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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on July 20 - 21? Illusive patrol etc.

the Next party of strong Hollywood middlings allowed to create similarity of the competitive environment at the Russian movie theaters: in these days off at once three new movies apply for leadership.

Among them the fantastic fighter Illusive patrol Roland Emmerich`s action which failed in native hire Storm of the White House and family three-dimensional animated cartoon Turbo . The company of North American production will be kept by tapes from England and Spain.

1. Illusive patrol (R. I. P. D., 2013)

the Name of a tape of German Robert Shventke - symbiosis of the known parting word R. I. P. (Rest In Peace, be based with the world) and a typical abbreviation of the American police (PD - Police Department, police department). Department Beyond the grave in the person of the best, but the late detectives Pulsifera (Jeff Bridges) and Walker (Ryan Reynolds), is engaged in the fact that he investigates crimes not of absolutely usual property. It appears, the dead like to play pranks not only live, but also quite to themselves.

It is obvious that film company 20 - y century Fox inspired with progress of the franchize Columbia Pictures Men in black decided to prepare our answer to Chamberlain . Normal practice of loan of ideas, though in a case with Illusive patrol looks like stupid copying under a tracing-paper more. In a movie arsenal two cops, old and young, disappearing on Earth under fictional images (Bridges in the form of the sexy blonde, and Reynolds - in a body of the second-hand Chinese) and turning out from the world of living uninvited guests from otherworldly reality.

In other words, waiting for the fourth part MIB which can still take place if interested parties come to the agreement, it is possible to intercept to food and here such second-grade sandwich. Made hastily from the same ingredients, but, alas, the chef got sick so it is necessary to be content with a stale roll and semifresh salad.

2. Storm of the White House (White House Down, 2013)

If failures Illusive patrol still loom ahead, the new project of the director known as Roland - the Destroyer (thanks to such movies as Independence Day The day after tomorrow and 2012 ) did not cope any more and shy closes ten cash premieres of America, risking not to pay back following the results of hire and a half of the massive budget (150 million) .

To rescue the president - good Hollywood tradition. However, with Emmerich`s tape drowning itself also gives in a case to himself feasible help, but nevertheless the initiative proceeds from the simple police regular guy which only dreams of protecting the high-ranking cones. And here the small fish itself floats in hands: the certain armed villains decided to burn a native hut.

In spite of the fact that literally at the beginning of a year we were already lucky enough to contemplate similar collisions in the fighter Falling of the Olympus Emmerich readily undertook statement in which, in which - that eyelids, switched from global cataclysms to a concrete sample of architecture. With jokes and humourous catchphrases the German with badly hidden pleasure carries the White House in chips, molds each ten minutes in a shot American zvezdno - striped and strenuously exaggerates patriotic and family motives. At the same time Channing Tatum dresses up in a white " undershirt; under John Makkleyn and the president remembers Django`s experience and undertakes to protect fatherland up in arms.

Generally, incredibly silly, nozadorno, cool and vividly.

3. Turbo (Turbo, 2013)

each fool will be able to Disperse racing wheelbarrows. Try to accelerate a snail! Than fans of the business from DreamWorks film studio also decided to be engaged closely. Main character of a lovely family animated cartoon Turbo the slowest being on the planet - an ordinary garden snail is.

Certainly, the primitive children`s plot vryad will be to the taste to the accompanying adults who got used to original production of Pixar or frivolous outbursts Shrek . It more likely absolutely innocent " option; Wheelbarrows urged to inspire for feats audience 0+. Which - who hurried to call Turbo the worst animation project of studio, first of all, from - for secondarinesses of images and the weak scenario. However it is worth recognizing, even Hollywood presents the most unpretentious and plain animated films in the best visual look - colourful, bright animation, a great number of nice characters and correct 3D.

The debutant David Soren who was earlier dealing only with statement of backs - off Madagascar trains on small animals so far, but there is a chance that the experience got by it will not go to sand. Especially as parallel to the movie the company plans to start the animation TV series of the same name in production.

4. Virgins, take care! (Love Bite, 2012)

Picture of Englishman Andy de Emmoni Love Sting whose previous 18 opuses did not manage to crawl to our hire, received at the Russian movie theaters translation perfectly showing level of the imagination of our localizers. However, we are concerned not by(with) marketing, and an essence.

Love Sting - it is mix of the youth comedy about loss of virginity and a horror film about werewolves. Both directions, to put it mildly, are in crisis because since American " pie; and Wolf nothing sensible in these genres was removed. And to hope that the low budget project which aimed at monasteries Lethal vacation will manage to correct a situation - just ridiculously. Left even worse - the poor computer volchatina chases teenagers which are anxious only with the fastest loss of innocence because on assurances of the expert the werewolf guzzles mainly virgins. Action is accompanied by sluggish spermotoksikozny jokes and so weak intrigue because the identity of the wolf man miscalculates on hundred courses forward.

In the second echelon of novelties the Spanish tragicomedy " is noticed; Men on the verge (in the original - The Gun in each hand Una pistol en cada mano 2012) with participation of local stars, actors Ricardo Darina and Jordi Molyi. The audience can remember the last on the American fighters Kolombiana and Bad guys 2 . If saw our tape What men " speak about; already you have an idea. Typical colloquial a dramedy about relationship of men and women which in Europe and in Spain in particular several tens annually are removed. The project of Sesk of Guy can brag of nothing special: several witty dialogues, a couple of picturesque characters and traditional morals that men and women are descendants of natives from different planets. From here and all our problems.

And absolutely exotic pictures are shown in limited hire. It, in - the first, the black teenage tragicomedy Drive grandmas. Summer in New - York how the maturing Afro-Americans have a good time. In - the second, the documentary Garbage in which leading and only role was played by famous Jeremy Irons. The project is devoted to environmental problems and tells about what the human passion can turn back for the blue planet everywhere to leave waste of the activity.