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Why the man to be heavier, than the woman? Part 2. Physiology and sex of

statistically, women live longer than men though to that the modern science did not find any physiological justifications.

On a male body have less than places where it is possible to hide something.

Women have no prostatitis, and they are not threatened by impotence.

Women are not threatened by an early bald head. Late, however, too.

to Women should not pull out hairs from nostrils!

we to a thicket have dirty nails.

And we cannot paint over them a red varnish.

we have no good reason in order that four days from everyone twenty eight to stay in bad mood, to be capricious and behave irrationally.

we have no good reason strongly to put on weight after the birth of the first child.

When we put on weight, any of the parts of a body doing us is more sexual, does not increase in volume.

Even if the man will grow fat so that it will become similar to the woman on the ninth month of pregnancy, in the subway all the same nobody will give way to it.

to us needs to shave only one part of a body, but every day. Otherwise quickly you become similar to Grigory Rasputin or on the author of the book Capital .

If the man everything is will decide to go in the footsteps of the founder of Marxism, the allergy to a bristle by all means will be found in his girlfriend. And who, is asked, so admired George Clooney`s nebritost?!

If the man today since morning looks shaky, he, unlike the woman, cannot quickly change a situation to the best by means of a set of the paints and varnishes packaged on different (but equally expensive) to bottles, bubbles and tubes. The only exception - a morgue.

If the man does not differ the developed intelligence, speed of mind and in general is deprived of any natural ingenuity, it cannot wrap up all this in own favor, having just put on the fitting undershirt. An exception - Mr. Olympia (a champion title on bodybuilding).

Each of us rode the bicycle. And everyone on the way had a foreign subject which could not be gone round. Submitting to relentless physical laws, the body continued the movement and after collision got from a soft seat on the iron pipe called by a frame. And ladies` bicycles do without frame!

In a toilet we constantly risk to splash to ourselves boots.

Though models defile on a podium with an open breast for a long time, to stare at the interlocutor`s decollete for some reason it is still considered indecent. Well, who puts cake on a table, demanding to eat at the same time sweet?

The fact that on dimensions we, on average, are larger than women does us by more convenient target for the pigeon who is flying by over us who suffered specially for the sake of such case long ago.

Missile defense us is told by jokes about how we hide in a case and go down in one pants on a drainpipe. The most ridiculous that sometimes it is not a joke at all!

Any of us will never be awarded by ranks mother - the heroine ...

Male nipples are useless - both from the point of view of sex, and from the point of view of biological expediency. And sometimes so there is a wish to feed somebody with a breast!

to us cannot be scratched during an orgasm. It is not recommended to bite too. And it is possible for women!

After an orgasm to us surely should wash something, to clean or throw out.

Unlike women, men have no reusable contraceptives.

We never for certain know, our partner before sex swallowed a contraceptive tablet, or not. It is known only by women.

After an orgasm (and after it was necessary to wash something, to clean or throw out) we can have at once no one more orgasm. Even if there is a strong wish.

Any man can be hit between legs.

When the woman beats the man, he cannot hit her back. It is the law which cannot be violated even if it beats below a belt, that is between legs. And where the law allowing us in that case, at least to pinch her for a breast? There is no such law!

the Praised man`s erection is often not connected with sexual excitement and sometimes overtakes us in the most improper places. For example, in the pool, a gym or on a cemetery.

We cannot carry on ourselves gold and diamonds. An exception - Semyon Semenych Gorbunkov.

We are not given by rings and ear rings, pendents and bracelets, gold and diamonds. And even Semyon Semenych Gorbunkov - not an exception.

To our legs sables and hundred-dollar notes do not throw.

do not offer Us round of a waltz. An exception - the gay - club.

do not pursue us down the street with shout: You will not give the phone?

do not ask us: And what you do tonight?

the Man can pierce to himself a navel, a nipple or language. But it will say not about free temper and love to adventures, as at women, and that this man - the idiot. An exception - representatives of sexual minority and a star of show - business.

We are not treated with binge only for the fact that we have long legs and elastic buttocks. An exception - the gay - bar.

Women are not threatened by the injuries got at oral sex with the inexperienced partner, the inaccurate address with the lightning on trousers and incorrectly fastened safety cable at a jump from a bungee. After that they still dare to claim that is the most sick on light - to give birth to the child!

we have no sexual underwear. Everything that is - it is those pants which are recognized as the freshest at the moment.

Moreover: if the man puts on stylishly and sexually, he will be surely taken for the representative of sexual minority. Women have all in accuracy to on the contrary.

the Woman cannot be destroyed morally the obscene remark on the insufficient size of her genital.

We cannot increase to ourselves a breast by means of silicone implants.

to the Woman it is much simpler to span to seize subtleties of the most ancient profession.

And we pay all the same!

At us under no circumstances will not turn out to organize instantly volunteer society of persons interested to enter with us sexual relations, having just come into night club after 22. 30 it is also dazzling having smiled.

Male sex hormone testosterone if to allocate it in pure form, represents direct analog of rattling mix of heroin and cocaine in the ratio 50 to 50. As though tied a string to genitals and drag the whole day for it in different directions - here is how it works. And we still manage in such conditions to think rationally!

Women are not threatened by an intimate meeting with the transvestite.

And from the minor.

Men are accused of all wars. Makarov`s gun, a rifle M - 16, the Kalashnikov and the intercontinental " ballistic missile; Satan are considered as the fallichesky symbols invented by men only to compensate the sexual complexes. And nobody wishes to recognize that women, actually, simply line do not understand military science and military equipment!

And if something happens we are sent with mid-flight companies to the front whereas women wave to us following kerchiefs, brushing away bitter tears from cheeks.

And if though something where - nibud in the world goes not so, we have to answer all the same, to men.

Part 1. Society and life