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Western Django released . Good, bad, Tarantino?

At the English verb unchain there is also another, more conformable to a movie context value - to unchain . Our translators translated the name literally that, however, is not forbidden. Django released there is no other than Django who broke loose . Also would not be Tarantino Quentin if refuses to itself pleasure to paint with the grown plump invoice a western genre, new to itself.

Year 1858 - y. Before Civil war which will split the New World into two conflicting camps, remains three more years. For now southerners peacefully graze nigger, revel in own wellbeing and slowly degrade from inaction, boredom and unreasonable vanity.

Django was not lucky: it lit at the time of the birth. And in the south it is necessary the black guy hardly. The hereditary slave Django had imprudence to fall in love with beautiful Brumkhilda then had the nerve to run with it, but was caught and cruelly punished. His wife whom madam called in honor of the Valkyrie Brunnhilde was whipped properly lashes, branded an offensive letter and sold to the slaveholder - the pervert Calvin of Candy. And Django other party was sent to sunbathe on the sun on plantations of notorious brothers Baked.

However the destination of Django did not reach. On the way to brothers Baked somebody met Dentist he is a doctor King Schultz who once thought that living clients bring much less money, than the dead. The doctor trained for a new profession in the headhunter, and Django possesses very valuable data concerning three bandits for whom the solid jackpot is promised. Having dealt shortly with them, Schultz despising slavery, but respecting laws of the reception homeland offers the involuntary fellow traveler the transaction: in exchange for partnership in hungry winter months he promises to help Django with Brumkhilda`s release

Despite the infinite experiments with genres and forms, Tarantino remains is faithful to himself therefore if you did not understand in what a counter Reservoir Dogs and Pulp fiction it is possible not to continue further. It as olives - someone guzzles banks, and others do not transfer a smell.

For a start there are a little facts. Officially Django released it is considered the most high grossing film of Tarantino, having earned by the creators more than 420 million in world hire. However if to consider a ratio of expenses and revenue, then achievement Pulp fiction it is still inaccessible. Even if to forget about inflation. As for ratings and various awards, and here Pulp Fiction does not allow to doubt the leadership. Nevertheless from five pictures of the director entering the prestigious " list; The best 250 movies of all times and people according to IMDb, Django today takes the second place after phenomenal Tarantino`s break of 1994 which skinned a criminal genre as a turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

That to awards on which Tarantino (according to him) looks down, but nevertheless likes to receive, Django brought to the author the second in career Oscar for the scenario, and also the second gold figurine to the Austrian actor Christoph Waltz which the American director literally opened to the world in Inglourious Basterds . And if the slave Django on a coffin of life is obliged to the doctor King Schultz for the provided chance to settle accounts with enemies, then Waltz to the protege has to just kiss legs.

Critical brotherhood, sucking round Django for some reason first of all began to draw parallels with the last movie of the master, especially pointing a finger at change of scenery. Like, there were Germans and Jews, here planters and Blacks. The essence remained former - cheerful an enchanting spectacle with an esthetic eminence of violence, habitual for Tarantino, and flashing dialogues. And it is difficult to argue with it because style of the director does not change since Reservoir Dogs that is Quentin continues to concentrate persistently on one thing, skimming off over and over again the cream from the stamps checked by him and canons established to them. That neither is good, nor it is bad because... we read above about olives.

Tarantino as the diligent student at first worked for the record book, and now it plows on him. What does not mean at all that it is allowed to it to remove any nonsense. Just Quentin does not climb in others kitchen garden. He does not undertake to remove sitcoms, does not grab an opportunity to participate in Bondiana, does not accept offers on statement of blockbusters. He writes the history, every second looking back at classics and practically without noticing contemporaries.

And that the truth, all basic elements on the places. Significant, graceful verbal sparrings? Is. Word Niger each two minutes (instead of favourite fuck)? Is. Filigree firefights, sea of a krovishcha and other meat attributes? Is. Smart actor`s game? And it in bulk. And what, as usual, is absent? Alas, there is neither epic pathos, nor the fabricated pauses, nor affected dramatic nature.

We, of course, miss sortirny humour, pompous game of the invited stars and absence in a shot of some vampires in love. No, alas, it you will find nothing in Tarantino. Django released at all desire, it is impossible to carry to the category of the film works savouring a certain social implication. The movie does not convict slavery, does not divide society into bad white and good Blacks and very scornfully belongs to everything that once made a pride subject Gone with the Wind . Another thing is that not all this barefaced mockery and mockery at genre canons on an interior.

But there is enough rhetoric. Let`s praise from what unambiguously presses heart. As always magnificent team of professionals in a shot. Leonardo DiCaprio, to which not to get used to die on the screen which - that eyelids agreed to play the terry bastard, the sadist and the racist. An Oscar it was not given again (and did not even nominate), but Leo still yesterday playing naive boys at Boyle and Cameron impresses. Though is in a shadow of more successful characters among whom there is, first of all, improbable Samuel L. Jackson, whose type still of merzopakostny.

The gallery of bastards is finished old men : James Rimar, Don Johnson and kindly agreed to flash Franco Nero`s face - the Italian actor who was once representing Django in Sergio Corbucci`s original (1966 if that). About Waltz we already told, and here Jamie Foxx, at all my respect, did not impress. Yes, the central character and so on, but did not hook. I believe that Will Smith under whom the role was written initially would be much more convincing, but Smith, owing to the beliefs, essentially does not act in similar rebellious projects.

Without any doubt, flight Django over Oscars it is natural. The tape is secondary in relation to Tarantino`s creativity in addition is immoral, cynical and politically incorrect. That is possesses all qualities of rather live cinema, but not mossy Hollywood movies from which the person reduces a spasm at each mention of the president, a divine providence or sex. So lack of prestigious awards is more likely plus, than minus. Means, Tarantino once again pleased the admirers.