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Comic book The Person from " steel;. God in body stockings or How the Kansas orphan became tempered?

When Kal - Al was small, with the curly head However, we will be consecutive, to curls there still grow and raise. The story about future superman begins on the dying planet Krypton which last live-born inhabitant it became.

Torn apart by the rebelled kernel and, as a result, really human passions, Krypton lives the last Pompey days and is going to become history on the star chart. In this connection the planet which is near death is subject to revolutionary moods, represents which rebellious general Zod.

Grown up on maternity plantations of Krypton, Zod is urged to protect the homeland from any enemies, external Ali of internal. Also does not shun the most drastic measures, trampling on friendship, honor and advantage for the sake of future world. That is why, having learned that his close friend, the scientist Dzhor - Al, stole a nation gene pool the Code and is going to start it in an outer space together with the newborn son, Zod in rage kills the colleague. However Zod did not manage to reach the baby and the treasured Code: the authorities suppressed revolt, and sent the general and his henchmen alive to decay into an orbit.

There passed years. The curly-headed newcomer found the second house, the second couple of parents and the American nationality on Earth. Grew a beard and a big sense of responsibility for those who sheltered him. However since the childhood the guy has a gut feeling that the stranger on this holiday of life. Therefore, having reached majority, kriptonoamerikanets Clark Kent moves off in searches of the nature. Also finds answers under thickness of the Arctic ices, thereby having activated the invisible radio beacon which reported to Zod who broke loose about location of the Code. Now the angered general with the army rushes to Earth to settle accounts for last defeats and by means of the smart car to modify Earth in new Krypton

All problem in expectations. From Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan`s union we waited for much. Perhaps, too much. And our hopes were not groundless. Snider is one of the leading komiksotvorets of present Hollywood. Behind his shoulders the stunning pseudo-historical epos 300 Spartans and philosophical action Keepers . And who such Nolan for today`s spectacular cinema - it is not necessary to explain. And in the screen version of the cult comic book about adventures of the Superman we hoped to behold if not revolution in a genre, like that that Nolan arranged to the Dark knight at least, powerful break. But, alas, excessive expectation is an essence of all-consuming disappointment.

Arithmetics is ruthless. Unlike the same Dark knight and last year`s Avengers summer blockbuster The Person from " steel; did not manage to hold the leading positions in native hire, having catastrophically fallen off on the second week of displays for 64%. This falling is natural, as well as gradually decreasing rating of critics and audience who, having collected the thoughts, began to press a product of joint creativity of Snider - Nolan negative responses. Well, I only need to contribute the modest 5 kopeks therefore to all who else create illusions, further to read there is no sense.

We will be frank, in The Person from " steel; from Snider there were one legs yes horns. At least, I do not believe that the creator clever and metaphoric Keepers could grow stupid suddenly to the level of the graduate of a kindergarten. And here David S. Goyer`s creativity with which Nolan cooperated in a script writing to the trilogy about Batman, never differed in stability. Besides Dark knight in its asset such frankly fuflyzhny statements as " appear; Bleyd (especially second and third parts), the second Raven Teleport and, as deification of idiocy, sequel Ghost Rider . He at the moment rewrites from a blank sheet Godzilla what, in general, does not promise to this project anything good.

But the most powerful contribution to creation of the new franchize about the Superman (the fact that Snider`s movie will be followed by continuations does not raise any doubts) Christopher Nolan who in passing dragged for himself the composer Hans Zimmer and the corporate style " made; epic comic book . Marvelovskiye Avengers can sleep peacefully: nolanovsky superheroes do not know about existence of self-irony, these soldiers do not know words of love and the severe physiognomy are capable to compete with a product of brick-works. It was not too critical and is even pertinent in a betmeniada, but in what the positive and friendly flying man was guilty of red truselyakh in general? Notice, not generation of gloomy Gotem, and the potential savior vseya planets. Which in the course of fight with the main villain Zod manages to carry the half-cities probably calming itself what makes a modest sacrifice for the sake of universal wellbeing.

To any epik, and especially to komiksny, it would be possible to forgive absence of half tones and the intriguing plot. Eventually, all of us came to movie theaters not behind puzzling over universe riddles, and to have a rest after working week and to look at how the omnipotent Good will wind ears to the absolute Evil. It is desirable that with special frenzy and under harmonous chords of Zimmer who is able to place musical accents. But to have a rest it did not turn out.

Moreover, after viewing The Person from " steel; in the head hammers will sound for a long time - an echo of a notable chukalov in which authors revel for the lack of different ways to attract the viewer to the screen. Sound effects represent audiomedley from explosions, blows, musical overtones, firing, shouts, the falling skyscrapers, the flying engines and gravitational babakh the unknown alien car that creates intolerable cacophony in ear channels. And so for the last 30 - 40 minutes of the movie. Probably, authors of the movie forgot that organs of hearing of the audience are made not of the kriptonsky test at all.

We sincerely hoped, as without filigree actor`s game (To Russell Crowe the dense vegetation on a face, and Henry Kavillu - its absence prevented to give all the best professionally) The Person from " steel; will show all power and to become the latest computer technologies. What together with vizionersky talent Snider had to pour out on the screen in something fine. Alas and ah, the director refused own style, having preferred to a favourite slo - mo nabros concrete and metal on the fan. And if the kriptonsky part of the narration though somehow charms a look, then final fight, besides, is called in anything not guilty audience very much to tire with messing around of details. Speed of movement of characters in a shot aspires to superlight why it in eyes darkens, brightens, depending on the one which of heroes at the moment wins. Apparently, hundreds of millions spent for special effects left to destination, but will be able to estimate beauty of result the most sharp-sighted.

It is asked if everything is so sad why the tape breaks some there records on June collecting and even quite not bad looks in hire, despite serious falling? What a sin to conceal, ourselves became hostages of the created situation. Constantly demanding from cinema-men everything new visual miracles, we drive with the hands spectacular cinema into the category for the elite . For the elected idiots. You can send complaints to the address: California, Hollywood, to Spielberg, Lucas and others poste restante.