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Comedy horror film Lethal vacation (2010). When the parody is better than the original?

Everyone who though a peephole saw the American horror films, is familiar with a typical Hollywood plot: the company of alternatively gifted students leaves for the weekend in backwoods properly to be delayed on a nature bosom. That is to be smoked grasses, to fuck and revel in canned beer. The godforsaken hovel in the solitude of the wood where, sitting at a fire, it is possible to poison terrible tales is usually elected the place of session.

the Second part of the scenario, as a rule, strongly varies depending on degree of perversity of authors. Teenagers can fall a victim of otherworldly forces, dead persons, huge mosquitoes or, most often, the flown into a rage rednek whose passion is in that all passersby in the most awful way to destroy, and to hang out remains in the ominous dwelling as trophies. The final, in turn, or notes that all died or leaves in live the most nice maiden who if carries, should clash repeatedly with the absolute Evil in the sequel.

The Californian Elie Craig took and turned a template upside down. That is all necessary elements are present, only poles are changed. The parody comedy of horrors which received absolutely idiotic name " in our hire became result of its works; Lethal vacation . In the original the movie is called Tucker and Dale against the Evil also tells about the following:

Two American collective farmers, Tucker and Dale, dreamed of a country fazenda long ago. And that, peasants too people, they want to forget about milk yield and sowing campaigns too and to have a rest a body and soul. Only instead of a basten izba guys scared up money for the smashed shanty which, besides, belonged to some maniac, judging by the human remains which are hanging down from a ceiling and a characteristic selection of newspaper cuttings earlier. But Tucker and Dale - children unpretentious, to them a roof over the head and a site for girasols are more, the rest with beer will pull.

But idyll with pivasiky and rybasiky did not take place. Friends did not manage to start rest as on their misfortune in the neighbourhood the youth party was placed closely. City noticed collective farm at gas station where Dale imprudently tried to show the rural charm. And when Tucker with the friend rescued drowning Ellie, her friends seriously decided that rednek advanced to the attack. And what is the best tactics of protection? Correctly, attack. Only studentika are specifically not lucky. Without achieving the objectives, they by own nonsense die as flies, supplementing a picturesque landscape with the fresh corpses.

Tucker and Dale in panic because, that without knowing, they suddenly became serial maniacs. However when the raged youth undertook axes, friends do not have other exit how too to grab for kolyushche - the cutting weapon and to defend the good names

In present Hollywood fashionably to shoot parodies. Earlier only the elected persons, like master Mel Brooks or a trio Tsuker, Tsuker and Abrakhams, and now - all who feel like it were engaged in it. That neither it is good, nor it is bad. Revelry a grief - parodists generated a lot of frank hack-work which even obsmeyat the original is not able. But at the same time some film figures, carrying on good traditions of Brooks and others, find inventive solutions and observe balance, without going into extremes. Certainly, also foolish buffooneries, it seems " will be to the taste to someone; Very terrible cinema and Acquaintances to Spartans but personally Elie Craig`s style was pleasant to me much more.

The director - the debutant judged truly and did not begin to parody everything at once, having chosen a narrow niche of youth zhutik of the " type; Turn not there Paradise lake and Hills have eyes . What allowed it to concentrate on a concrete plot, but not to jump from a joke on a joke, turning the scenario into series of incoherent gags and sketches.

Lethal vacation - it is the typical situation comedy when black becomes white and vice versa. Typical in respect of an idea, but not realization. Craig, and for it to him hundred points in a karma, did not follow the example of the dull colleagues who hammer fear with jokes about sex and excrements. It is enough to remember recent The House with the paranormal phenomena where the main characters inevitably transferred any conversation to the area below a belt. Probably, believing that the impassable cattle will be the main audience of a tape. Craig was guided by the viewer with which it is possible to play semantic hints, but not just to lard a plot sortirny humour and terrible ugly faces.

Certainly, it is too deeply not necessary to dig. It is a simple story about near, but friendly rural guys which initially visited a label. Their misadventures bear a faint resemblance to the French comedies with Richard and Depardieu: the clodhopper Deyl has eternally complex and fears a female while Tucker, more courageous and rational character, receives for it all punches. The budget did not allow creators to invite to leading roles of stars, but so it is even better. The naive robust fellow Dale was played by the popular Canadian actor Tyler Labayn, and Alan Tyyudik loved by me got Tucker`s role (series Glowworm and History of the knight ) whose comedy talent is obviously underestimated. As for gun " meat; among young performers of familiar faces I did not find, however the actress Katrina Bowden (Ellie) was remembered not so much by the game, how many an original set jeans.

What is characteristic, in America the picture in hire failed, having found a second wind abroad including in Russia where Lethal vacation earned nearly 43 million rubles at movie theaters, that is is six times more, than in the homeland. At the same time on IMDb at the movie very high rating - 7,6. For comparison, at the most successful and ridiculous first part of the franchize Very terrible cinema on the same resource the assessment makes 6,1.

Alas, Craig does not hurry to please with new works. In three years which followed after a premiere Lethal vacation he did not shoot any feature film, and a pilot series of a TV series " appears its only project; Zombilend which has to be to become a peculiar continuation of a parody horror film Welcome to Zombilend . Alas, the pilot of the necessary rating did not gather, and the project was covered in a rudimentary stage. Let`s hope that the American will recover from failures and again will pleasantly surprise us.