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Lonely ranger (2013). Johnny Depp and cowboys on strange coast?

the Western is dead, the child, the western is dead. Despite vain attempts to recover it, and recently it busy exclusively venerable persons, like brothers Koenov or Tarantino, the genre any more is never shone to become a leader of the Hollywood film industry.

As the nasty coyote, he lies and decays, crushed by the prompt engine of progress. And only the elected optimists seriously cherish hopes that will be able to turn time back. Where there

the Lawyer - the idealist John Read decided to leave a bosom of a civilization and to return on the Wild West. The reasons on that a little. In - the first, John misses the house and the brother Dan, the leader of local rangers. In - the second, the young man secretly is lovesick on the bratovy wife Rebecca. In - the third, he hopes to embody the gained theoretical knowledge in practice and to become the strict, but fair prosecutor in the region where it is simpler to shoot down, than to condemn.

However fruitless wild prairies on a root smother shy sprouts of youthful ideals of the newly appeared legalist. The first sortie suprotiv the cruel bandit - the cannibal Butcha Kevendish comes to an end for John is deplorable: his brother finds a dusty mogilka in a canyon, and Read - younger avoids death only thanks to a mysterious white mare and the decorated Indian with a dead crow on a head. The native call Tonto, and he is sacredly sure that John is the Electee called from a next world to help the Indian with hunting for angry Vendigo.

Despite revival from the dead, John Read does not intend to indulge cock-and-bull stories of the involuntary fellow traveler and continues to foster the law as the ultimate truth. He intends to find murderers of the brother and to manage over them a fair trial. However the Wild West therefore also wild that laws are written not with letters here, and blood. And sooner or later the Lonely Ranger will understand that the kind word and the gun it is possible to achieve far bigger, than one kind word

Creative crisis - the phenomenon frequent. About such writers, directors, artists speak: it was used up, usnimatsya, covered with drawings. But who could think that the director Gore Verbinski radiating with health and enthusiasm will unexpectedly be engaged in narcissism and the new movie will turn into a barefaced kopipast. In fact, the director took and connected in a whole Pirates of the Caribbean Sea and Rango having relied on the favourite actor Johnny Depp. But Johnny, despite a fighting coloring and a full suitcase equaled the laid-up hokhm, laid hopes only half.

I remind the reader that Verbinski, being in the status of the inhabitant of heaven (the trilogy about pirates in total earned film studios Disney 2,6 billion dollars), refused to continue the franchize. First of all, from - for absence of new ideas. Disney, certainly, did not begin to insist because in Hollywood there are no irreplaceable people. The Verbinski intoxicated with a breath of fresh air suddenly steeped in animation, the psychodelic animated western " became result of what; Rango . This animation exercise did not make big profit for producers, but received nice critical comments.

Here - that in light Jerry Bruckheimer`s head the thought also came that not bad to cross a creative fuse of Verbinski to the stamp checked by time and to refresh Pirates in new scenery. As a basis of the project it was decided to take radio, megapopular in the States, - the show Lonely ranger who from the moment of a premiere in the late thirties managed to acquire of the last century the whole industry including the TV series of the same name and a series of comic books. Good undertaking, considering that adventures of the hero and his loyal friend Tonto were picturized only once: in 1981 the picture " came out; Legend of the Lonely ranger deafeningly failed in hire.

Potential was huge. As, the Wild West, the comanche, the avenger in a mask, the exotic Indian, unshaven villains in hats heated by the sun of the prairie, saloons with sweaty women of easy virtue and general love of the nation to westerns. The ships replaced with engines, pirates - with cowboys, and rushed. Half a year of continuous shootings, the most powerful media campaign in Networks, hundreds of millions spent for a reconstruction in the steppe of the fictional town of Colby and engines full-scale.

It is asked that pocket screenwriters Elliot and Rossio made? They diligently rewrote own scenario Zorro`s legends having squeezed history of the ranger and the pomaded Indian there. One hero in a mask it is more, one have less. Taking into account all above-stated investments from different sources, Verbinski`s movie reminds a bright, juicy collage, the attraction created only for the purpose of beating of bucks from trustful masses.

As well as in To Zorro`s Legend did not do without obvious excesses towards the drama. Only instead of oppressed Latinos now to us pushed a dushepishchatelny story about genocide of the indigenous Indian people. The subject, by the way, which is tremblingly held back in full America. And authors could not be defined plainly, they shoot the comedy, the adventure fighter or the drama therefore on not cooled down corpses komanchy heroes continue to joke about the levitating horse and to feed a dead birdie that steadily caused attacks of a Homeric laughter in the hall. It is valid that can be more ridiculous than the Indian painted under Khokhloma who just lost all relatives.

I will not hide, from Verbinski`s trio - Bruckheimer - Depp I expected much more, than skillful repetition of old tricks. No doubt, the modernized arrival of the train looks much more effectively than lyumyerovsky option, and the final scene, as usual, shows the highest class of the Hollywood masters of visual action. But timing of a tape - two and a half hours. And if Disney does not avoid to show eating of internals, a wrong side of a brothel and the mountain of corpses in the movies, then to think just right of where this world slides.

Lonely ranger risks to repeat sad destiny fantastic epik a feyla John Carter . The idea to shoot the epic blockbuster in style nolanovsky Dark knight it is laudable, but then it was worth throwing out from the scenario of frankly comical villains, unclear predatory rabbits and Helena Bonham Carter with a shot-gun in a bone leg.

Other critics managed to consider the hidden implication in Verbinski`s work. Like, the director specially veiled serious subjects about corruption and genocide at construction of wellbeing of the USA that in an easy and entertaining manner to introduce notorious 25 - y a shot in brains of nothing the suspecting audience. Yes throw you, it not Dances with wolves there is also no drop of sympathy for poor Indians here though not to occupy self-irony by the last.

And the bastard Cole, this sample builder of capitalism, only therefore is bad that he beats women and children and makes bad exchange . The railroad - that he constructed as - in any way. Let also for yourself favourite.