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Sports drama Legend No. 17 . Valery Kharlamov and all - all - all?

Are asked why it is possible for them, and it is impossible for us? It is enough to revel in images of the western idols, considering Muhammad Ali, Ray Charles, Bert Monro`s private and public life in a magnifying glass ( The fastest Indian ) and Frida Khalo. In our fatherland once upon a time there were not less bright stars, whose light, despite efforts of intriguers and harmful idiots, all the same reaches the next generations.

I admit honestly, even before viewing I was guarded by two aspects connected with Nikolay Lebedev`s movie. In - the first, participation in creation of a picture of " studio; TRITE Nikita Mikhalkov. Barin recently so discredited itself and the creativity that any opuses anyway connected with his name cause the prejudiced relation in the viewer in advance. In - the second, judging by a tape synopsis, many events from life of the real hockey player Valery Kharlamov were reshuffled to please staginess. Besides especially the strained sensation around a picture and personal participation in media campaign of the first person of the state which pokazushno visited premier display in the run-up to the World Cup among juniors strained.

Nevertheless, after viewing I changed the opinion a little. It turned out that Mikhalkov`s influence is almost not felt. The Hollywood tracing-paper which creators used for forcing of dramatic nature worked as always, and not our fault that this genre template - not the domestic invention. And the fact that Putin`s reaction looks like a cine portrait of Leonid Ilyich, so is the successful metaphor which is perfectly characterizing connection between generations and the fact that in our country, in fact, nothing changes at all.

In the Network many copies concerning reliability of historical events and " were broken; correctness Kharlamov`s images, Tarasov and other hockey stars of that period. Opinions as laudatory - enthusiastic, and sharply negative. It only proves that ours in which - that eyelids were honored to remove something worthy a wide release at movie theaters of the country, but not just sawed the budget and threw out a product at retail on digital carriers.

The first vital lesson from the " series; Do not stand under an arrow young Valera received in the deep Spanish childhood. Since then its character became tempered extremely that does not prevent the hockey player to test shchenyachyyu pleasure from realization of own ideals. And ideally Valery sees himself the famous, successful, glorified athlete. And, unlike the peers and colleagues on ice, does for this purpose much. Even it is more, than it is necessary.

The first pancake was a lump. Hoping to get with running start to Japan, unfledged Kharlamov together with the friend Guskov goes to lift a virgin soil to Tchebarkul where even not all local is aware that the city has an ice-hockey team. Valery faithful the principles stoically resists to a traditional technique of a play of the team Star and quickly punches to itself and companions a way to the following league. Then legendary Tarasov cannot oppose to his presence at trainings of CSKA any more.

Tarasovsky methods of education of champions cause in Kharlamov who is torn to ice despair against which he meets on a good footing with the official from sport by Balashov. The last has a grudge against the glorified coach of CSKA and the national team long ago, hoping to use Valery in quality fabulist . However time and work ground everything, and already Kharlamov fights for a rank of world champions as a part of the star three, shoulder to shoulder with Mikhaylov and Petrov.

On a nose at the national team a responsible trip to Canada where local stars of NHL unambiguously are going to tear to the Soviet upstarts their communistic bums. Valery is broken off between the love, shantazhistsky tricks of Balashov at the wrong time received by a trauma and desire to tear Canadians like the Jolly-boat a hot-water bottle

Is unimportant, you love hockey or not, Nikolay Lebedev`s picture is simply obliged to be pleasant to you. It is so conceived. Because, actually, not about hockey the speech as not about boxing narrate classical dramas Rocca and The Baby on one million at all not the picture " talks about baseball; The Person who changed everything . We are told a typical story of success. A genre, which in any registration, whether it be the gangster saga Godfather or prison drama Escape from the Shawshank it is popular and demanded. Also let authors Legends No. 17 consciously took the story out of a reality context, having finished the movie on a major note. Eventually those to whom it is curious without effort will dig out information and that ours as a result lost that superseries with Canadians, and the fact that Valery Kharlamov later tragicly died 9 years in road accident.

New Russian film figures try to return to the Soviet sources for a long time. Generally extremely clumsily reanimiruya classical works. Sequels, remakes, alternative readings. All these a twist of fate with continuations did not impress at all, and great movies about war - and at all irritated. And everything was simple. It is not necessary to make a copy and complete, finish thinking behind others. There are real people, real heroes, era symbols, but not fabricated intrigues, scandals, investigations.

And still some are indignant: muddled, did not open, did not lick into shape. Forgetting at the same time that the film format is simply not able to find room for the biography of so large-scale personality. Yes, in a picture there could be less melodrama, it is less than Balashov - Menshova and the prelude about Kharlamov`s drudgeries in Tchebarkul could be reduced safely. But at the same time it should offer brilliant Tarasov performed by Menshikov and a scrupulous reconstruction of an era that, certainly, would bring Legend No. 17 to a dry chewing of the facts. Remember the same Rocca where character though fictional, but volume and live. Just because it is important to inform audience not of the list of victories, achievements, ranks, and the person. And Lebedev and Kozlowski almost coped with this task.

Alas, and it it is necessary to recognize the general plan, suffers from stylization flaws. Not under the Soviet retro, and under hackneyed Hollywood cliches. Both absolutely optional initial scene, and unreasonable emphasis on the personality in team though all principle of game demands the return. Creators did not consider the fact that hockey is a team sport, having depicted the well-known match in Montreal in clearly selfish key. Besides to please to staginess and format of big cinema.

The reshuffle of the facts and events was not pleasant to much, as well as excessive enthusiasm of authors of the movie partiyno - sports squabbles. But nevertheless in the majority of the moments the mood was guessed correctly: and intensity of emotions before a meeting with Canadians, both the well-known tarasovsky trainings, and its manner of communication with semi-finished products and an emotional condition of the Soviet fans at TVs. And even severe players of NHL which in a picture were compared to bulls, whatever one may do, nearby left from the prototypes.

As a result the cinema about which spoke to a premiere much and often talked scandal later turned out. Not the biography of the great master, but a history cut, a bright flashback, vospitatelno - the patriotic movie for the most broad masses. Including for those who were not interested in history of the Soviet hockey hitherto. And if someone viewing of a picture induces to rummage in the glorious sports past of the USSR, then it is already undoubted plus.

It is a pity only that a premiere Legends No. 17 preceded extremely unsuccessful performance of our national team in the World Cup of 2013, having drawn not absolutely pleasant parallel between what was and that became.