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Fighter Black rain (1989). To see Tokyo and to die?

the Detective Nick Konklin can hardly serve as a sample for recruits of police academy. In life and on service Nick follows two rules: if beat - it is necessary to hit back if give - it is necessary to take and ask additives. However to his honest colleagues such approach not to liking and soon on corrupted the werewolf in shoulder straps the slander comes.

the Department of internal investigation initiates business, thereby calling into question into everything that to Nick it is expensive also to Ljubo: former family with the alimony, modest the barchelor apartment overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge and dashing street races on baizes.

And to burn to the cop in a flame of prejudices, do not turn up to it good luck. Konklin it is in the middle white day arrests the impudent Japanese mafioso Sato who arrived to the New World to manage the yakudzinsky vendetta. However under the law of the bandit it is necessary to extradite home where will prescribe it sanatorium procedures until the end of life. The hero of the day and his young protege Charlie should accompany Sato to the land of the rising sun. Alas, at the exit from the airbus of Nick and his friend accomplices of the mafioso waited (which to the American, as well as the real Japanese police officers, all as like as two peas). Having signed some hieroglyphs (it appeared, the insurance policy), the detective samolichno handed to the yakuza of their leader.

Being a person responsible and liking to finish business, the American insists on continuation of a banquet and, despite discontent of local peace officers, remains in Japan to catch Sato repeatedly. But other rules of the game and if Nick does not observe them act on others territory absolutely, it risks to become history with the bad end

Ridley Scott is in own way a unique director, thinly feeling an environment. At the end of 70 - x - the beginning 80 - x any projects on which he imposed a hand turned into gold. Starting with debut Duelists (1977), then Stranger (1979) and Running on an edge (1982). Fighter Black rain - it is the first experience of the Englishman in a genre of a police action. Two years before Scott already tried to make the cop by the main figure of the thriller The one who protects me but the tape, to put it mildly, was not successful. Having realized that the second Hitchcock will not leave him, the director undertook to develop other fertile subject, the benefit that at the end of 80 - x Americans sharply blazed with interest in all Asian.

Certainly, would be to call safely a picture original. In fact, before us the genre modified in exotic scenery by Tokyo Buddy - muv . On a difference of outlooks of two representatives of the law, a nu - the York detective Nick (Michael Douglas) and the Japanese inspector Masakhiro Matsumoto (Ken Takakura), cultural distinctions of two countries - the fact that for the western cop well for east - either death, or disgrace are imposed (that it is in certain cases far worse). Authors were not ashamed to expose Americans not in the best light: Nick who is acting heroically in the foreign land - a dignity for Japanese - usual kaych the stranger, the descendant of those who suited genocide in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the age-mate of those who strenuously feeds in the younger generation noxious influence of the West .

Black rain for each of participants of the project opened something new. For Ridley Scott after two in a row failures (besides the thriller with Tom Berendzher, we will write down here and a fantasy Legend from which all waited for far bigger) unexpectedly warm welcome at public and quite good cash desk became a consolation in works. Also allowed the director to hammer together the budget for shootings of the following movie - the criminal drama Thelma and Louise .

Michael Douglas for the first time in the career acted in the full-fledged fighter. Without possessing perfect physical data and impressive muscles, Douglas tries to disclose character of the hero, but not just thoughtlessly waves fists and scorches from a gun. His Nick is in many respects similar to the character of earlier Deadly " weapon; same quick-tempered, loveful, annoying and uncompromising. The complete antithesis to the modest colleague of Matsumoto to whose role invited the Japanese actor Ken Tatakura, the unknown in Hollywood, but popular in the homeland. What is characteristic, Takakura at the time of shootings Black rain was already 58 therefore participation in the international blockbuster became for it some kind of final chord. In 1992 - m he once again tried the hand in the sports comedy Mr. Beysbol then practically ceased to act in at film.

And here for the performer of a role Sato, 40 - summer Yusaku Matsuda, Black rain indeed became the last project in life. Seven weeks later after a North American premiere of the film he died from cancer. Sato - one of the most memorable imported villains of Hollywood - the purest water the psychopath and the ruthless murderer, but at the same time the prudent businessman yearning for power in the yakuza. Undoubtedly, Matsuda played all on the platform. His devil look and a predatory grin became the business card of the movie. After a successful premiere especially caustic journalists persistently exaggerated rumors about continuation, however Scott, having learned about sudden death of the Japanese, flatly refused to work on the sequel. Without Sato it would not cost also the eaten-away egg.

Participation in a picture became break and for the young Andy Garcia who was advanced to be lit at several TV series and the well-known gangster tape Untouchable . The actor got a role of the young workmate Nick, Charlie Vincent which cruel Sato entices into a deadly trap. Garcia, of course, did not manage to give all the best on all hundred, a role more likely incidental, but cementing a plot. Soon after Black rain Andy was noticed by Coppola and invited him in the third part Godfather .

Only how many - nibud the significant women`s part was performed by Kate Capshaw, the wife of that Steven Spielberg with whom the actress got acquainted on shootings Indiana Jones and Temple of Destiny . The effective blonde Joyce - a stick - a lifesaver for kaych Nick who is not knowing neither the Japanese traditions, nor language.

It is asked why similar movies are not shot any more. Alas, times of uncompromising heroes sank into oblivion. Now in fashion the reflexing characters, superheroes of a sad image or, on the contrary, gloomy robust fellows with one emotion on all movie. And screenwriters Black rain Craig Bolotin and Warren Lewis, any more never worked together, and the last is known unless for the script for a gloomy fantasy Thirteenth soldier .

Originally Paul Verhoeven had to put a picture. The Dutch for the unknown reasons refused the offer (as well as Jackie Chan to which producers precipitately offered Sato`s role), but his compatriot and companion Ian de Bont was less scrupulous. It appears in credits though the most part of work for it was done by other operator. Well and, by itself, it should be noted tremendous music of Hans Zimmer who was unfairly bypassed two years by the Oscar for wonderful melodies " earlier; Rain man .

In spite of the fact that Black rain did not become the beginning of the franchize (Ridley Scott essentially is not engaged in sequels of own tapes), it did the movie only good. And though the tape not too high and in a filmography of the director has a rating more eminent projects, a picture steadily (as well as Gladiator and Stranger ) generated a wave of imitations.