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How to cook jam from dandelions and other plants?

Jam from dandelions. 400 heads of a dandelion, 2 lemons and 1,5 kg of sugar, 1 l of water. Lemons together with a thin skin to cut and cook 10 min. with dandelion flowers. To insist days. Then to wring out weight, infusion to filter, add to it sugar and to cook to readiness. To pour hot jam in banks and to roll up covers. Instead of a lemon it is possible to use lemon acid, having added a half of a teaspoon it in 15 min. until the end of cooking.

Rhubarb jam. 1 kg of shanks of a rhubarb, 1,5 kg of sugar, 4 glasses of water. To clear shanks of a thin skin, to cut pieces, to wash out. To throw for a minute into the boiling water and to cool right there, having filled in with cold water. Then to fill in with hot syrup and to cook in two steps.

Jam from a white acacia. 600 flowers of a white acacia, 2 lemons (or lemon acid) and 1,5 kg of sugar, 4 glasses of water. To cook, as well as in the first case.

Jam from petals of a tea rose. 500 - 600 of petals, 2 lemons (or lemon acid) and 1,5 kg of sugar, 4 glasses of water. The technology is similar.

Jam from mint. 200 - 300 of leaves of mint with stalks, 1 kg of sugar, lemon acid to taste and 0,5 l of water. Cooks as well as previous.

Black elder jam. 1 kg of berries of elder, 2 kg of sugar, lemon acid to taste and 0,5 l of water. Berries to wash out, allow to flow down to water and to pass them via the meat grinder. To add to the received pulp of water and to cook 15 min. Days to draw, wring out weight, infusion to filter, add to it sugar and to cook 20 min., to add lemon acid. Guelder-rose berries jam , removed from a bush after frosts is done the same by . From them it is possible to prepare beautiful, tasty and useful to jelly if to reduce amount of sugar and to add gelatin when cooking.

Jam and pumpkin jam. Pumpkin till April dolezhit on a grand piano, but whether it is worth subjecting it to such overexposures? Sluggish will be, sunflower seeds will sprout inside and will become bitter. Let`s cook better from it jam while it is juicy.

We cut " berry; on segments, then we clear of a thin skin and a placenta with seeds. We weigh: on one and a half kilograms of pumpkin it is necessary to take kilogram of sugar. We fill up the pumpkin cut by small bars with sugar in a cooking basin and we leave for the night. By the morning bars will float in own juice. We put on fire, we bring to boiling and we cook minutes fifteen to softness. Excess moisture when cooking evaporates. Jam should allow to cool down - after that slices of pumpkin become transparent. Now we put on fire again, we bring to boiling and we pour a cranberry glass. We mature jam of minutes five on weak fire, without allowing strong boiling. The task is in that cranberry berries got warm inside, but did not burst. Syrup remains yantarno - yellow, pumpkin at the color, and a cranberry - at the form.

If there is no whole cranberry, and is wiped, - we cook jam. The settled transparent juice is merged in a separate can (we use then for drinks), and we add pulp to a pumpkin soup. Now it will not be jam: pieces of pumpkin boil soft, get out of a shape, become impregnated with dark cranberry juice. Gradually weight becomes uniform and one-color, and we receive jam of pleasant turned sour - sweet taste. If pumpkin smack prevails, it can be neutralized a fragrance - we will add a teaspoon of ground cinnamon at the end of cooking.

Similarly pumpkin jam with an antonovka cooks . After the first cooking when slices of pumpkin become transparent, we add the cut and peeled apples to a cooking basin. (Important note: sour additives, such as lemon, cranberry and antonovka, it is necessary to put at the end of cooking, otherwise they will not allow to boil soft to pumpkin, and it will remain crackling. If it suits you, then use properties of acidic environment.) Jams should be rolled up in glass jars hot. The jar " will be very beautiful; antykva with an additive of whole berries of cowberry. The cooled-down jam on a consistence is close to fruit jelly.

Drink from herbs. I Do it in the winter of dry herbs. Drink well satisfies thirst, helps at cold. A branch of mint, a St. John`s Wort, a camomile, a handful of lime color and petals of a tea rose, 8 - 10 pieces of hips I put in a pan, I fill in, water, I boil 5 - 8 min., I insist 4 - 6 hour. Then I merge infusion, I add to it to taste sugar and lemon acid, I allow to boil. I store in the refrigerator no more than 2 days.