunately, all types flat, boring to empathize them and will not come to mind. And if who is overtaken by death, then leave the hero without regret. Was and splyl. It was nullified, a chertyaka.

With dynamics everything is very bad too. Couple of muffled pursuits, on a car and without it, any to you hand-to-hand or firefights. Heroes prefer to say much, but dialogues - that not Tarantino`s, but nikkolovsky. As well as rare splashes in computer special effects, many phrases as if are generated by car, but are written not by the person.

Time, as well as space - the most fertile substances for a fantasy. Anti-Utopia and a social inequality - the excellent base for the drama. Connect Andrew Nikkol these subjects together, get rid of the cliches which set the teeth on edge and add a little an ingenuity - we would receive cinema, worthy mentions. But, alas, Time - it is waste of time.

It is not new Gattaka (a debut Niccola in big cinema) and not skillful reflection on the Big brother ( Shou Trumanga ) and simple, even near propaganda kitsch. And not about the fact that there should not be poor, and about the fact that it is time to beat the rich. Such strange, but painfully familiar revolutionary axiom which, as we know, in practice nothing left.