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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on July 6 - 7? “ Lonely ranger “ etc.

the Russian film premier Thursday coincided with the Independence Day in the USA therefore our film distributors decided to celebrate a holiday solid presence of the Hollywood production.

the Leader of this week the new adventure action with Johnny Depp`s participation " implicitly is considered; Lonely ranger “ however it will be also interesting to much to look at new director`s work of Sofia Coppola “ Elite society “ and to estimate the criminal comedy “ Cops in " skirts; with Sandra Bullock. And it is only a third of the novelties starting in hire on July 4.

1. “ Lonely ranger “ (The Lone Ranger, 2013)


Let you are not surprised by the budget of the new blockbuster with Johnny Depp`s participation. 215 million dollars are a one thousand hours of the finished shooting film materials, half a year of shootings in five states, a new branch of the railroad, three engines full-scale and the whole fictional city. Not to mention large-scale special effects, suits, a make-up and Depp`s fee. Director “ Pirates of the Caribbean Sea “ Gore of Verbinski did not stint realization of the dream of the screen version of megapopular radio - the show of the year one broadcast to all America within 16 years (1938-1954). Also there are all bases to believe that “ Lonely ranger “ will equal the hopes laid on him.

And now it is a little about sad. It is no secret that Verbinski who sank down on Depp as the fly on cutlet (it is their fifth collaboration from six movies of Verbinski over the last 10 years), consciously does not allow the actor to leave an image. As a result of Johnny who already had to be decorated for “ Pirates “ and to travel around the Wild West in “ Dead person “ and “ Rango “ executes the old and checked trick. And in general the tape does not set the task to surprise with something new, and closely quotes the known westerns and other Hollywood blockbusters.

However, many film hints will be inaccessible to the ordinary viewer. But you will not hide production scope, habitual for the producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and Verbinski`s tendency to mystifications anywhere. “ Lonely ranger “ at all obvious shortcomings, is the most anticipated film premiere of July, 2013 and obviously plans to master not one hundred millions. And if to perceive a tape only as an entertaining attraction with rare, but well-aimed drama impregnations, then ambitions of creators are quite reasonable. And at good collecting one more long-playing franchize is precisely provided to us.

2. “ Elite society “ (The Bling Ring, 2013)

Participant of the " program; Special look “ Cannes Film Festival, the new tape of Sofia Coppola is officially recognized by critics her weakest creation. First of all, from - for absence of integrity of a plan and vague motivation of Coppola who will hardly be able ever to identify herself with characters of the movie because grew in a family legendary F. F. Coppola.

The picture picturizes article from the popular magazine Vanity Fair telling about really existing “ to a gang “ teenagers who cleaned houses of the idols - Lindsay Lohan, Meagen Fox, Paris Hilton, Orlando Blum and other. Not gold ingots or packs of dollars, and quite concrete things - branded footwear and clothes, hours, jewelry fell prey of robbers. In total five (the guy and four girls) managed to profit for 3 million dollars then there came the natural final.

In new work of Sofia there is, first of all, no her hidden presence and a corporate style. Being lite - the " version; Born murderers “ Oliver Stone, “ Elite society “ it seems as condemns a cult of the star personality in modern America, but itself also feeds it. Especially as in roles of real criminals youth stars like Emma Watson were lit (ex-Hermione from Potteriana), and the rich successor Hilton even allowed authors of the movie to rastrebushit personal apartments, without hesitating of own narcissism at all.

3. “ Cops in " skirts; (The Heat, 2013)

the Serial director Paul Feyg working on such hits of the American television as “ Office “ and “ Sister Jackie “ decided to begin solo career in cinema two years ago. His debut “ The Hen night in Vegas “ despite the mass of criticism, got into the lead of hire so long it was not necessary to wait for new works. The second time in a row of Feyg invited to itself pampushka Melissa McCarthy, having put in couple to it a birdie of higher flight - Sandra Bullock.

“ Cops in " skirts; - female option of Buddy - a muva, as usual, tied on a mutual attraction of contrasts. Bullock - a prudish agentessa of FBI which colleagues dislike for a careerism, mind and scrupulous following to orders of the administration. McCarthy is the raunchy woman - the cop, it is simpler to them to beat out recognition from the suspect the phonebook, than to remember someone`s civil rights. However investigation demands that this couple acted together, and here will - bondage it is necessary to adapt to kinks of each other.

The tandem at actresses turned out explosive, and did not do without company zakidon of McCarthy who does not hesitate of the curvy shapes at all, and successfully uses a non-standard format. Bullock already had similar characters, the most memorable - in a dilogy “ Ms. Kongenialnost “. What does not prevent Feygu to create on the screen dashing action, raznoobraziv the detective brutal humour and a couple of episodes about which usually write “ Do not repeat in house conditions “.

4. “ Froth on the Daydream “ (L’ecume des jours, 2013)

Frenchman Michel Gondri, author of incredibly stylish melodrama “ Eternal shine of pure reason “ and failure comic book “ Green hornet “ unexpectedly remembered the roots and shot a picture on the historical homeland. With attraction of such stars of the French cinema, as Audrey Tautou and Omar Xi (“ 1+1 “) . The novel of the same name of the writer Boris Viana was taken as a basis of the movie.

Unlike the predecessors (“ Froth on the Daydream “ already endured two screen versions), Gondri started on the book thoroughly, having tried to master material close to the text. Perhaps, too close. The prose Viana abounding with all what is extremely difficult transferred by visual means represents a refined metaphorical surrealism. And authors tried to reflect this nuance too as much as possible therefore the movie of 2013 is incredibly beautiful and inventive in special effects. Persons interested to carp at something will be able to make it only after reading of the original. But the desire, strangely enough, does not arise.

Among other novelties of hire it is possible to select the youth melodrama with an easy raid of crime “ Run “ , shown in the 3D format. In this primitive tape about the traceur - the robber William Mosli, the English actor whose asterisk was lit in the trilogy about Chronicles of Narnia got a leading role. An asterisk, because that then, that in “ Run “ Mosli is sad and gray, as well as it is necessary to the blue-eyed blonde deprived of other advantages except glossy appearance.

The director Olatunde Osunsanmi, the director of one more novelty of hire under the name “ Proofs “ , continues to bend the line. After secondary and not so terrible “ Fourth look “ the Afro-American with unpronounceable full names walks twice into a same water again. “ Proofs “ - it is a pseudo-realistic horror film on which plot detectives restore a murder picture by phones and video cameras found on a crime scene. The Malobyudzhetnost, lousy actor`s game and poor quality of the picture do viewing of the movie by doubtful pleasure and only for admirers of a genre. It is better for rest to bypass the garden tool.

Finish the list of film premieres on July 4 the Russian tape “ Marathon “ Karen Oganesyan with Mikhail Porechenkov in a leading role, the Canadian three-dimensional animated cartoon about Eskimos “ Sarila: Forgotten earth “ and documentary biography “ Woody Allen “ , zhivopisuyushchy shots from life of the great little Jew from New - York.