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Horror film Sinister . The witness from Fryazino replaced image?

the Writer Allison Osvalt together with the wife and two children move from the rich house to a remote place to write the next book. And to it something standing cannot wait to create the good book because the last ten years the writer is in creative stagnation. Allison`s

is the specialist in bloody thrillers but thirsty not so much for glory or money how many justice. He undertakes unsolved affairs and outdoes police officers, digging out new proofs, motives and versions. For what cops naturally dislike it. But Osvalt could not care less of opinion of representatives of the law, it digs in someone else`s dirty linen not for the sake of a profit, and for the sake of the good purpose. And the new house is chosen not casually: exactly there was an awful murder few years ago, the little girl was gone, and business officially is considered unsolved. And if the wife not delighted with the moving, decided to hold back Allison the tragic past of their new home.

Having got on an attic, the writer finds a strange box with a film projector and a selection of a home video of different years. Five different rollers, different families, but the end always one - terrible murder. Who author? Who this terrible, terrible monster flashing in frames of the family chronicle whose name is drawn with a children`s hand on a box cover - Mr. Bugi?

The devil`s book is not written. Younger Trevor is tormented by attacks of nightmares, someone hangs around an attic and at night cuts a film projector, savouring awful shots. The wife panics, observing as the husband becomes an inveterate drunkard and slowly goes crazy. And itself Allison precisely knows that in the house there is something strange, but instead of untangling a ball of riddles, uvyazat in it

At court everyone is for himself more and more deeply. Not without reason writers like to thrust themselves into the center of some terrible stories. Let`s remember the same Stephen King who has a number of books which main character is the writer - Dark half It Mizeri Secret " window; and, of course, Shine . Last novel To Sinister closest on spirit and style though no doubt, Scott Derrikson`s movie possesses much less inventive plot. But mysterious grafomansky soul - that darkness in which to be rummaged and it is terrible, and interestingly at the same time.

Sinister - peculiar victim of marketing. Originality is that the picture phenomenally acted in hire, having paid back 3 - the million budget of more than 20 times. It is not a record, there were also more serious profits, but at the present level of the competition in a genre - result more than worthy. Nevertheless trailers promised us one, and as a result we received absolutely another. Not horror - horror, and mix of the detective, thriller and mysticism with a raid of a paranormality, popular in present Hollywood, and a habitual rating of R. However, at my skilled look, the tape turned out not so terrible. At least, regarding various it clean concedes a pugalok To the Astral or recent To the Woman in black . But quite corresponds to them in various absurd of a plot.

Derrikson wanted to vpikhat nevpikhuyemy: and the thriller about the serial murderer, both the drama of the devastated creative person, and family crisis, and a paranormal plot about the damned house. Dead children, terrible Mr. Bugi, the specialist in an occultism - a mash of ideas, thoughts, characters and secrets. For everything there was enough neither time, nor forces therefore some subject lines are cut short, and the story continues to jump in other direction. It turns out as in a popular Soviet board game Erudite : little by little, and letters already came to an end, and in the head - one interjections. And it is unclear with whom on the course to sympathize - whether to the writer overwhelmed by thirst of justice whether his wife cowed by creative searches of the husband whether the children provided to themselves in the house larded by ghosts. The final, of course will place points over yo and for someone it is even unexpected, but thirsty for a step-by-step outcome in Poirot`s style a request not to worry.

Ethan Hawk pleased. Recently something pulled the ex-husband of Uma Thurman on infernal projects: at first Daybreakers about vampires, then Sinister and after Judgment night which, by the way, too did to rustle in hire. If so business goes, then Hawk will become a delicious dish for producers - money asks less than nothing, and brings bags. Here the actor has not a combative character - such ghosts hunter in house-shoes who touchingly shudders from each rustle and wanders about the house with a knife, with a bat in hope to otlupasit own shadow. Absolutely unlike the furious madman Nicholson of Shine and more likely Johnny Depp`s analog from Secret " window; - the writer who got confused in own imaginations.

Hawk`s character, in fact, only, soundly stated in the scenario. The others - the moving background periodically making sounds. And it is weakness of the movie trying to jump periodically on rails of the family drama too. There is no family - there is no drama.

Why it is not terrible? For horror films the main thing is a creation of the atmosphere, forcing of horror. In Sinistere from - for not symmetry of a plot, not absolutely clear what it is necessary to be afraid of. Scary pictures what is drawn by the writer`s daughter? House videos about murders? Unshaven physiognomy of Hawk? Or all - mysterious Mr. Bugi? Everyone will find a horror story for itself(himself), but here sudden sharp chords and ugly faces which are jumping out from darkness - it is trivial and it is boring. Here Derrikson obviously blundered. Really only those short films frighten that the writer studies in the dark the office. But this card, though was played on full, not trump.

The trump and remained in a sleeve. We - that, naive, hoped that in an ending Boogeyman will jump off from the screen of the monitor and will give an excellent horror. Alas, the monster was left for a dessert which was forgotten to be served in a hurry on a table. Questions who, as why flew casually, obviously, doing a reserve for the sequel without which modern American kinopry is not able to do.