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Romantic comedy Doubler . Three in a shot, apart from a dog?

Evgeny Abyzov`s Picture can be interesting to, at least, three categories of the audience. In - the first, to the people feeding hatred for the singer Stas Mikhaylov. In - the second, that who tests weakness to company humour of residents of Comedy Club and is part of audience of TNT TV channel. In - the third, to the audience, which on a drum what to watch if only ulybat . Considering

that in the sum, by the most modest estimates, these three segments of audience make about a half of younger generation of our wide and immense homeland, there is clear a reason for which similar movies act and shown at movie theaters.

The famous showman Igor Uspensky groans under oppression of own popularity. Interview, shootings at cinema, a photoshoot, parties, office parties, parties. And here still ill-fated competition Person of year the main competitor of Uspensky on which is the self-satisfied singer Mikhail Stasov. Not to mention that Igorek is the person family, therefore, at least sometimes has to represent the loving husband and the careful father. Generally, the star on clever and beautiful cannot become torn in any way.

Help came from there from where did not wait. The third-rate massage salon published on YouTube amateur advertizing which main hero, somebody Seva Vasilkov, looks like an amazing image Uspensky. And then the showman inspired by a fixed idea asks the improvised Dasha (by the way, tremblingly in love with him) to issue the double on the forthcoming anniversary of the banker. And Uspensky will act in at film at this time.

To good quickly you get used. Today anniversary, tomorrow - a party, and after and matrimonial duties will be put to use. Certainly, Uspensky is not excited that it is forced to send the doubler to a reporting concert of own daughter, but from a mad star rhythm of life will not get to anywhere. Igor did not consider only two things. In - the first, such freebie can be pleasant to the massage therapist. In - the second, sooner or later the setup will be opened

feels the assured, filled and hairy hand of family Andreasyanov. This time Sarik and his brothers under the auspices of the Enjoy Movies company were limited to producer activity that did not affect poor quality of a product at all. Because how many do not hide the chief - cooks in kitchen, ingredients, the recipe and unpleasant a plowing remained the same. In film production, as well as in cooking, the main thing that? It is correct that havat people . This fact is confirmed by a box office, so the producer Andreasyan executed the work. And we will try to execute the.

Ingredient first: scenario . Business was entrusted to the same sad scribblers that was created for Andreasyan Togo still Karlosona . The effect expected - an events essence on the screen rushes about between the situation comedy and the melodrama, not in forces to stick to any coast. And a comedy genre in understanding of screenwriters Doubler - it something between the guy, tryukhayushchy on a shop a dog, and the famous media person lowered to a condition of the amoebic clown. And I do not condemn the singer Stas Mikhaylov who is naturally offended and submitted a claim on creators of the movie at all. However, it is that case when the prototype is worthy caricatures. And the essence of the claim consisted that talantishche forgot to notify on the future parody.

The comedy also means that has to be ridiculous. No matter, at the expense of hilarious gags or graceful dialogues. However, if the producer considers Woody Allen`s movies simple as two kopeks to what to compare verbal outbursts of his characters, I find it difficult to tell. Especially within the acceptable review. So to say, it looks like talk of children in a sandbox more, than communication of adults. Edible jokes in a shot were not noticed, and the perspective plot about the double is reduced to banal morals that the external poverty can quite have a rich inner world and vice versa.

Ingredient second: actor`s game . Each resident of Comedy Club secretly dreams of Eddie Murphy`s monasteries. And only Alexander Revva took the plunge in this direction. To construct the whole movie on one actor whose wide range consists of the grandmother, the debilovaty macho and Artur Pirozhkov - a courageous act. And courage often adjoins to nonsense. And though Revva a cut above (in every sense) of the colleague Galustyan, he under oppression of importance of own person loses the main thing - a charm of the sketchevy performer. Its top is a five-minute gag or the clip. And when De Niro should grieve from himself an hour and a half the Beauty Christina Asmus was marked out by

as the beauty with the raised libido. It is visible how the actress diligently abstracts from Varenka`s image, but as according to the scenario she is all the same forced to play the little fool in love, rejection process Interns goes slowly.

From steps offstage let`s mark out only Petersburg KVN - chic Dmitry Khrustalyov and Lyudmila Artemyeva. Both characters incidental, but if could be Artemyeva more, then it would be worth saying goodbye to Khrustalyov at a casting stage. However, against the general lack of talent even it looks in a trend. Eventually, it was taken to be advertized impotence pills, but not to be danced.

Ingredient third: advertizing . Nasty made prodakt - the pleysment became already company counter of andreasyanovsky opuses. It and the truth, the country has to know sponsors of this trash by sight that then to bypass far off. However, in a shot also venerable brands flash, but it is doubtful that they fell before cooperation with Enjoy Movies. Looks like advance payment more. Sarik and himself favourite did not forget, resembling announcing future masterpieces and stroking former to the classic . You will not praise yourself - nobody will praise.

Ingredient fourth: soundtrack . I, of course, not the expert, but logically in the Russian movie the Russian songs have to sound. Most part of musical tracks Doubler the fact that in Russian - under definition " is sung in English, and; song does not approach, as well as all creativity of Artur Pirozhkov - Revva.

A result as you understand, unfavourable. But mice though were pricked and cried, but picked a cactus thoroughly. As sadly to understand, but here such dull, trite and absolutely tasteless production - a present Russian mainstream. Cinema, so to speak, for broad masses. For masses, but not for the person because what normal person will be able to digest this cream - blyue?