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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on June 29 - 30? War of the worlds of Z etc.

Continuing a summer season of blockbusters, relay is accepted by the new Hollywood zombie - an action with Brad Pitt`s participation War of the worlds of Z . From America the family comedy " also got to our movie theaters; Examination for two and criminal drama Violette and Daisy .

Apart from special display at cinema of Zemeckis`s classics checked by time Back in the future . Other continents are presented by the Spanish horror film Apartment 143 Thai animated cartoon Pieces of iron and Australian thriller Jungle .

1. War of the worlds of Z (World War Z, 2013)

Fight for the right of the screen version of the book of Max Brooks was so fierce that stars had to be measured is not present, not what you thought, and the purse sizes. As a result the victory was won by Pitt`s film company, and sex - the symbol vseya Hollywood naturally took the place on the poster.

The trouble is that the movie and the book poorly correspond each other. The apocalyptic novel of Brooks is a mix of philosophical reasonings, a political context and rollicking action though the best-seller. Mark Forster`s tape - the cliched summer blockbuster with frontally protruding star and elegant visual special effects. Instead of a typical zombyatnik with a heap of the torn-off extremities, brutal hordes of walking dead persons and rare islands of survivors we deal with a total collapse of all mankind, a pandemic from which neither to escape, nor to disappear. Zombies mostly are removed so that remind a swarm of importunate insects, but not blood-thirsty monsters.

Alas, it Romero and even not Danny Boyle. PG rating - 13, allowing the lion`s share of persons interested to viewing of a tape, subdued violence to a two-three of episodes and those are drawn on the computer. It is necessary to see fight from far away therefore each viewer has a chance to get a false idea itself the strategist.

I will remind that in the Russian mass media the fact of the admission of a tape of Forster to opening of MMKF was especially exaggerated. Is Like, more useless to us who were once accepting Fellini and other to fall to any trash zombyatnik. We will lower these spiteful outbursts and splashes of saliva especially as there are enough idiots and among film critics, not to quote everyone. But also it is impossible to agree that the blockbuster was successful on all hundred. In total - the book too suffered from a film format therefore viewing of the movie can be recommended to all those to whom the subject, Pitt and the future of mankind is not indifferent. The rest cannot worry.

2. Violette and Daisy (Violet & Daisy, 2013)

This criminal drama became one of the latest works of the talented American actor, a star of a popular TV series Clan of the Soprano James Gandolfini. At least for this reason the movie should be watched, let and not on the big screen.

Two girlfriends, Violets and the Daisy (quite so it is possible to translate their names), are ready to be ready to do anything to receive the desirable. And what the girl - the teenager can want? For example, nice dress. It is necessary to sew somebody? Yes without problems, so there is a wish to dress up. Only in the adult world of a rule of the game absolutely others, than in maiden dreams. And if on them not to play, it is possible to be left high and dry. Or without it, it as will carry.

The strange, but lovely project of Jeffrey Fletcher became for the screenwriter Oscar-winning Treasures director`s debut. Originality of forms, instability of contents and a little elaborate ways of supply of material is explained by it. What, actually, also attracts the viewer, since Leon Besson who missed nontrivial criminal tapes with participation of girls up in arms. And if Alexis Bledel specialized in melodramas more and more, then Saoirse Ronan managed to master fighting skills in Hanne so the duet turned out moderately naive, clockwork and killing.

3. Examination for two (Admission, 2013)

(and also his brother Chris) became famous for Paule Vayts`s

for h2 suddenly when debuted in big cinema the teenage comedy American " pie;. After the tape My boy (2002) brothers decided to share efforts though still help the friend the friend as regards scenarios and producing. But Chris was lucky more, he managed to put in a mainstream, removed Gold compass and one of parts Twilight and here Paul unsuccessfully tries to get out of a genre of romantic melodramas. And than further, especially pathetic these attempts look.

The main character of the movie - the self-sufficient and lonely woman, the ranking officer of a selection committee of prestigious higher education institution to whom the affair with the rural teacher and a meeting with long ago forgotten past in the person of the son is necessary. In this role Tina Fey, the famous American teleactress, by shy steps mastering a film format was marked out. Alas, so shy that Tina risks to lose the glory earned by long years of participation in series Studio 30 and Saturday evening . Quite boring narration is occasionally diluted with company jokes of Fey, but it is obviously not enough of them to diversify this family tragicomedy about mothers, children and nuances of an American education.

4. Apartment 143 (Emergo, 2011)

First real story about ghosts (a movie slogan) earned in North American hire a fantastic sum - 383 dollars. But screenwriter and producer Rodrigo Cortes ( Red " fires;) achieved the dream and shot the movie about the paranormal phenomena. And it does not matter that this subject already iskhozhena up and down, including Spaniards.

It is unclear, from what perepuga our film distributors decided to let out this weak and secondary horror film of two-year prescription in movie theaters. The fashion on pseudo-documentary horror stories gradually comes to naught, and even Hollywood which once had a soft corner in the heart for a highly profitable genre comes back to classics. And here again the shivering chamber, advances with quasireality and unclear medley from the drama, mysticism and otherworldly forces. However, in peak to transatlantic colleagues Cortes managed which - to frighten of what the viewer, and not just to exhaust cheap special effects. And bigger from a zhutik it is also not required.

In addition to the above described novelties at the Russian movie theaters it will be possible to watch the Australian horror film Jungle from creators of low budget trash horrors about crocodiles and sharks. This time the director Trauki will send the heroes to the Indonesian tropical thickets where they should meet the strange cannibal with the burning look. The picture completely copies similar American horror films of the " type; Witches from Blair and everything is removed very cheap but good. Besides, emergence of such notable sediment on big screens causes only bewilderment.

Far more interestingly is also more original the independent horror - the thriller " looks; Withdrawal pains , removed literally on knees by nonprofessional cinema-men of America. But here only the idea is good, and here with realization guys pumped up. It also is clear, on sheer enthusiasm to leave very difficult. Therefore a story about the good guy who arrived to backwoods to rescue the friend - the addict, first intrigues, then frightens, and in the end tires and leaves more questions, than answers.

On snack movie theaters of Russia will offer the sample Thai animated film Pieces of iron , removed on curves of Hollywood, and the second coming of a fantastic masterpiece of Robert Zemeckis Back in the future . The tape, owing to the understood reasons, deprived of broad displays in the territory of the USSR, became classics of a genre for a long time that she will not prevent admirers to enjoy adventures of dock of Brown and Martie Makflaya on the big screen again.