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How to escape from a heat? Fans, conditioners, a kitaychonok with a fan...

For the inhabitant of Central Asia our problems will seem ridiculous: there happens and is hotter. It is easier breathed during a heat and in the village. And here in the city in a blaze of the sun

... both it is difficult to work and to have a rest not in pleasure.

With a fresh mind the simplest exit - to buy

the fan. Both it is cheap, and is angry. If under it to put several bottles with water which are previously frozen in the freezer also cold air will turn out. To such the improvised conditioner by the principle: Necessity is the mother of invention .

The centrifugal fan was invented in 1832 by the general - the lieutenant of the case of mining engineers A. Sablukov. 60 years later Frenchman P. Mortye offered the diametrical fan.

The centrifugal, or radial fan represents the scapular wheel located in a spiral casing at which rotation the air getting to canals between his shovels moves in the radial direction to the periphery of a wheel, contracts and under the influence of centrifugal force is rejected in a spiral casing and goes to a delivery opening. Use of the radial fan with shovels, recurved, allows to save up to 20% of the electric power.

Upon purchase of the fan pay attention to the lowered noise level, protection against water hit, and also to what tension devices are calculated.

If means allow, there is a sense to buy the conditioner. But it is good to think of it in advance. Operators of the market complain of spontaneity of demand (the import equipment still should be delivered). Consumers, as soon as the heat falls down, about a miracle - disposal in the form of the conditioner forget.

Besides, there is a number of myths concerning use of conditioners, for example, that it too expensive. Nevertheless, the average Ukrainian is able to afford purchase of the inexpensive equipment which costs approximately as much, how many the TV or the washing machine.

The first conditioner was invented in 1902 by the American engineer Willis Karriyer and intended not so much for air cooling how many for fight against humidity. In the middle of 40 - x years of the last century it began the triumphal procession worldwide. In 1961 were invented Split - systems.

To divide the conditioner into two blocks, having removed on the street the most noisy unit - the compressor, for the first time guessed in Japan. At first appeared Split - systems with internal blocks of columned, floor, ceiling, cassette and channel types. Also systems in which works with one external block two and more internal were created. They are called multisplit - systems. There is also VRF - the systems capable to create comfort at once in tens of rooms. Besides, in Europe mobile conditioners which do not demand special installation enjoy popularity and can move from one room to another.

Are in the greatest demand hinged Split - systems (50 - 70% of total sales) as they are simple in installation, and they can be transported without problems from place to place. The 15 - 20 kW central airs are in the greatest demand. The window conditioner can be recommended to those who are limited in means, but cannot do without conditioner. He does not demand special installation.

Mobile conditioners - good option for giving or a country house. And here to transfer it from one room to another it will not turn out - for maintenance of a certain temperature it has to work constantly.

The wall conditioner will be suitable for small rooms where there are a lot of people and equipment, when the stream of air goes up, it is possible to catch a cold.

A professional advice

Certainly, in specialized shops will advise you that it is better to buy. Buying the fan, power is counted, having increased room volume on 3. Sometimes arrive in a different way: buy the device at the rate of 30 CBM on the person.

At the easiest way of rough calculation of power of the conditioner recognize from the fact that on each 10 sq.m of the served area 1 kW of refrigerating capacity is necessary with a height of ceilings of 3 meters. If the area of windows considerable there are also they to sunny side, it is possible to add another 20 - 30% of power safely.

Having determined the necessary power of the conditioner, you should not think that it also makes its electric, i.e. consumed, power. Actually the conditioner with a refrigerating capacity of 3 kW will not consume more than 1 kW of the electric power.

The main part of energy in the conditioner is spent for compression and movement of freon which transfers heat from the room outside or, on the contrary, warmly external air to the room, in it and the refrigerating cycle consists.

By estimates of experts, Carrier, Dekker, Daikin and Mitsubishi Heavy conditioners as they can work in the " mode well are suitable for our climate; heating at a temperature of external air up to -15 C while conditioners of other firms work in this mode, as a rule, at a temperature of external air to - 6 - 8 C.

The conditioner - goods specific, it still it is necessary to establish. The cost of installation of expensive systems adds to the conditioner price about 10%, and installation of cheaper conditioners - 20 - 40%.

Grandmother`s recipes

you Remember pictures from movies colonial life? Magnificent bed, and under a ceiling - the rotating fan blades. Or a kitaychonok with a fan. All this can be used during a heat and now. For example, having sealed up windows special films - light filters, it is possible to lower temperature by couple of degrees. White curtains sunshine push away, and here black - absorb. It is possible to use also heatreflectors as, for example, in cars.

It is better to wear clothes during a heat from natural fabrics, footwear on a low heel. To drink pure still water or green tea. Juice, Coca, other drinks do not satisfy thirst. It is better to limit the use of coffee. And to be protected from direct sunshine. It is harmful to skin, hair and eyes.