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Horror film Ominous dead persons: Black book (2013). Demonology on - Uruguayan?

Are time to reconcile to the fact that everyone more - less decent movie from an era of the eightieth will find new individuality in Hollywood already. Zero years are an era of remakes where only one is the share of ten alterations worthy the original a product. But remakes have one important nuance: they are interesting in itself.

Especially gets to horror films. Over the past few years we already had pleasure to contemplate new The Nightmare on Vyazov Street next Friday, 13 - e modernized Texas slaughter by the " chiansaw; and fresh " version; Nights of fear . Time to share the baggage and to one of the leading American horrormeyker came. Sam Ramey (and the speech about him) was forced to concede to persuasive desire of studio bosses and to offer the most famous movie - Ominous dead persons . The debut with which successful director`s and producer activity of Ramey began is considered one of the most successful and profitable zhutik of all times to this day.

The company of young people comes to the abandoned dacha. Not just like that, and even not for the sake of that and with quite concrete and socially useful mission. The matter is that the girl Mia suffers from drug addiction, and here, far from a civilization and its temptations, it is ready to tear with an addiction. In a circle of friends and own brother David. Last time Mia broke the oath, without having held on also eight hours therefore her friends swore to hold it by force. However their plans will soon exchange on opposite.

Apparently, someone in the absence of owners managed to visit the dacha. Unknown dirtied in the house and in the cellar, having left behind a shot-gun, a heap the dead cats suspended to a ceiling, a stinking smell of burned flesh and the mysterious book which is carefully wrapped up in a barbed wire. And while girls calmed Mia who raged from a lack of heroin, Eric who is carried away by a book read aloud a two-three of spells in unknown language. Thereby having opened a portal for certain ominous wood spirits who extremely need to devour five young souls and to start up the bloody rain foretelling formation of hell on Earth on the area.

The unfortunate Mia who carelessly ran away from the " falls the first victim of otherworldly forces; torturers in a forest thicket. Raped by branches, it comes back to a lodge to arrange to companions a kaleidoscope krovavo - emetic adventures. The evil installed in it is going to be through with friends by the most blasphemous methods, however just like that will not take the American youth. They are ready to pootryvat hands to themselves if only to the demon live not to be given

By tradition the " brand; Ominous dead persons passed to the debutant. Perhaps and not so gifted what was young Sam Ramey, but not the smaller enthusiast of the business. The cinephile from Uruguay Federico Alvares since the childhood dreamed to touch with hands the cult franchize. And producers among which also the creator of the original appears, not only entrusted the layman a remake, but also gave a free hand.

Alvares was not slow to seize the opportunity for all hundred percent. He not only managed to keep the atmosphere and style of the original movie, but also increased the cine evil by means of the last achievements in the field of a make-up. The Uruguayan consciously refused excessive use of computer special effects, showing a tribute to Ramey`s team which in far 1981 - m to year managed to create an unfading masterpiece for 350 thousand dollars.

We will be frank, Alvares not only eliminated an original nonsense, but also added own. One logical disagreements gave way to another, even more scandalous. Agree, it is difficult to believe that the company of adequate people remains in the house where remains of some occult ritual are still fresh. As well as that the person who found on pages of the unknown book (in a cover from human flesh!) obvious prevention Do not read aloud! does everything on the contrary. The solid hour of screen time the main character tries to be discharged of thought that his sister became a haven of the angry demon. In spite of the fact that at the pretty girl Mia language turned black and the voice changed. Not to mention its aspiration of all to zakusat to death. The fraternal affection is really evil.

But authors brought the thorough base under history. In total - Ominous dead persons Ramey, as well as the majority of low budget horrors of that time, looked like a trash amateur attraction more. Alvares strengthened the drama, outlined psychology of characters, added intelligent dialogues. The remake lacks a charm and recklessness, some self-irony and a mockery, in particular in the person of charismatic Bruce Campbell (wishing to see the favourite actor, advise to waste final credits up to the end).

It is the full horror film, serious and generous on meat. According to the available data, creators during shootings spent 25 thousand liters of fake blood. However atrocities on the screen are not end in itself, as in some " Hostel; and are rigidly subordinated to a plot. Besides authors with visible pleasure copy some scenes from a picture of the eightieth, strengthening effect a dezha - vyu but not so, to perceive modern option as a stupid tracing-paper. At once it is visible that the Uruguayan film fan really appreciates the provided chance.

It is doubtful that the upgraded version will become the beginning of new film series. Sam Ramey who earned tens of millions from a remake (the picture at the budget 17 collected in total nearly 100 mln. dollars) will it is unlikely be going to develop this subject. And Federico Alvares, despite the absence of in his plans of any begun projects, will be obviously demanded. Perhaps, as the director of the next alteration or the independent movie. The experience got by it on Ominous dead persons (it is difficult to understand from where our translators dug out this foolish black book because Nekronomikon not of so black color), will inevitably be good help in future works. Time will tell.