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Fighting fantasy Pacific boundary . What is kaydzyu and how to fight against it?

Are opinion that Japanese thought up the huge monsters - kaydzyu - with only that purpose that in though to some measure to settle accounts for defeat in the Second World War. Like, you to us the ultimatum and unpacific atom, and we to you the Godzilla and other toothy monsters capable immediately to raze to the ground some Manhattan or Washington.

Further urban mythology, thank God, business did not go, and then Japanese soiled the former opponents on all economic fronts at all. And monsters hid till the best times.

However, hid - it is loudly told. Japanese with such pleasure began to stamp movies about the Godzilla and other creatures that only noise stood behind ears. Actually, except for Kurosawa, Kitano and Osima, the Japanese cinema is one continuous kaydzyu . And anime. And still very strange porn where all most interesting is cut out by censorship. What here to tell, the East - business thin.

Americans too were interested in due time in a genre. And even in 1998 - m removed the " option; Godzillas behind a stamp of the known krushitel of all real Roland Emmerich. The director to whom initially Japanese pangolins were to the hair dryer, agreed only because to it a distance of cards - Blanch: create that you want. And Emmerich it is characteristic messed up, having bungled average dullness Hollywood flik, without soul and without raisin.

When Guillermo del Toro rejected hope to remove Hobbit also did not receive due financing on Lavkraft`s screen version (still expected Ridges of madness ) the Mexican decided to indulge long children`s dream and to realize the project about huge monsters. And unlike Emmerich Guillermo loved long ago and read this subject, and the love tremblingly and with feeling informed the viewer in the picture Pacific boundary .

In the near future the blue planet is in danger of death. In the ocean the portal to the parallel world from where on the Earth`s surface any muck got was formed. Specifically - pangolins, terribly angry, madly big and incredibly steady against traditional means of arms. While newcomers left on one and time in half a year, their whole world brought down and trampled. But over time unwanted visits became frequent and the mankind was forced to create similar giants - robots under the name Hunters (Huntsman), operated at once by two pilots connected by the mental " technology; drift . Or, speaking more simply, a binuclear human brain where without you my dear with one wing only the rare bird will reach. For example, Riley Beckett who lost in the next fight with kaydzyu the brother.

Loss of the relative Riley coincided with collapse of hopes of people of Earth: monsters are not diminished, and propagate in a geometrical progression moreover and mutate, infections, becoming each time is stronger and stronger and more fat. " project; Huntsman removed on a background because it is expensive, and instead on all planet began new BAM in the form of an advanced Chinese wall. Where set Riley`s boats, the new meaning of life trying to find.

But the wall did not rescue. And then the general Pentecost separated from a feeding trough of visors of all whole robots also left to private investors, having organized last line of resistance in Hong Kong, near an ill-fated break in the Pacific Ocean. He found the reflexing Riley and called it on the last and decisive battle which, be sure, will take place soon because in few days the portal has to vomit three blood-thirsty monsters at once. And until it occurred, follows by the remained cars to inform of a juicy bomb a hole and to arrange to aggressors new Nagasaki I Will tell

at once, I was not struck up to the soul depth, but, oh, damn, del Toro found an opening to my heart. Having in passing cut in imitation walnut all three movies about transformers at once. And Godzilla Emmerich here even did not smoke nearby. Before us idle time as a laundry soap, the blockbuster with a powerful and effective chukalov, without any epic nonsense and with the minimum set of ardent speeches. Of course, did not do without them because someone has to climb on an armored car at the right time and appeal brothers and sisters on fight against an imperialistic infection. Has to. It someone the general Pentecost performed by the charismatic Afro-British Idris Elby is. Also start up his words mostly copy Morfeus`s appeal to Zion`s inhabitants. But it is laconic also on business.

It is asked, well than it Pacific boundary differs from above-mentioned Transformers and recently otsvistevshy swan song The Person from " steel;? Both there, and here decently chatter and strong action, big strappers and fights. The matter is that Bae`s movie - about iron alien robots which could not care less of people of Earth, they direct the dismantling here. At Snider the emphasis is placed on superheroes, their expectations, desires, ambitions. And del Toro shot the movie about people. Yes, robots and monsters at it it is a lot of also with taste but the main thing - it are people. Live, doubting, perishing together with all belongings and flight of engineering thought because Hunter it is inseparably linked with the pilot. Also they battle not for some mythical mankind which is peacefully sitting in easy chairs and not knowing about the future doomsday, and for quite specific people who shiver behind a shaky wall and wait for coming of the next Godzilla.

All our pain - only my pain - heroes of the movie go on, biting the dust before the seeming ruthlessness and unsystematic character of attacks from the parallel world. They battle, die and act heroically everyone in the manner (yes, the Russian types in a picture are too, only do not laugh when you see their faces). And the general Pentecost who is gloomy storing the past under heart and its fragile the protege Mako, thirsty for revenge for parents, and the soldier - the father who is seeing off the soldier - the son in the last fight. Such different, but People, but not plastic villains, steel heroes, cardboard human targets.

A plot, certainly, a hat, and here the Mexican pumped up. Though if to remember it Hellboya where logical disagreements and too there was many cliche, begin to understand that each Hollywood director exists not in spherical vacuum, and in reality with the set rules of the game. You want to shoot the blockbuster for 180 million? If you please, get rid of manners of author`s cinema. Beat, destroy, break, wet in toilets, only do not reduce speed because the viewer is eager for shows under evonny popcorn.

But even here del Toro could find a point of support and show the known flexibility: standards standards, and in everyone an action - a scene are the nuances, but not stupid disorder for half an hour of screen time as it was in the recent movie about the Superman. Here and all difference between the visionary Snider who has a picture always on the first place, and del Toro putting a part of in the projects. Let also the twelve-year-old boy captured by teenage emotions.

It is rumored that the director already suggested to continue studios Pacific boundary because from 40 conceived by it kaydzyu he managed to show less than ten in a shot. Not end in itself, but an occasion to get hold of support of powerful bosses of Hollywood. Everything will depend on what total figures will appear in the necessary check-books. There is a chance that current shattering fight was easy warm-up before the real apocalypse.