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Guessing on coffee grains: how to choose good coffee?

Long since were attributed to fruits of a coffee tree magic properties. For a destiny prediction still use a coffee thick and grains. Commodity abundance brought to that, as purchase of grains turned into guessing: will carry - will not carry. Most often we are guided by the price and as a result we get used to use not a best quality product. Alas, to enjoy divinely fragrant " drink; it is possible not always.

Good coffee is a harmonious combination of unique aroma, purity of taste and power of feelings. After such drink there is bright aftertaste which you should not expect from the coffee made from grains of mediocre quality. Aroma of good coffee will wake reason, will fill with energy, will instill confidence and will adjust on a positive harmony. In it - both exotic of the East, and a cosiness of the Vienna coffee houses. Under a cup of coffee it is possible to dream, to work, flirt, conduct business negotiations, to enjoy loneliness and to communicate with friends. Now, when disputes on the subject of how coffee influences a human body, are complete, we can taste favourite drink with even great pleasure.

Scientists and physicians agreed in opinion that in the absence of contraindications and in moderate amounts of coffee it is useful. The paradox consists that right now production of high-quality arabica coffee is threatened. One of the reasons that it becomes more difficult to buy good coffee has quite objective character: global climate changes negatively affect coffee harvests. To predict as production of coffee grains in the changing conditions will develop, nobody can. Anyway, but so far farmers wait for the help from science, we, consumers, we will enjoy magnificent taste and aroma of this wonderful drink.

The value of coffee is defined by lack of negative flavoring shades. Their existence is not always explained by poor quality of raw materials. A lot of things depend on preparation of grains, in particular, from their freshness and quality of roasting. As coffee grains keep considerable part of the unique properties within a month after roasting, to find on shelves of a supermarket rather good coffee extremely difficult. Not always there corresponds to the declared quality and the drink served in coffee houses. The matter is that often suppliers of the equipment impose to the owner of a coffee house and raw materials for preparation of drinks, and it, with rare exception, with good coffee has nothing in common.

That everyone had an opportunity to enjoy refined taste and saturated aroma of high-quality coffee, the Novosibirsk company Trevelers " Coffee; opened more than 60 coffee houses in the different cities of Russia, and also in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and in Ukraine. High quality of drink in these coffee houses is caused by the fact that it prepares from a speshilta of coffee of own roasting.

Speshilti - it is the term indicating that coffee grains were made according to special standards. Whether there will be a " coffee; speshilt depends on in what conditions it was grown up as grains were processed, transported according to what recipe were fried. Careful selection of suppliers, departures on farms, creation of own recipes of roasting promote that coffee from the " company; Trevelers " Coffee; it is possible to carry to those 10% of world production of coffee grains which meet the standard of a speshilta.

Even if in your city there is no coffee house of the company, in the Internet - " shop; Trevelers " Coffee; you will find the wide range of the fried coffee grains. As a rule, sending the order is made in day of roasting, and as gains completeness of taste of coffee for 7 - 10 day after it, to the buyer it gets just when the reactions creating taste and aroma of coffee are complete.

It is important to cook fresh ground coffee, but much bigger value has when grains were fried. The good zhernovy coffee grinder easily copes with a problem of a grinding, and here it is much more difficult to fry grains in house conditions. For this purpose the special equipment is necessary, but, even having it, not all manage to receive as a result a high-class product. " company; Trevelers " Coffee; for 10 years is engaged in what creates new recipes of roasting of coffee. In 2012 Vitaly Alemaskin (roast - the master of the company) became the champion of Russia in roasting of coffee and won the right to represent our country on World Coffee Roasting Championship 2013 in Nice.

Excellent coffee can be tasted not only in a coffee house. It is absolutely simple to prepare it houses, and it is for this purpose optional to buy expensive to coffee - the car. An aero press, a purover, kemeks, the siphon, a service jacket - a press allow to make magnificent drink without big expenses. The main thing that coffee was qualitative, and now when we know what this quality depends on, we should not guess - what to choose by coffee. We will just go and we will buy coffee speshilt from the " company; Trevelers " Coffee;.

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