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How to communicate with employees of GAI?

you Drive to yourself quietly the favourite car, you touch nobody, and do not even suspect that, according to the staff of GAI, having left garage, you already created an emergency for as have to be punished. So, hunting for you already began.

So, directly under wheels of your car, from bushes (well or what - other shelter) the little man with a striped stick in a hand rushes and you should stop not to crush the poor creature. So the first stage of involvement of the driver to administrative responsibility begins, and how you will behave, will depend as far as your purse after farewell to GAI officers will be facilitated.

First of all - it is not necessary to jump out from the car and to run towards to the employee who stopped you, - he is obliged to approach you and to be presented. Try to be ahead of him, and as soon as it approaches your window, set a simple question from which will follow that you perceive a situation as absolutely safe for yourself. For example: Your car broke? Perhaps to bring (to take on a tow)? or still something in the same vein.

After the GAI officer will begin to explain the purpose of the maneuver, ask again it a surname, a rank and a position, specify from what it divisions, ask to show the certificate then get a notebook from a glove compartment and begin to rewrite quietly all regalia of the GAI officer in it. It is useful or not - a question second, but the desire to show office eagerness usually vanishes.

After you were convinced that you deal not with unclear trainee who can just be sent where far away since it simply nobody - the impostor, and it is valid with the police officer, you can show the documents. At the same time try not to let go them, and show on one, and some GAI officers have that bad habit to be enough all pack of documents and to go to the car. So not for long and to be left without documents - try to prove then that you in general gave them in a charge to the GAI officer.

So far you discovered the personality and powers of the GAI officer, and he studied your documents, all witnesses of violation of traffic regulations by you for a long time left. Besides, if you were stopped for speeding, then instrument readings (if there passed more than 10 minutes) also managed to disappear, so, you strongly complicated to GAI officers an opportunity to prove commission of any violation by you.

- object to the requirement to open a cowl, a luggage carrier, salon, a beer bottle, motivating it with the fact that you are not obliged to open anything. And if GAI officers wish to make examination, then they have the right to look, but have no right of anything to touch hands since it is already a search.

If nevertheless drawing up the protocol begins, demand to call your lawyer, demand entering into the protocol of any your remarks and objections. Claim that other GAI officers who usually are in a patrol car cannot witness since from that place where they were, it could not be visible your car to its stop. Begin to make the scheme of the movement, with the indication of all obstacles closing the review to GAI officers. Let toilers of a striped stick subscribe and if they begin to refuse - begin to recruit passengers and passersby in drawing up the scheme as witnesses. If you have with yourself phone, it is possible to call militia (phone - 02) and to demand arrival of employees for the termination of an arbitrariness in relation to the citizen.

Well, from the victim you become the hunter. You not too strongly risk - the pleasure from installation of GAI officers in an uncomfortable position is not comparable with a penalty size.