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Horror film Secret of the pass of Dyatlov . A big secret for small such company?

Considering the fact that any living witness of the tragedy which happened in the night of February 2, 1959 on a mountain slope Holat - Syakhl (Mountains of dead persons), did not remain, to us not to find the truth about Dyatlov`s tourist`s group. All thirsty for the answer it is necessary only - to adjoin one this or that version which for half a century multiplied a legion. And the reason prompts that from all possible outcomes it is necessary to elect not the most interesting, and the simplest.

I believe, all to whom this subject is interesting, already managed to prosherstit the Internet, to read solid article in Wikipedia, to watch the available materials, including documentaries of Channel One, " TV channels; Russia - 1 and RENTV . And also to study art versions based on this mystical history - Anna Matveeva`s book and her foreign analog of Alan K. Baker. The last reference also became a basis for shooting Secret of the pass of Dyatlov Rodnyansky put by Finn Rennie Harlin with full assistance of the Russian side in the person of producers, Melkumov and others.

Our days. The American student Halle King who since the childhood is pursued by nightmares about a mysterious door in the snow-covered Ural Mountains, dreams to learn all truth about the mysterious and awful tragedy of the pass of Dyatlov. For the sake of the treasured purpose the girl beats out a research grant at native institute and selects team of adherents where her friend enters (not fight - the friend) Jenson, a couple of young climbers and a busty zvukooperatorsha of Denise.

Cold war ended long ago therefore there are no problems with purchase of tickets to Chelyabinsk from where newly made researchers intend to reach on post-horses the settlement of Vizhay. From where, actually, and to repeat a campaign of group of Dyatlov to that place where fifty years ago nine people found the terrible death. Attempt to have a talk with the last participant of that event, Pyotr Karov, was not crowned with success: hospital attendants of psychiatric hospital, where Karov allegedly contains, in broken English sent the Yankee goum home .

Rise took place successfully, as well as the first spending the night. However the unknown traces of bare feet found in the morning at tents upset tourists. Especially the fact that before and after traces their owners obviously soared in heaven because marks in snow began and interrupted suddenly disturbed. Despite this fact loosening nerves, was decided to continue a way. On the following parking Halle and Jenson, having left to breathe fresh air before going to bed, find in a snowdrift a door in the bunker. But, having opened it, do not hurry to share a find with the others, worrying for their composure. And there is at night for the sake of what all trip and was started, - adventures on the fifth point

Many remember the Hollywood Finn Rennie Harlin for his quite successful and qualitative actions 90 - x: Die Hard 2 Rock-climber and The Long kiss for the night . Being married to the famous actress Gene Davies, the Finn believed in own invulnerability and instead of the next boyevichk beat out the sum unprecedented for those times in 100 million on statement of the large-scale piracy movie Island of bandits with the wife in a leading role. However whether the astrological forecast brought, whether the viewer was not ready to revival of piracy romanticism yet, but the picture turned out a complete fiasco in hire, carrying away on a bottom happy marriage of Harlin, his career, and at the same time and film company Carolco which was not saved from bankruptcy even of the right for the franchize Terminator .

Since then the director removed something, but the mainstream annoyingly otplevyvat its hand-made articles in category B. And here at the beginning of the second decade zero Harlin soared spirit when the hit pilot from a non-existence the Russian producers who suggested to it to picturize the Soviet mystery about the tragedy of tourist`s group of Dyatlov pulled out in this world. What is characteristic, took as a basis of the scenario by no means not artly - the documentary story of Anna Matveeva according to which were going to shoot the movie on the Sverdlovsk film studio earlier, and the foreign version of events seen by the inflamed eyes of the English writer Alan K. Baker. And Baker practically is not mentioned as the inspirer of this opus anywhere.

The Russian assistance made the picture shot with nonprofessional American youth for modest money for the shivering chamber - purely domestic product. At least, my attempts to dig out on the foreign Internet information on a box office of a tape in North American hire were not crowned with success. But in Russia the cinema enjoyed relative popularity and earned more than 150 million rubles at movie theaters.

According to Harlin, the fascinating plot lay at it on a silver platter history with Dyatlov`s pass - one of the most mysterious paranormal incidents of the present. In other words, authors initially rejected as superfluous any plausible versions of those events, having preferred to the facts a fiction, and logic - own violent imagination. Holding excellent material for shootings next Live or dramas about a survival in general, our businessmen with assistance of Hollywood scrupulously outraged upon own past, having turned the tragedy into buffoonery.

Them, bolezny, in general, to blame there is nothing. Conducted by stunning triumph similar as envisioned Witches from Blair Rodnyansky and the company dreamed themselves packing millions of dollars on suitcases. They did not consider two factors. In - the first, since Witches a lot of water and film kilometers flowed away, and imitators bred so many that ours a grief - film figures stupidly swallow now of dust behind crowd running in the same direction. In - the second, a story about the Americans lost in the native wood, and about Americans, the found adventures on frozen... in the Ural Mountains, - two big differences. And if to add on to it extremely dull scenario which set the teeth on edge style of shooting and amorphous characters - we will receive that, as had to receive.

Contrary to a popular belief, an episode with dyatlovets was never material of superconfidential importance. Just about it, as well as about many other negative events from life of builders of communism, long time was held back. Especially as the consequence as a result reached a deadlock, without holding the survived eyewitnesses of the tragedy how many - nibud distinct explanations for why all tourists in the middle of night, having cut tent, jumped out half-dressed in a thirty-degree frost and rushed off downhill. And only today, when the mass media interested in own ratings began to exaggerate Secret of the pass of Dyatlov in various foreshortenings, certainly, there were also those who without a moment`s hesitation used this sad episode of the Soviet history in the mercenary purposes.

Pleases only the fact that the picture did not find the grateful audience and, trying to be advertized on others and quite tangible, unlike nonsense of creators, a grief, naturally choked in own ambitions.