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Fantastic horror Something (2011). Who is more tasty - Americans or Norwegians?

Paraphrasing the known joke about an elephant, the probability to meet the alien on Earth is equal to 50 percent. Either we will meet, or is not present. In this connection the mankind is divided into three unequal parts.

First are sincerely believed in existence of extraterrestrial reason. The second consider the first as silly persons and recognize any scientific, religious and other theories, except space. The third, which absolute majority, deeply it is all the same because life one there are also much more pressing problems.

Anyway, a genre of a fantasy practically all love. Not all understand it - that is another matter, but love. Alas, recently fantasy any more not that. Hollywood, the chief supplier of sci - production fi (at least owing to what a genre very resource-intensive), specializes on 3D now - animated films, a fantasy and comics. These tapes bring in the main income, and the concept motion picture art it is more often replaced on film business .

To what this long prelude, ask? To the fact that new fantastic plots at Factory of dreams are practically not developed, and instead modifications of old propagate. Remakes, sequels, restarts. Or, as in a case with a cult horror of John Carpenter Something - background (prequel). Admirers of a picture remember that the narration starts with that moment as the American researchers of Antarctica encounter the thrown Norwegian base with a heap of corpses, a bag of riddles and a poor doggie which the monster by helicopter chases. The new generation of cinema-men led by Dutch Mathis van Heynigen decided to be curious: What happened to poor Scandinavians?

Antarctic, 1982. Three severe Norwegian guys travel about by all-terrain vehicle on a snow heathland in search of a mysterious radio signal. Also find a space plate, and also the frozen crew member under thickness of ices. By urgent request for the help to the Scandinavians who fell into a stupor there comes the scientist - the compatriot and the American girl - the paleontologist (experts in this science, probably, were not in Norway). Considering that the population of base also so half consists of the Yankee, the balance as if is not broken. Only logic.

The head of group all shivers from excitement, in his dreams already Nobel Prize, the status of the scientific superstar and the new future for all mankind. Norwegians, bearded and identical from a face, are traditionally constrained in emotions, hoping that for a find they at least an award will be given. And only the American keeps reason, trying to estimate terrorist threat adequately. Because the being in ice has strange property to assimilate alien organisms and to pose as the same people of Earth. Only with surprise.

As well as it is necessary, careless researchers profukat that moment when the monster ran away and became active to eat surrounding organic chemistry. The people in panic crowd together, in everyone seeing the sent Cossack, but to plainly understand who here Lars and who - a horse in a coat, difficult. Space zaslanets skillfully gets used to roles, and in a make-up nobody learns him. There is only one cunning way, but there is an opinion that so far it will be reached by hands, other extremities will already rest in a toothy mouth of an alien strakholyudina

Who watched Carpenter`s original, already probably understood that van Heynigen even was not going to remove background. It just copied a plot of a picture of 1982, having embellished details and having changed some Americans for Norwegians, and Curt Russell - for Mary Elisabeth Winstead. The last replacement especially is evident because Winstead it seems as has a bust, but there is no beard, charisma and feeling of self-irony.

Authors judged as follows: if history is inclined to repeat why not to involve a boomerang effect. What prevents the monster of 2011 to behave as well as the newcomer from a year 1982 - go? Therefore the operations procedure is similar: dug out, warmed, released on free bread. Kipish, panic, corpses, suspects. Then an easy slander of detectives of Agatha Christie, where everyone in the room - the potential murderer. Just instead of temperature blood test the young paleontologsha checks teeth at the audience. And here the phantasmagoria because who visits the stomatologist irregularly, that and the person and who has the nerve to brush teeth twice a day - that nasty space aggressor is really managed. Burn down it, St. Petersburg, burn down! And can suggest to eat by an example of the count Cagliostro all examinee tableware? Who choked, that and urine.

So background in understanding of the Dutch - the same remake, only a side view. From themselves authors added only a scene by the alien ship which just and looks so as if to an owl sewed ears of a hippopotamus. That is absolutely unnecessary and superfluous. And for the rest qualitative and professional carbon paper.

By the way about quality. Is hefty we hoped that in thirty years of technology we made couple of short steps forward. It turned out that the legendary specialist in a make-up Rob Bottin in 1982 - m worked at all not worse (and places more inventively), than modern computer designers. New Something even regarding special effects is not able to outdo the original, except for that episode when at the man the mug naturally burst, thereby having confirmed truthfulness of a saying. In other episodes the imagination withered and creators stopped on traditional images of shchupaltsevidny golovonog with teeth in five rows which in any space shooter game - a dime a dozen.

As a result a picture, unlike continuations did not manage to pay off in hire, and the difference in ratings of the audience and critics and just omits creation of 2011 below a plinth. But you do not hurry to judge crookedly because the latest version, at all its obvious shortcomings, looks easily and easy. Only there are no merits of a casting, the director, composer and other specialists here any because all glory Something number 2 - it is a curtsey in favor of the most excellent fantastic thriller of John Carpenter who by right takes the place in top ten sci - fi of horrors of the eightieth.