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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on June 15 - 16? Deception Illusion etc.

In a break between shock doses of summer blockbusters the Russian hire will flood strong middlings, not masterpieces, but quite interesting projects. Among them criminal thriller Deception Illusion romantic tape Big wedding with Robert De Niro, a new action with Jason Steytem`s participation Effect of a humming-bird and the unexpected leader of North American hire - the fantastic thriller Judgment night and also new adventures of a couple Vaughan - Wilson in the comedy Shots .

1. Deception Illusion (Now You See Me, 2013)

do not trust danayets, gifts by bringing. Do not trust the trailers promising a tasty masterpiece. Do not trust the conjurers claiming that their skillful tricks - only sleight of hand and any fraud. And definitely do not wait that the author Carrier and Fights of titans Frenchman Louis Leterye could create faultless mystification.

The first and, perhaps, the only reason to look at its new opus is the smartly arranged shows of the illusionists calling themselves loudly and provocatively Four riders . Creators of a picture tried to minimize computer special effects, and actors took magic lessons, but, certainly, did not do without magic of cinema. Johnny made installation therefore only the most naive viewer can take the events in all good faith. Plus, certainly, those against whom this focus intended.

Yes, you did not mishear, the large-scale project - actually cunning arranged robberies. And soon for successful conjurers all who feel like it begin hunting, from FBI and the Interpol to the famous unmasker of illusions. Alas, Leterye did not manage to sustain speed and intensity of emotions, and to the final was frankly blown off, having lowered an intrigue it`s a waste. Well, it will not prevent us to enjoy incredibly charming Woody Harrelson, to estimate new adult image of Jesse Ayzenberg and again to be glad for staunch for years of old men Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman.

2. Big wedding (The Big Wedding, 2013)

the Effect of a deja vu when viewing the romantic comedy of Justin Zakem arises in connection with presence at Robert De Niro`s shot to which not to get used to represent wedding generals. A difference with recuring to the memory Acquaintance to parents that here De Niro is not the severe father of family and the former Tsrushnik, and the compassionate ladies` man. Also his son marries, but not the daughter marries. In addition they divorced and fictitiously reunited long ago with the spouse (Dian Keaton) only for the sake of the forthcoming wedding not to afflict the real mother of their reception offspring who a fig does not understand in English, but suffers from brain Catholicism.

The third time of De Niro works together with Keaton: before actors together acted at Coppola in Godfather 2 and drama Marvin`s Room with young DiCaprio`s participation. And this time their screen union is diluted by Amanda Sayfred, Ben Barnes and Catherine Haygl`s young and perspective faces, not to mention participation of such stars as Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams.

Big wedding strangely enough, is a remake godforsaken free - the Swiss opus My brother marries (2006). Considering that the original saw, generally only those who removed it, we will perceive Zakem`s work as the next Hollywood stamp on family values. And if not a tremendous casting, then and this romantic comedy could proshurshat imperceptibly by big multiplexes.

3. Effect of a humming-bird (Hummingbird, 2013)

Having reached age berries again the British actor Jason Steytem considered important to think of soul and to add to the roles of dramatic nature. Its new movie Humming-bird ( effect the heading was supplied by ours creative translators) exposes Steytem in a new light though such sharp bend can be to the taste to his many admirers not.

Having returned home, the former member of spetsnaz Joey appears in the very bottom. He drinks cheap swill, lives in a box and patiently takes down a beating from local chavs. But cracked - not broken. Oklemavshis on a hut at the major which drove off in holiday, Joey comes back to streets at first to lift a money, and then to distribute them to persons in need. Modern Robin Hood thinks of sense of transitory existence much, leads a marginal life and sincerely hopes to bend under himself the changeable world.

It is no secret that we long waited when to the British filmstar whose fighters, seemingly, already breed budding, the infinite fight bothers. By means of the famous expert on the London criminal underground Stephen Knight who issued this movie the director`s debut, Steytem will show not only habitual skills hand-to-hand, but also decent actor`s data. In total - anyone Guy Richie from a non-existence did not take.

4. Judgment night (The Purge, 2013)

Director`s work of the screenwriter Negotiator and Attacks on 13 - y a site James Demonako it was absolutely unexpectedly beaten out in leaders of the American hire, having bypassed on turn storm Forcing 6 and above described Deception Illusion . Having relied on the original scenario, authors of the low budget thriller with a rating of R carried out successful media campaign in social networks and learned what is the real profit.

How to fight against the impetuous growth of violence in modern society? How to win a victory where habitual ways of maintenance of an order - morals, the law and material motivation already got beaten? The answer is obvious: angrily it is necessary to vent, and couples of anger - to lower. For this purpose the population is given only one night in a year, Judgment night. Beat, destroy, kill, force, burn down with napalm. Who did not hide, I am not guilty.

Ethan Hawk is rather provided to save the family from riots. He sincerely believes that this night is necessary for it, his children and society in general, but prefers to sit out guarded day and night, observing on a TV set as poor people reduce the livestock. And then there is terrible: the trouble came, open gate. And it is now unimportant, you are poor or is rich, the main thing - to live up to dawn.

Unfortunately, Demonako was also not going to look for answers to philosophical questions. But even in such dampish look the thriller looks very effectively, reminding us that between the person and an animal - only a hidden side which we establish.

5. Shots (The Internship, 2013)

Having started to one Wick - and with At Judgment night the new comedy with participation of a comic duet Vin Vaughan - Owen Wilson could not repeat success of their explosive tandem of eight-year prescription in the picture Uninvited guests . Despite an active advertizing campaign, harmonious game and the director Sean Levi who earlier removed the dilogy " which is got the hand on similar projects; Night in the museum and Live " steel;.

Trouble Shots that jokes about sex are interesting to all, and the humour about Google is specific in fact. And bigger to squeeze out of history of two former sellers who decided to understand than there lives the modern youth, authors could not. Places turned out very ridiculously, in places - it is absolutely unclear where to laugh. The creators allowed in an inner sanctum of global search corporation became puzzled of abundance of opportunities and switched to old, hackneyed cliches which together with the new technological world, alas, work in half-forces.

Certainly, all these movies have to manage to draw spectator attention for very short period because next week the rolling grid will be thoroughly stirred up by arrival of new summer hits - The person from " steel; and University of monsters .