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Criminal drama Real guys (2012). A gray hair in a beard, a knife under an edge?

the Proverb say that the old horse of a furrow does not spoil. Nevertheless at each generation the idols. Here and there you hear: Ponapriglashat old farts, and then wait that the youth will go to cinema . Only then it turns out that old men soil present faceless talents one movement of an eyebrow.

Yes, every day them becomes less, but to gunpowder to light, at them is enough. Even in seventy with a tail.

So left that next the businessman from the very beginning it was not taken. The boss palmed off in team of experienced robbers of the sonny who at the most inappropriate moment began to scorch from a gun. Firefight was started, the youth threw skates, and Vela tied. But he did not betray the friends and received to the full extent. Whether a joke, 28 years without the right of amnesty. However three decades passed and whipping boy the very old man left torture chambers.

The boss waited for this moment very long. Yes, he is eager to sweep and charges to Doc, the closest friend of Vel, to kill him at once on an exit from a tyuryaga. But Doc hesitates because the best years of his life are connected with Vel and, having killed him, it will actually destroy everything that remained from him. Friends in a stock have only days before the bandit thirsty for punishment sends the bandits. And friends decide to spend this day as if it really the last. To visit nice cow calves a brothel, to steal a magnificent wheelbarrow, to get out of nursing home of the companion and, eventually, to have a really good time. Their course of life approached the final, so why not to leave finally in a huff?.

Fischer Stephens decided that the retro does not happen much. He not only revived almost forgotten stylistics of the ninetieth when similar criminal dramas actually occupied screens on the screen, but also invited to leading roles of actors whose names decorate the Hollywood Walk of Fame for a long time. Stephens too once began with acting. The domestic viewer probably remembers his bearded physiognomy lit in a popular fantastic dilogy Short circuit about the speaking robot number 5. He continues to act also today, mostly in popular TV series. However after the Oscar of 2010 for the documentary tape Bay Stephens got chance to work with the real stars and grabbed at this chance all extremities.

Even the name of Al Pacino will honor any project and if to add to it Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin, then, in principle, something enchanting has to turn out. Especially as still Pacino and Walken together worked only in a shot of one movie - magnificent idiocy of Martin Brest Gigli . So Real guys it is possible to consider also as attempt to be rehabilitated for that marasmic project of a married couple Affleck - Lopez.

Someone will tell that supposedly and Pacino any more not that, and Walken noticeably handed over, and Arkin to which in March knocked 79 - and at all plays on the last legs (who saw the movie, will understand what I mean). No doubt, it is heavy to understand that expressional Tony`s times of Montana and cool Michael Corleone sank into oblivion, and Walken is already hardly capable to sbatsat vigorously under bottomhole rhythms of Fatboy Slim. I felt similar feeling when viewing a picture of Rob Ranier Did not kick the bucket " Yet; with Nicholson and Freeman. Nicholson, by the way, actually left since then cinema so it would not be desirable to perceive Real guys as a farewell curtsey of two mastodons. However, both actors, and Arkin together with them, did not declare yet the desire to depart from affairs.

Stephens`s movie forces us to stay in the mixed feelings. On the one hand, emergence in a shot of so bright and characteristic performers puts a tape above many criminal fighters loaded with an action with participation of stars present. With another, quite tiresomely to watch how creators step by step make a copy of the cult drama To Reach heaven behind only that exception that dip heroes Pacino and Walken into the world of underground affairs, habitual for them, and crime. The freshness of a plan is under a big question, as well as freshness of the declared thoughts, feelings and acts, beginning from jog on maids and finishing with sweet revenge to the general enemy.

As well as in any not too successful benefit performance, some moments cause not affection, but pity, but nostalgia adjoins bewildered. As Pacino`s dance sending us to his smart role of the blind colonel in Scent of a Woman which follows an episode, very disputable from the point of view of need, for a brothel. One pleases: creators should not stick out on all screen the name of tablets from male weakness as it becomes in some Russian opuses.

It is obvious that the genre of a tape should be treated in absolutely other key. It is not the so criminal drama as it is declared on the poster, and the sentimental comedy. Such Hollywood " option; Old men - robbers Nikulin and Yevstigneyev stole Rembrandt`s picture only from us, and Pacino with Walken were limited to an abrupt wheelbarrow, a uniform of the Korean seller and pair of stylish suits. About same also the final cut short testifies: Stephens simply did not decide to turn the tragicomedy into the drama. Eventually, if all night long Val and Doc managed to leave dry of water what prevents them to come out winners and in the last fight?

Yes, it`s no fun to be old, but as one of heroes of the movie told: It is better, than in olden days because now we can estimate really it .