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How it is correct to fill the refrigerator with products? Part 2

of the Precautionary measure by

It is noticed that after days off, and especially after holidays, the quantity of food poisonings - the remains of a Sunday table increases.

Refuse a habit to store home-made mayonnaise, cakes with cream, snack and sauces in which preparation milk and eggs were used crude.

The remains of dishes, the made meat or boiled vegetables will lie in the refrigerator 2-3 days if it is tight to pack them or carefully to turn in a polyethylene film, - but by no means not together.

And once again we repeat the known truth that it is never necessary to freeze the defrozen product once. The same as several times to warm a ready dish.

It is necessary to clean the refrigerator at least once in a month, on the eve of the next purchase of products. It is simple to wipe walls with a sponge insufficiently. Having taken out all products, get removable parts. Wash out them, rinse and that is very important, dry up.

Experiences with the thermometer

Only in refrigerators with the ventilated case maintains identical temperature. In all others the coldest zone can be defined by practical consideration. In some it is located under the evaporator, but even more often - over trays for vegetables. To understand, it is necessary to take temperature at the different levels by means of the thermometer put in a glass with water.

Instructions for use

the Refrigerator cannot be hammered with products densely at all. Everything has to lie on the places and is quite free that normal air circulation was provided. For the same reason it is impossible to dim nothing regiments.

A deep freezing

can almost Freeze everything, except for sheet vegetables which are used fresh; vegetables which contain a lot of water (tomatoes, cucumbers, onions); eggs (they will burst); cream (when defrosting are turned), cottage cheese, unsterilized milk.

On a door

it is convenient to b to place drinks, oil, seasonings, eggs, milk and juice in packages Here.

Fruit and vegetables compartment Fresh fruit and vegetables are stored by

washed and packed into paper or the punched plastic packages here. As when maturing some fruits emit ethylene which can damage to neighbors, it is better to store them separately. The same office stores cheeses in a maturing stage, such, for example, as brie or Camembert.

From 0 to +4 C by

In the coldest office store perishable goods: crude meat and fish, meat products, salads, sausages, a bird, culinary products, creams, milk desserts and products for a defrosting, cheeses from crude milk, fresh juice and ready dishes.

From +4 to +6 C

keep the fruit which passed thermal treatment, vegetables, meat and fish, and also yogurts and cheeses On these shelves.

Periods of storage at -18 C:

Beef - till 12 months.

Vegetables - till 12 months.

the Bird, a game - till 10 months.

Mutton - till 8 months.

Pork - half a year.

Forcemeat - till 2 months.

Cakes, cakes - before half a year.

the Offal - till 3 months.

Low-fat fish - before half a year.

Bread and rolls - till 3 months.

Fat fish - till 3 months.

Seafood - till 3 months.

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