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Whether vegetarians suffer from shortage of proteins, amino acids and B12 vitamin?

Even in spite of the fact that in the world a huge number of vegetarians and many famous people did not consume meat, some nutritionists still consider that only meat contains irreplaceable amino acids. Whether so it actually?

I as then never there live 80% of India, in life using neither the meat, nor fish, nor eggs? As without these most full-fledged " proteins; there lived Pythagoras, Lev Tolstoy, Einstein, Bernard Shaw, Leonardo da Vinci, Plutarch and many others? How the cow manages, consuming only one grass, every day to give a high-protein product - milk? Let`s consider this question in more detail.

Despite all above-mentioned facts, some experts still claim that meat contains enough proteins, irreplaceable amino acids and B12 vitamin without which the person if does not die then will surely get sick. They reason it with the fact that these amino acids (bricks of proteins) are not produced by a human body and do not contain in vegetable food. And without B12 vitamin which contains only in meat too the person will be inevitably comprehended by such horrible disease as anemia.

Actually, these data strongly became outdated, meat was considered as the best source of proteins to the middle of 1950 - x years. Today numerous researches showed that the vegetable food considerably surpasses meat. But give one after another...

The researches conducted by scientists of Carolinian institute in Sweden and the Max Planck Institute in Germany proved that the majority of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grain are sources of full-fledged proteins . Besides, it was open that proteins of a phytogenesis are easier acquired, than animals. And also, unlike animals, do not contain cadaveric toxins, hormones of growth, putrefactive bacteria, eggs of worms, cholesterol, antibiotics, transgenes and dyes.

You should not forget that in some products of a phytogenesis of proteins it is more, than in meat also. Soy, haricot, peas, nuts, lentil, seeds of a sunflower and pumpkin belong to such products. It should be noted that vegetarians receive protein from a full-fledged source, but not through the second hands ( / at a squirrel through others digestive tract).

In 1954 scientists of Harvard university made a number of the experiments which showed that the person consuming only vegetarian food receives daily norm of protein and it is even more! Scientists came to a conclusion that, being a vegetarian, it is even difficult not to exceed this indicator. The little later, in 1972, F. Stear conducted researches in this area and thus learned that vegetarians receive over two norms of protein a day! That is the myth about proteins was discredited long ago.

It should be noted also the fact that 20 years ago scientists considered that the daily norm of protein makes 150 g, and now researches showed that this norm actually makes no more than 45 g a day. The experiments made in a number of the countries proved that excess consumption of proteinaceous food not only is senseless, but also is very harmful. As can provoke such diseases as cancer, gout, obesity, hormonal violations and it is warm - vascular diseases. Besides, overconsumption of protein is badly reflected in working capacity and clarity of thinking. Irving Fischer from Yale university conducted the researches which showed that vegetarians are at least twice more hardy, than their less picky fellows in food. After the amount of protein consumed by meat eaters was reduced by 20%, their working capacity grew by 33%.

What to amino acids , in their world is 22, 8 of them are considered as the main or irreplaceable, that is such which are not developed independently and have to arrive with food. Treat them: izoletsin, letsin, lysine, valin, treonin, tripofan, phenylalanine and methionine. According to the theory of supporters of meat-eating, leaves that all herbivores from food poor in protein, but only not the person can synthesize these amino acids. Strange opinion. However researches showed long ago that as a part of plants 8 irreplaceable amino acids contain too. Otherwise how the cow could support such big body and give on average 15 liters of a high-protein product a day?

Now let`s consider a question of B12 vitamin . At its shortage the person gets sick with anemia, besides is established that this vitamin is not produced by a human body and contains only in meat. Nevertheless the majority suffering from a lack of B12 vitamin from vegetarians are not. So in what business?

And again same question: if there is no B12 in plants and in an organism it is not developed, then from where it undertakes in meat? The answer is simple: it, as well as many other useful elements, the intestinal microflora develops. And than this microflora is healthier, that more effectively it produces substances necessary for us and that more effectively we acquire healthy vegetable food.

In what cases the microflora collapses?

1. Consumption of meat, fish and eggs destroys normal microflora because supports putrefactive. In intestines only one kind of microorganisms can prevail: either fermentative (norm), or putrefactive (pathology) as they mutually oppress each other. Therefore, meat eaters cannot normally acquire healthy vegetable food.

2. At reception of a large amount of medicines, especially antibiotics.

3. Consumption of high doses of caffeine, tea, stimulators and products of an artificial origin.

4. Frequent washings of intestines (hobby for enemas and other cleaning procedures).

5. An overeating, mixture of incompatible products and as a result - a food sbrazhivaniye with the subsequent formation of poisons.

6. Abuse of the frozen products.

7. Overconsumption of sour fruit.

It is also worth remembering that the person needs absolutely small amount of B12 vitamin, and besides the human body is capable to recycling (a reuse of this substance). So, everything that is necessary for maintenance of normal quantity of B12 in an organism - it is just not to destroy intestinal microflora . That is to lead a healthy lifestyle and not to consume that for language, maybe, and pleasantly (so far the organism is polluted " toxins;), but it is very unpleasant and harmful to all other body.

So, we dispelled some delusions about meat and learned that vegetarianism - much more useful and full-fledged diet, than meat-eating. But you should not forget that transition to it has to be smooth that the organism managed to be reconstructed and replace pathogenic microflora with healthy. Then meat products will cause only disgust and nausea, what else can cause a smell and a type of a corpse?