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Espionage cranberry " Phone;. How much balalaika, tovarisch?

After events of the Caribbean Crisis during which the world was very close to expansion of the third world war each of parties of the conflict made the corresponding conclusions. KGB, in particular, started the program on the code name " Phone;.

the Essence of the confidential project was that by means of smart technology of hypnosis inspired in several young employees of KGB that they - the real, absolute Americans. According to counterfeit documents of newly made Yankees transported to the States where dispersed across the territory friendly states. Now in case of the next opposition close to nuclear war, the USSR will have a trump in a sleeve - deeply kept dark spies in the back of the enemy, ready on team to make any provocations without hesitation and sincere torments.

Activation each of these kamikazes it is carried out by the easiest way - by phone; it is enough to say the key phrase, in this case Robert Frost`s quatrain with a mention of the Russian surname of the agent. After that the pseudo-American begins to act according to the program put in him which, as a rule, is that it is necessary to undermine a certain nearby strategic object at the price of the life.

There passed 15 years. War, thank God, did not begin. Nothing not suspecting agents continue to enjoy all delights of capitalism. And there is unforeseen - the Russian dissident - the Stalinist Nikolay Dalchimsky (his role is played by Donald Pleasance - famous doctor Loomis from Halloween ) the former employee of KGB archive, abducts one of two copies of the complete list of the sent Cossacks and with this document leaves the country. Several days later it begins, one behind one, to activate spies, and those, in turn, get from store rooms shabby Soviet bombs and in " style; Gastello attack the planned purposes.

In the USSR similar succession of events, strangely enough, inspired nobody. Project coordinators the colonel Malchenko and the general Strelsky are anxious that Dalchimsky can or blab out, or, what is even worse, to activate all spies at once that can provoke the States to unpredictable actions. The annoying that in 15 years the majority of the purposes put in the program of destruction lost the strategic importance therefore even from the point of view of prevention this situation of KGB does not arrange. New Secretary of State of CPSU forgot to notify on existence of the " project; " Phone; so, if everything comes up outside, not only party membership cards, but also the heads will depart.

The only way it is beautiful to leave losing party - to remove the cause in the person unclear what the guided Dalchimsky. For these purposes to America equip the major Grigory Borzov (Charles Bronson). A task at the major extremely simple: to neutralize the traitor and to cover up tracks. In Borzov`s return to KGB it is not interested as he knows too much now. In this regard, to the enlisted American Barbara it is ordered not only to help the agent with performance of a task, but also to eliminate it upon completion of mission with

Espionage cinema - very thin genre. A step to the left, a step you go into extremes to the right and at once. You Nedoborshchit - the sad drag turns out, you will go too far - semi-fantastic movies about James Bond. Creator of the cult police fighter Dirty Harry Don Sigel managed to cook that soup which simply the impossibility is. " Phone; represents an excellent example of how not should shoot film about espionage passions. And that you wanted, outside 1977, the heat of cold war when Hollywood on topic of the day and not it extorted from itself.

We will begin with the fact that all this history is represented fabricated, especially motives and methods of the main thing villain Dalchimsky. Why the small employee of KGB archive needed to play guerrilla war game, especially in the enemy territory? If all spies are activated by simple phone call why it was necessary to travel about from staff in staff, but not to make all 50 calls from some motel? I did not read a literary basis of the movie, Walter Ueydzher`s book, but I believe, the majority of this nonsense is taken out directly from there. Helped it, by the way, other famous screenwriter and the director - Peter Hayams, from - under a feather of which often leave rare cheap stuff it seems Doomsday or Musketeer . However, other novel of Ueydzher according to which the second was removed Die Hard was a little more live. As they say, time on time is not necessary.

Famous hero of fighters and westerns, one of participants Magnificent seven Charles Bronson as the Russian major Borzov frankly disappoints and looks very drearily. It is certain not top of his actor`s career. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger who is difficult to presenting to roles of the captain of the Soviet militia, playing the Russian Vanya`s role in To the Red heat looked much more autentichny more plausibly. Pleases only the fact that, unlike the majority of the Hollywood production, here the Russian kegebeshnik - all this is the positive character, though not defiant neither sympathy, but participation.

Concerning the American movies about the USSR and Russia expression " is very often used; branchy cranberry . In a case with Sigel`s picture the phrase hits into an apple. All these landscapes of snow-covered Moscow made in Finland with indispensable demonstration of gilded Orthodox churches. The permanent astrakhan collars and papakhas, caps with ear-flaps in any weather which are hastily altered under " Kalashnikov; submachine guns M - 16, Lenin`s portraits nearly in each Soviet toilet and other traditional attributes. Only on my memory more - less reliable (and that with a big stretch) the movie about the USSR of those times is Gorky Park Michael Eptid. There, at least, the militia captain did not pose as the superman, moved on smashed and often becoming deaf to kopek lived in the one-room apartment and it was similar to the living person, but not terminator. However, to Gorky Park to Sigel`s picture - as to Moscow on foot.

Certainly, you should not watch the movie. Unless from the purposes to postebatsya, but even in this foreshortening kintso rather boring. By the way, one of episodes " Phone; about the secretary - kamikazes fine beat in the first part of the well-known parody Naked gun with Lesley Nielsen.