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Drama Pi`s Life (2012). At seven gods drowning without an eye?

Among nominees 85 - y an anniversary ceremony of the Oscar were, at least, two pictures which really deserved encouragement. And the speech at all not about the winner, Affleck`s tape, pretentious and based on political topical character, and about Tarantino`s western and an amazing visual masterpiece of Ang Li.

Actually, about life long travel (quite so the slogan of the adventure drama " sounds; Pi`s Life ) we will also talk.

Ang Li, thank God, did not leave the Oscar offended. Film academicians preferred its director`s style, and also noted work of the operator (Claudio Miranda, undoubtedly, established a new level of perfection), visual effects and a soundtrack. But in general Pi`s Life it was not showered with awards, having received also one Gold globe and couple of curtseys from the British academy. Not to mention an award of MTV channel in the category It is frightened to an usrachka which presented the Indian actor - the debutant Suradzha Sharma who played a title role.

The named in honor of the known French pool, Indian boy Pisin Molitor Patel in the childhood was forced to suffer a set of subsplittings from peers to which the second vowel in his name haunted. Having learned during the summer one thousand signs after a comma in the well-known infinite number pi young Patel managed to level the nickname to two letters. However the mathematician did not become, having been fond of searches of true God.

To the first love of Pi managed to rejoice to Krishna and Vishnu, to receive an axiomatic lesson of kindness from the attendant of Christian church and to make a Mohammedan prayer. Alas, his rational father, businessman and representative New India did not support undertaking of the son. And even taught the lesson of Darwinism which seriously shook Pi`s belief in a celebration of the higher justice.

The young man as the father destroyed his optimistic dreams again did not manage to fall in love properly. Change of a political situation forced family to sell hastily Patel assets (including family business - a zoo) and to leave the homeland in favor of safe Canada. Alas, Noah`s Ark did not reach the promised lands: the Japanese bulk carrier got to a storm, carrying away on a bottom of the Pacific Ocean all people and animals, except Pi, a zebra, an orangutan, a hyena and the Bengalese tiger by nickname Richard Parker. With the last the Indian fellow will be forced to spend more than 220 days in open waters to find new belief, to become the man and to learn to appreciate that small that the destiny gives you

Certainly that the ambiguous assessment of a picture of Ang Li critics is not accident and not a whim at all. The matter is that the American screenwriter David of MEGA quite consciously castrated Yann Martel`s book, having thrown out from the scenario the most part filosofsko - religious implication of the novel. On a surface there was what always well is on sale - colourful and cruel, strong-willed and emotional history of a survival of the fragile young man in the middle of the storming ocean. And, certainly, tiger. At the expense of these two components, even behind absence in an asset of expensive stars and fan base, the tape managed to gather more than 600 million dollars in world hire. Result of which Ang Li and producers even did not dare to dream.

All this proves once again that than history and the more brightly and nasyshchenny the picture is simpler, the more willingly the viewer empties pockets. Chilean Claudio Miranda not for nothing ate the bread and can by the right be considered as one of those who works wonders with a chamber, but not just includes / switches off a lens on wave of a hand of the director. Let`s add to it modern 3D - devices and ten offices working on special effects. That is why Pi`s Life even in a separation from the global ideas put by Martel it is capable to cause in your soul a storm of emotions, for genuine horror to affection. Especially impressionable natures will even have a little cry, but not on that scene where Japanese Tsimtsum like Titanic goes on a bottom, and a bit later, peering into cat`s pupils of Richard Parker full of despair and entreaty. Really, many shots and ask for a frame.

Most of all complaints and disputes cause the dual final of the movie which essence I cannot open, for good reason. However many audience left from sessions in an emotional turmoil, with feeling that you were deceived for your money. And it is not the inventive course Sixth sense (by the way, M. Knight Shyamalan was one of those who looked narrowly at the screen version), and clear and quite strained attempt to outwit himself. The ending adds nothing to semantic part, but seriously ruins general impression from an idea. And a saying about floated, floated, and ashore peed the pants it does not seem such amusing after two hours of viewing any more.

Here also it turns out that behind external magnificence of flora and fauna (mostly too created by computer experts) quite primitive story about the boy who tamed a tiger in inhuman conditions is covered. At desire it is possible to draw a lot of banal truth from the movie: about friendship, about self-sacrifice, about a growing, about God and a role of the person in a world picture.

But all these valuable and necessary thoughts in consciousness of authors sputyvatsya in a big and florid ball, squeezing out outside only the main thread - rescue drowning always remains in work drowning. And promised us food for mind alas, only a magnificent feast for eyes.