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How to become happy or whether you Believe in love?

you believe in love? Remember when you last time spoke in the heart: I am the happiest person! And whether it is possible to find in general sometime the real true happiness? And that it means: to be happy?

A once so wanted to live in the childhood the long and joyful life full of bright and kind impressions. Then it seemed that in it there is nothing supernatural, it is so simple: always to smile, tell to the family warm words and to hear them in reply, to be honest and nobody to afflict

Really all this was only in the past? Earlier, as they say, both trees were higher, and the sun is brighter. And what now? - there is not enough money, the government lives in itself and with people with all something not that is created. From where here to happiness to undertake?!.

Likely, such thoughts come to mind to everyone from time to time. And most of people, reading the next novel or watching the movie about happy and rich life, think: well it definitely not about me, and the love happens only in the fairy tale. Though everyone somewhere in the depth of heart very much hopes that here - there will be a miracle, and everything will change around.

You know, likely, it will sound is very banal, and can be, is even ridiculous, but the love all is is, and the happy person it is possible to become, without looking neither at age, nor for a salary, nor at marital status, etc. It is possible to be healthy and rich, it is possible to be quiet and assured in tomorrow. But it should learn too.

From where each of us knows that twice two there will be four? and what Magadan is where it is almost always cold? - So we to it were taught since the childhood. All passed laws of physics and mathematics, the theory of Darwin etc. in school. But for some reason all became different, - someone enjoys life and smiles, and someone goes from hospital to hospital and this world is not lovely to it.

So at all not in physics put! And even not in that how many you lessons shirked. Simply except laws physicists are also others - spiritual laws to which very few people were taught. And they same simple, as well as twice two. Everyone heard about them, it is absolute precisely, but not everyone at least once tried them on itself(himself). And in vain everything is very simple, extremely simple

A: you want something good in the life - make good to another. Well, for certain heard it? This basic rule practically in all spirituality of the world, is the main law of all religions, beliefs etc. You want that helped you - help. You want good - become kind. You want to be darling - fall in love!

A the most interesting that this rule works and in the opposite direction: if you are angry, then and around you people will be angry; if you deceive, then and you will be surely deceived. Moreover, if you do not do good, then from others will never wait for anything kind. It is clear, that it is very easy to love those who love you. Here is how time this rule. But wonder: what did you make good just like that, for anything?

So, you believe or not, but the love everything is is. And happiness is. And all this nearby. Even not nearby, and in everyone. Also it is possible to tell absolutely precisely that you will never become happy if you wait that suddenly will fall in love with you that suddenly will present much - a lot of money that the whole world suddenly will understand that you actually very kind and good. But now precisely know

, as you are capable to become happy. And then you do not say what you do not know as.