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Disturbing call (2013). Everyday life of service 911, or On a lump phone calls?

number of the emergency service of the help Used in the USA and Canada 911 for quite some time now became the most recognizable telephone number in the world. In spite of the fact that in the territory of the European Union and Russia number 112 is used. The reason is banal and simple: in the Hollywood movies the first that the hero who got into difficulties does - it calls 9 - 1 - 1.

The problem can vary from My God, I cannot find the second sock! to Help, kill! .

Nevertheless operators of this, certainly, necessary service seldom get into the shot. Most often we hear a pleasant female or man`s voice which asks us not to be nervous, describe a problem and suggests to wait for police patrol or ambulance. Creators of the thriller Disturbing call decided to restore justice and to tell about heavy work of dispatchers which, despite of mood and personal problems, has to show participation and patience to all clients. Including to those who at the time of a call are on the verge of life and death.

To the operator of the emergency service Jordan Turner not to get used to features of its work. She learned to cope with routine inquiries, but, as well as in activity of the air traffic controller, here the main thing - to react in time to a non-staff situation when human life on other end of a telephone wire depends on your professionalism. And here - that Jordan gave a weak point: its call after break of communication gave to the maniac location of the victim. The girl is dead, the murderer hid, and Ms. Turner who did not cope with responsibility freight took rejection. Now she teaches others how to work a critical minute, and it is unlike easier to advise, as we know.

However Jordan early relaxed: it acquaintance the maniac was the serial murderer. And later half a year coveted again the pretty blonde who, to her happiness, managed to call on 911 of a car trunk. Having grasped a tug, do not say that it is not hefty. And the woman tries to improve a situation again, prompting to young Casey possible ways of disposal. Alas, the murderer, though the psychopath notable, but keeps a situation under control. It not only dexterously escapes police, but also in passing kills all casual witnesses. Understanding that repeated failure not only will give up as a bad job her career, but also will finally affect its mental health, fragile Jordan decides to take business in hand

the attention of those who attentively read a synopsis probably was not escaped by a movie " community; Disturbing call (in the original it is simple Call ) with the cult thriller of Johnathan Demmi Silence of lambs . Behind only that exception that exceptional Hannibal Lecter is not in Brad Anderson`s picture, and the main character is not given authority the FBI agent, and only stupidly hangs on a tube and empathizes / panics. I entirely understand Anderson`s aspiration to be improved in ratings, but his hopes are ruined by extremely unintelligible and immensely irritating scenario in which it is more nonsenses on square millimeter of a film, than in some Bollywood tape. Hindus, at least, do not feed ambitions, they just dance and sing the same plots for an obolvanivaniye of masses. Authors Disturbing call obviously aim an apple, but persistently hit into milk.

I usually do not fall before discussion of absurd in a plot, but here they so scandalous that any spoilers you will not stop me. For a start explain why the person who on the course of the office activity made a fatal mistake (by the way, costing to the client lives), remains at work? It, of course, is clear, reprimanded, transferred to less responsible position and other. But, my God, the aunt undertakes to drive process again, and in the same stressful conditions, and nobody grabs her hand. The second chance, you speak? But on her fault people continue to perish, and the administration still hopes for the best outcome? Whether it is not great American dream: Mess up, will not burn out yet!

The episode with phone in general humiliates the viewer to the level of a chimpanzee (though the wise monkey obviously surpasses screenwriters by intelligence). Yes, certainly, instead of departing from a hole and just to call, it is necessary to play thoughtfully with the smartphone, waiting for its inevitable falling. All right, go down and lift. Gather police. Wait for a reinforcement. No! It is necessary to stop trying to contact cops, to gather with courage and to rush a bust on an embrasure. In spite of the fact that the cruel maniac ready for murder in the dark waits.

We will write off it for female nonsense. But how to be with a survival instinct which it seems as is directly not connected with sexual characters? Also let`s meet moment of silence other mistakes. Confuses nobody that the maniac kills people in broad daylight, and in America entangled by chambers nobody notices him. The car, whose number, color and brand are known to police, continues to travel about on the highway as if in an invisible elfin raincoat.

Anderson and the company, probably, was not told that they shoot not the multimillion blockbuster covered by star names on the poster and computer special effects, and the low budget thriller with the one and only star in an asset. This cinema about hardly fitted superheroes is able to afford to simplify a plot to a two-three of intelligent dialogues: go to these movies not behind penetrating into plot artful designs; there and without it is what to look at. Genre thriller means an intrigue and tension, a suspense and alarm. And if Anderson`s team coped with tension on the firm four, then with an intrigue did not leave at all. How events will develop, can be predicted from first minutes.

Or perhaps also at all not Brad Anderson, by the way, the director " is guilty; Driver with Bale and the author of a number of episodes of series Underground empire ? Perhaps to all fault the fact that initially the project Joel Schumacher, once skilled master had to direct ( 8 mm Time to kill I have had enough! ) finally lost skills under an old age of years. Well, at the same Anderson in an asset the sad pseudo-thriller " appears to a disgrace; Disappearance on 7 - y to the street . It turns out that one consciously heats movies, and another it is simple does not know how to cook them .

The successor lacked neither due experience, nor talent to pull out ordinary and in many respects the secondary scenario. Instead of it the winner of the Oscar Halle Berri and matured to roles where it is possible to be lit in underwear, Ebigeyl Breslin goes all out. These girls also shed a tear is authentic, and arrange a hysterics quite sincerely. It is a pity only, the maniac got to them sickly: angry, but not too inventive. Even it is strange that the person with so obvious mental disorders so long shifted to deceive relatives and colleagues, pretending to be the full-fledged member of society. But it is a stone in a kitchen garden of the violent imagination of screenwriters again.

From a failure in hire the picture was rescued only by one - moderate timing and dynamism of the narration. That is on the viewing course just you do not notice many absurdities because in a shot there are few static images. Authors reasonably do not allow the viewer to come round, remembering that from all movie, most likely, the last phrase will be remembered. And it to you will precisely be remembered.