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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on June 22 - 23? The Person from " steel; etc.

List of debutants of this film premier week short, but bright. Only four novelties, two of which apply for not just big, and very big box office.

Officially potential leader in this race the newest version of adventures of the Superman " is considered; The Person from " steel; behind Zack Snyder`s authorship, but in a back to the comic book the sequel of the popular animated film " breathes; Corporation of monsters which carries the name University of monsters also represents background of friendship of Mike and Sallie.

1. The Person from " steel; (Man of Steel, 2013)

Next comic book someone will skeptically sniff, and it will be right more than ever. Not just the comic book, and legendary, cult and, in fact, the most popular series of graphic novels begun in the late thirties by the American Jews Sigel and Schuster. The superman is an icon of a shtatovsky mass culture, the main character of DC Comics publishing house and an embodiment of all genre. Nobody, neither Batman, nor the Spiderman, nor even the Captain America and other avengers even rolled with the Superman on degree of popularity and coolness nearby.

The first attempts though somehow to transfer the literary character on the big screen were made even at the beginning of war, but series Superman 1941, the cycle " which followed behind it; Superman`s Adventures (1952 - 1958) with George Reeves could not brag of authenticity of an image. (And, according to some, the best) the film version of the comic book the picture of 1978 of Richard Donner in which the handsome Christopher Reeve got a leading role became the first rather worthy. The tape was nominated for the Oscar and became the most noticeable in a film career of the actor who did not manage to find himself in other forms subsequently.

Throughout the eightieth Reeve diligently represented the flying man in a blue suit with a letter S on a breast, however continuations became ploshche more silly each time until the film series decayed by itself. In the ninetieth relay was picked up by the television which was actively using the superhero`s brand in several TV series. The most noticeable of them can consider the " project; Smolvill`s Secrets where the superheroic image was tried on on himself by Tom Uelling. But the viewer demanded scales, big cinema in this connection in 2006 - m Hollywood which is sensitively listening to expectations of audience undertook new calling on height.

Having ignored everything that left after the two first pictures of the seventieth, the blockbuster Return of the Superman Bryan Singer pretended that is the third. As expected, for so ambitious and smelling slightly of either grandiose profits, or mad losses, the project nobody undertook. The scenario constantly was rewritten, characters came and left, also as directors and actors. As a result for a role of the Superman took not Nicholas Cage as it was planned in 90 - x, and to nobody unknown serial Brendon Rut that became one of the movie failure reasons in hire. Return of the Superman not only did not equal hopes of admirers of the comic book, but became one of the worst screen versions.

Who else, except the author 300 Spartans and Keepers could revive really scolded image on the screen? Zack Snyder, certainly, understood the responsibility lying on him therefore the most powerful forces were involved in shootings: technologies 21 - go centuries, Costner, Crowe, Fishburne, the screenwriter " Blade; and Nolan`s trilogies about Batman David S. Goyer, composer Hans Zimmer and other professionals of the business. Henry Kavill famous to us on recent " became the face of the latest blockbuster; To War of gods .

Even from trailers it is visible that Snider and the company was made by all that The Person from " steel; did not concede in anything To the Superman Donner. Epicism, scope, powerful study of characters, improbable special effects and full compliance to a comic book genre. It is no wonder that to the first Wick - and (in the USA the tape started one week earlier) The Person from " steel; easily was ahead of competitors and by right took the first place with very impressive collecting. And though the audience and critics were not unanimous in the acceptance of such Superman, Snider`s tape has every chance to become the beginning of the new franchize and to inhale life in once cult, and nowadays a little almost forgotten comic book.

2. University of monsters (Monsters University, 2013)

If roar and clang The Person from " steel; you are not impressed, make a family campaign on the new animated film of Pixar studio. University of monsters - it is background of events of an animation masterpiece Corporation of monsters 2001, telling about how the main characters, a one-eyed greenfinch Mike and the shaggy healthy fellow of Sallie, became the best friends.

I will remind that Corporation of monsters - it not only one of the best works of Pixar, also semi-milliard world collecting, four nominations on the Oscar and a figurine for the best song. Continuation was developed during 11 - ti years, for this purpose it was necessary to spend not only millions of dollars, but also millions of hours of computer work with animation. Say that if the animated cartoon was drawn on one computer, result it should wait for 10 thousand years. More than four hundred characters, the newest technologies of animation and, as usual, the live and understood to adults and children humour without excess morals and pathos.

University of monsters Cristal, Steve Buscemi and Helen Mirren sounded by such Hollywood stars as John Gudman, Billey, obviously, plans to establish new records in the film industry. Not only in respect of technological effectiveness and density of population of shots characters for the sake of whose creation animators of Pixar were killed so many years, but also regarding a box office. After not too successful Brave heart the film studio hopes to be rehabilitated at the expense of recognizable filmstars, and what a sin to conceal, geniuses of Pixar, most likely, will manage this focus.

3. Temper 2 (Kokowaah 2, 2013)

the Most pro-American German of Germany, the actor and the director Til Schweiger, continues to develop own projects. After the second Handsome man also the second followed Temper - the next romantic tape in which Schweiger plays a role of the tired lady`s man who voluntarily shouldered freight of family values.

Compatriots have to deliver to Schweiger at least a monument for the fact that he, unlike other local film figures, does not try to surprise the world Ants in " trousers; and shoots sound family comedies. It, of course, never the German cinema, but an excellent tracing-paper to Hollywood which our Russian cinema-men cannot master in any way. At us eternally local color which together with the American stamps creates a boomerang effect gets out of each crack. And Schweiger, as well as befits the pedantic burgher (to whom he, by the way, is not similar externally at all), took the best of Hollywood and skillfully transferred home. And now by right can consider himself as the most successful commercial director and the actor of Germany.

The last point forthcoming premier Wick - the enda will become the Canadian thriller of 2011 The Astral on Arlette Street . And to the French comedy Arlette with Christopher Lambert, to a horror film Astral James Wang this picture has no relation. And in general in the original Rendoll Cole`s tape is called 388, Arlette " Avenue;. But to draw attention to absolutely inconspicuous thriller, our localizers podrikhtovat heading according to marketing installations. In fact before us quite ordinary pseudo-nightmare with a muddy plot, expressionless Nick Stal and the predictable final.