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Criminal drama Patrol (2012). Where in Los - Andzheles of the street of the broken lamps? There are no

anything more simply, than to shoot the criminal movie. Plots - continually, it is enough to open the police report - and here for you ready scenarios. From household dismantling to robberies and murders. It dread to think, than the staff of NTV channel would be engaged, do not throw up them daily life a svezhachka.

Nevertheless and in this genre the masters, handicraftsmen and dull imitators are. Various telegarbage cans like above-mentioned NTV, we will not take into account because local series can compete between themselves only in wretchedness. At cinema the tendency of division according to classes takes place too: there are laymans, professionals and talents. David Eyre, certainly, treats the last.

Eyre began in Hollywood the screenwriter, in his texts such famous movies as the military fighter about submariners " were shot; - 571 and first part of the long-playing franchize Forcing . And, certainly, well-known Training day the inventive criminal drama about everyday life of police of Los - Andzheles, removed it is realistic, is rigid and how there was a wish to think differently, is very close to life. Thanks to a tape the second Oscar was caught by the great actor Denzel Washington, and Eyre bought one million dollars and a lot of admirers, that is what each creative person - glory and relative financial independence is eager for.

Other film figure would decide that he grasped god by a beard, but Eyre judged sensibly and began to cultivate a pot of gold very much. And both as the screenwriter, and as the director (his debut took place in 2005 - m together with the criminal drama Abrupt times ) . During this time from - under its feather there were several strong samples of a genre, including Damned season S. W. A. T and Kings of streets . And, at last, Patrol (2012) on which Eyre combined business with pleasure again that is and the text wrote, and realized him in a shot.

Brian and Mike work as patrolmen in los - andzhelessky police. They are not just friends or workmates, they are brothers. Not by birth - on beliefs, on spirit, on life. Mike is the Mexican, the representative of that part of the population that radical Americans klinut Latino . The convinced family man, the fan to scratch language, the good cop who is not marking in chiefs, and simply carrying out the duties assigned to it. Brian is the bachelor with ambitions, the former marine. To it in the patrolman`s skin closely, he dreams of an icon of the detective story, but is till forced to comb unsuccessful areas in search of the punks which stole a wheelbarrow, or to settle consequences of dismantling of local gangs.

Actually, detective hobbies of Brian also become the reason of all problems. On the area there is a repartition of property between black criminals and come in large numbers the Latino. And absolutely inopportunely the couple of patrolmen crosses the road to the powerful Mexican cartel trading in people, the weapon and drugs. Having opened the next brothel, patrolmen step on a tail to the bigwigs controlling a ghetto and now for their hotheads the award is appointed. What, alas, police officers learn the last about scold David Eyre`s

for the fact that supposedly in his movies police officers - pretty often werewolves in shoulder straps . At least, two selling corrupt officials are the share of one decent cop. The criticism took effect: the director shot film about a true friendship of two flavourless workmates of rottenness. Yes, by itself, all people different. One mutters, another grumbles, the third runs into roughness. But police of Los - Andzheles in Patrol it is presented by the uniform, harmonious mechanism where one for all and all for one. Unexpected turn for the person who discredited the myth about those who protect me in absolute majority of the works.

Patrol though looks externally as traditional Buddy - muv nevertheless differs from similar criminal dramas and comedy fighters. First of all, shooting manner. Eyre used modern style of pseudo-documentary when the most part of scenes registers in a hand-held video camera. The technique already managed to become boring to the viewer for the last decade because in Hollywood it is accepted to turn any technology into a cliche as fast as possible. Thank God, did without the subtitles which set the teeth on edge It is based on real events as well as without the found videos. Periodically the perspective of shooting comes back to usual therefore in general jolting of a chamber does not strain, but as much as possible immerses in an episode.

Despite sharply positive image of police, the picture leaves burdensome impression. Not feeling of a hopelessness, as in Training day and not feeling of fastidiousness, as after viewing of our detective series, and a lump in a throat. Because characters turned out so convex and live that seriously you worry about these guys who ask for trouble, and actually just perform the work. They any not heroes, not supermen, they earn a living by the fact that they rescue and kill people. This cynical occupation because today you take out from the fire of small children, and tomorrow it is forced to do in couple of Blacks who snatched out guns. And every time you risk own health and the future of the family which will remain without supporter.

The public estimated Eyre`s aspiration to be rehabilitated. Removed for modest 7 million, the tape to the first premier Wick - and bypassed on a bend a remake Judge Dredd and the new movie of Clint Eastwood, having taken the first place. As a result Patrol earned 48 mln. dollars in world hire that for the avaricious criminal drama in means of expression - obvious achievement. Let`s not forget also that leading roles were played by prominent Hollywood actors, but not minor laymans. Michael Penya got party of Mexican Mike ( Arrows Gangsters Hunters ) and Brian was played by Jake Gyllenhaal whose average fee is almost equal to the budget of all movie now. But for the sake of Eyre the actor made an exception.

In any measure the domestic viewer was not lucky because the Russian dubbing-in, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. And if talk of cops is transferred tolerably, then dialogues of bandits is a foolish compromise between a perfect mat (strong language there more, than in Tarantino`s movies) and aspiration to correspond to style. That is on air sound only literary curses. That case when censorship harms more, than helps.

It is worth recognizing that the production drama not all had on an interior. Which - who saw in a picture unpleasant similarity to numerous criminal realities - show where the domestic squabbles alternate firefights, and intimate scenes adjoin to a seamy side. Like, not the movie it at all, and a set of episodes of the police everyday life seasoned with moralising sauce about honor, an office debt and advantage.

Or perhaps we just got used that Hollywood stamps superheroic police fighters where holders in guns do not come to an end, bandits are armed more purely than regular parts of army, and the main characters are bulletproof fighters against the evil. Eyre was turned by a template inside out: in the City of Angels where some quarters speak only Spanish for a long time, the police officer - long ago not a profession and not calling. Most often it is a sentence.