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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on July 13 - 14? Pacific boundary etc.

As usual when the Elephant comes to a watering place, small animals run up. In avoidance. The similar situation develops this film premier Thursday: coming of the blockbuster of Guillermo del Toro Pacific boundary scared away other film distributors. Tapes will try to make the weak competition to an overseas monster of Great Britain ( Lord of love ), France ( Camille Claudel, 1915 ) and Russia ( Game in the truth ) .

1. Pacific boundary (Pacific Rim, 2013)

We were accustomed that than the advertizing campaign and than more expectations from the next summer American blockbuster is louder, that tasting bitter disappointment from what was seen. So was with John Carter Sea battle and Fight for Los - Andzheles . It seemed that the Hollywood producers on a bet remove trash fantastic actions, without caring for generation of profit and own reputation at all. And, judging by trailers Pacific boundary it was possible to think that history will repeat again. But it is Guillermo del Toro who refused for the sake of this project long dream to continue Jackson`s business and to remove Hobbit .

Contrary to fears, del Toro did not begin to indulge a fashionable tendency on pretentious pathos and epic style, and removed simple, clear to masses, the entertaining cinema which united in itself love to the Japanese animes, big monsters ( kaydzyu ) and fantasy of the second grade. When the master of such level gets down to business, and to challenge director`s talent of the Mexican does not come to anybody to mind yet, it is possible to count that you will not be deceived, at least. Pacific boundary - rare example financial transparency because with the naked eye it is visible where and what 180 million budget money were spent for.

Well and for those who are not aware yet - a couple of words about a plot of the movie which, as usual, is the weakest link, but in which - that eyelids does not irritate frank tupizny. In a year it is not known what in the Pacific Ocean the hole in parallel reality from where to Earth the godzillopodobny monsters capable povylazit was formed joking to erase the whole cities from a planet surface. Having realized futility of fight by habitual means, people of Earth invented the strappers - the huge robots operated at once by two pilots.

Clear business, del Toro removed an attraction, and disposable, without manners on sequels. Therefore you should not perceive its work as unsuccessful attempt to squeeze long-term Japanese mythology kaydzyu in a close framework of the Hollywood blockbuster. Anyway, it is worthy respect experience, unlike absolutely helpless American " version; Godzillas . But also not that cinema that, is similar To the Faun Labyrinth will set you thinking on human nature.

2. Before midnight (Before Midnight, 2013)

Richard Linklater`s Picture is the third part of the long-playing franchize about two lovers of the romantics who incidentally got acquainted in the train. First movie ( Before dawn ) left even in 1995 and it was noted by the Silver bear for the best director`s work (The Berlin Film Festival). You will not believe, but leading roles in that movie were also played by Ethan Hawk and Frenchwoman Julie Delpi. As well as throughout history which Linklater removed nine years later ( Before a decline 2004), and in the present movie which is probably fated to put end in this story.

It is surprising that we watch a growing of heroes at the same time as also actors become more senior. From the moment of a release of the first movie there passed 18 years, and Hawk and Delpi, apparently, did not change at all. The ode of love which does not grow dim through time, continuing to captivate and inspire. Who knows, Linklater can undertook to return each nine years the fallen in love characters on the screen though chances that Jesse and Celine will meet again, it is a little. Anyway, the melodrama does not demand from the viewer of knowledge of background at all and perfectly looks in itself.

3. Game in the truth (2013)

the Domestic viewer remembers

and loves Victor Shamirov, first of all, for brilliant Savages (2006). However the director continues to surprise and show sure knowledge of film language and in the subsequent movies. Game in the truth - it is its fourth full-length tape after Exercises in fine (2011) and With me here that occurs (2012).

The fourth time in a row one of roles Gosha Kutsenko, but not will play an essence in it. The main thing the fact that Shamirov manages from the most banal situation (three former fellow students gather on the apartment to remember youth) to squeeze out a maximum. Kutsenko, Maryanov and Yushkevich`s characters - volume, live, real, unlike the foolish cardboard types inhabiting the fabricated worlds of mainstream Russian cinema products. And there is a wish to exclaim: Andreasyan! Go to the cinema, look how it needs to be removed and die of envy .

Shamirov continues to foster the style of the colloquial tragicomedy where there are no bad or good people, absurd subjects or untimely remarks. You as though watch not the movie at all, and spy in a keyhole upon neighbors, all vitally and clear without wasting words before. For what to authors next many and human thanks .

Without daring to detain you, other debutants of a film week we will sort in the accelerated mode. The famous British director Michael Uinterbottom, twice the winner of the Berlinale and the numerous participant of all prestigious film forums, shot the biography of English the king software - a porn Paul Reymond. As well as all biographies of little-known persons in our middle name, Lord of love risks not to become a hit of sales especially as cheesecake in a shot mostly is absent, and it is quite difficult to empathize the fatherly tragedy of Reymond, considering a provocative sort of its occupations. With a view to glory formanovsky The People against Larry Flynt Uinterbottom obviously miscalculated.

One more participant of the past film festival in Berlin - the biography of the French skulptorsha of Camille Claudel played by the compatriot Juliette Binoche. Bruno Dyumon drama Camille Claudel, 1915 is a week from life of the woman which relatives under an old age sent to a mental hospital. Dyumon did not begin to stand on ceremony also unlike One Flew Over the Cuckoo`s Nest managed quite real staff and patients of one of profile clinics. As a result the picture, as well as is necessary to quasidocumentary immersion in foreign soul, leaves burdensome impression, and Binoche, to satiety narydavshis to a chamber, most likely, will return to roles more positive.

Finishes the list of film premieres quite strange parable about the comedian - the pyromaniac to which the huge monkey ( " delirious is; Monkey ), and also one more European drama under the name Tango to a libra in which instead of scenery of psychiatric hospital offer us other torture chambers - prison.