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What milk is more useful?

Milk - very important and, the main thing, a useful product. Each baby began the life with mother`s milk. It gives all necessary nutrients, vitamins, and also strengthens immunity. Are treated by milk during cold, and the most beautiful women in the history took milk pans. But milk happens a miscellaneous, and about each look it is necessary to know.

The most widespread - cow`s milk. It is on sale in our shops much. On cardboard packages and polyethylene packings the set of components is listed - it is both proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates, and vitamins. However the ratio of all these nutrients is not ideal. For example, there is too much rough protein of casein, and - it is not enough carbohydrates. From - for it cow`s milk is acquired zheludochno - an intestinal path quite hard.

Absolutely differently the situation is with milk goat. About its miracle properties and advantage legends still go. Ancient doctors treated to them fever, diseases of kidneys and nervous breakdowns. The last, by the way, is absolutely proved: recently in goat milk substances, on the structure similar to petroldiazepines - the hypnotic drugs applied in medicine were found. So the calming effect of this drink is well explainable from the biochemical point of view. Its good comprehensibility has scientific treatment too. The matter is that in goat milk of a squirrel, fats and carbohydrates contain in very balanced proportions, just in such on which it is programmed human body. Besides in it is much so-so - chained lipids which are soaked up in blood without preliminary splitting by bile. And it means that they are acquired very quickly and are almost not postponed in thickness hypodermically - fatty cellulose. In other words, from goat milk do not get fat.

But is at a miracle - drink and the shortcomings. In - the first, it is quite specific smell and unpleasant smack. Its contamination is considered the second dangerous party of goat milk. White liquid can teem with causative agents of various diseases, for example, of tick-borne encephalitis. So milk should be boiled - only then it becomes safe and cannot do to health any harm.

Mare`s milk is appreciated even more goat. However, it is in the raw quite difficult to drink it from - for a high fat content. And here koumiss besides that it is tasty, so also is very useful. It is done by a sbrazhivaniye: add ferment to milk and leave it for couple of days in heat. After that in drink, of course, degrees appear. However it is not enough of them, approximately the same as in kefir. Nevertheless, at koumiss the intoxicated effect, probably, from - for the fact that alcohol is soaked up in blood in a stomach, and milk proteins and fats - only in several hours after receipt in intestines is rather expressed.

Koumiss is since ancient times appreciated the curative qualities. Earlier to them all treated literally, beginning from a consumption and finishing with neurosises. Now the ancient tradition becomes fashionable in Bashkortostan again, began to open so-called kumysolechebnitsa . The effect of the use of koumiss is comparable to thalassotherapy: at the person the dream, work of intestines and arterial pressure are normalized.

However to the most valuable, the most useful milk of a she-ass is considered. Ancient Romans washed to them a face. They considered that such procedure will keep youth and elasticity of skin. And legends tell about the rejuvenating bathtubs from milk of a she-ass. Numerous researches revealed that some proteins which are contained in asinine milk stimulate collagen synthesis. And this substance, as we know, is a structural skeleton of skin. So milk of a she-ass really is a peculiar analog youth elixir . Besides, asinine milk contains antioxidants. Also it contains lipolitichesky enzymes - the connections splitting fatty molecules in zheludochno - an intestinal path. For this reason it is the best of all to wash down any meal with asinine milk.