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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on July 27 - 28? Glutton: Immortal etc.

In the heat of a summer season would be strange to do without the next hot blockbuster which not unreasonably plans to become the second backs - off the franchizes Ickx`s People - Glutton: Immortal with permanent participation of Hugh Jackman.

The road to it will be tried to be crossed the thriller with Cage and Cusack Frozen earth James Wang`s horror film which did to noise in America Paternoster and the shtatovsky comedy with the provocative heading With whom to oversleep?!! .

1. Glutton: Immortal (The Wolverine, 2013)

It is imperceptible for itself Australian Hugh Jackman at whom behind shoulders there is a lot of also other nice roles including the nomination on Oscar, for the fifth time rolls up sleeves and sticks out a hairy breast to please admirers of the marvelovsky comic book. The fifth, but obviously not the last, considering that next year there is a continuation of the prequel People Ickx: Days of the last future . It is possible to tell safely that for Jackman the image of Logan - Gluttons became a guiding star. And, undoubtedly, the most profitable investment of the sex - the symbolical invoice.

Considering traditions of the comic book, and Ickx`s People - it is the absolute comic book with a mass of comical superheroes and supervillains, to expect how many - nibud the responsible plot is not necessary. Still not killed, mortal, immortal the Glutton with adamantinovy claws will restore justice in it to one peculiar manner. History will be enriched with new characters, including Asian and Russian appearance, the benefit that the part of action occurs in Japan, and the main bad mutantka - Svetlana Hodchenkova who is actively opening of herself the way to Hollywood. However, the actress with so various track record (from Rzhev against Napoleon to The Spy, go out! ) it is simply obliged to attract to overseas producers.

And here in dynamism, enthusiasm and lethal special effects To the Glutton you will not refuse. Marvel pulls a level, trying to turn all the projects into a storm attraction and a visual holiday. A question only in whether the Glutton will be able to draw alone attention to the audience which ate too much blockbusters because against Avengers and the third Iron Man adventures of the werewolf look somehow blankly.

2. Frozen earth (The Frozen Ground, 2013)

Somebody Scott Walker in whose filmography the one and only short film appears is provided with nearly 30 mln. dollars, two superstars of Hollywood and according to own scenario puts the thriller about the maniac - the murderer on traces Sleeplessnesses Christopher Nolan. Whether it is not great American dream in understanding of the producer of the movie - the rapper Fifti Sant?

To the debutant to reach Nolan did not leave. In spite of the fact that action of the movie also happens on Alaska, and real and very terrible story is the cornerstone of the scenario, Walker, probably, did not understand that from it it is required to shoot the intense thriller, but not the procedural detective story about captures of the murderer. The intrigue in the movie is absent for good reason: all participants of the drama are known in advance. Cusack is the meek creature - the maniac disappearing behind a mask of the family man and the good guy, and Cage - the rested police officer, intended to find and punish the murderer. The nedorezanny victim, the young girl who managed to avoid death in due time becomes a key figure in their opposition.

Gloomy history with a heap of unnecessary details, good actor`s game and too scrupulous investigation. Frozen earth quite justifies the name, pretending to be a fertile soil on which, alas, nothing plainly grew.

3. Paternoster (The Conjuring, 2013)

Literally in a decade, starting with cult Saws (2003), her founder James Wang turned into one of the leading horrormeyker of today`s Hollywood. Dead silence and Astral only confirmed that Wang does not take prisoners and it intends and to intimidate the viewer to a hiccups from now on. Long-awaited Paternoster it is expected jumped out in the American hire as the devil from a snuffbox, having frightened to a shiver for more than 50 million dollars.

The Malayan director added already specific genre of horror films with own nightmares. However, after Saws Wang is drawn towards mysticism, than other directions more. This time he suggests us to return to the seventieth, a gold era of zhutik, connecting in Paternoster at once several movies, including cult Emitivillsky horror and The Expelling devil . The damned house, ghosts, storming furniture, the mysterious cellar, demonic doll and the children and adults forced to ask for the help professionals badgered by fear. And here when on the arena there are experts, representation begins.

Generally, fans of nightmares and stories about otherworldly forces can be happy. Wang once again did not disappoint.

4. With whom to oversleep?!! (The To Do List, 2013)

the Wife of the famous American comedian Bill Heyder issued a director`s debut in big cinema. By itself, with participation of the spouse, let also on a background. Certainly, in a genre of the teenage comedy about sex where all students are played by actors from 25 and are more senior. According to authors is so more ridiculous. Heyder has to be proud of the second half, she perfectly learned the lesson and shot the movie in which jokes pretty often concern those things from which children appear.

To retell a plot there is no special sense, quality of such tapes usually is defined by quality of the humour, and the last quite in Heyder`s style. Those who saw Pineapple " express; and Superpertsev will understand about what the speech. In places successfully, places stupidly, everywhere went. It is recommended to watch this kintso only in a good company, otherwise the disappointment is guaranteed. Though it is worth recognizing - the main character not too bad at all.

A bonus to the Hollywood cinema products several exotic projects will go. Among them a gift for especially romantic persons in the form of the Spanish melodrama Ignition about the cool motorcycle racer and femme fatale. The Spanish passions are produced by the same hot machoes that are responsible for similar explosion of emotions in the picture Three meters above sea level . Actually, Ignition nearby drove off, the same ingredients, only persons others, unfamiliar. Besides, the product specific can also cause ambiguous reaction. It is pleasant to girls, it not to take away therefore will descend as a gift or a favor.

On it exotic only begins. From America very independent film distributors brought extremely independent comedy " to our movie theaters; Very paranormal cinema . This movie belongs to that category which usually even in salons of a video hire shop moves on back shelves. At us you will be able to contemplate this low-standard product on the big screen.

It is far more interesting to look at What is created by the German men - quite decent romantic comedy shot for domestic market of Germany. Til Schweiger is not in a shot, but there are nice froylyayn (such happen too, do not doubt) and not so burning, but too burghers thirsty for love. By the way, a director of the movie is somebody Mark Rotemund who once shot the popular youth opus Ants in " trousers;.

Well and on snack of a little real-life exclusive. It, in - the first, the masterly Paraguayan thriller 7 boxes , sending us to sources of the Italian neo-realism. In - the second, the Latin American animated film with very peculiar animation Robinson Crusoe: Leader of pirates . And, at last, it is musical - the documentary with the speaking name Springsteen and I .