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Criminal fighter Parker . In what force, the brother?

At the severe robust fellow Parker the word do not disperse from business, and business is argued so that mother do not grieve. Parker - the professional thief, works alone. But came it is time to become staid, therefore, grandmas and big are necessary. Future father-in-law podsuropit a fat jackpot, however in one whole lyam not to master dollars.

the Team was selected unreliable, but for the sake of bright future with fine Claire Parker agrees to change the habits once. And though the robbery of a fair passed not absolutely smoothly, the objectives are achieved - money in bags. The problem is that the leader of a gang Melander also was not going to divide stolen, having conceived to throw Parker, and cabbage in full to chop in another, more tasty, salad. The little man, discordant with new rules, - a borovichka was kicked, hit and in full operation thrown off on asphalt, but Parker too hoped for this money just like that to throw boats right in the sun.

One scar it is more, one have less. Oklemavshiysya the robber goes to the hot city the Palm - the Scourge where his former accomplices intend to turn new, larger the businessman with diamonds. Together with them the nephew of the powerful Chicago gangster therefore bandits believe in success of the enterprise. If not Parker to which its share, how many justice restoration is not so much important now. Because, as we know, force not in money, and in the truth

If to consider Carrier as a starting point of solo career of the British actor Jason Steytem, it is possible to claim with absolute confidence - neither appearance, nor habits of his heroes in 11 years changed. Well it or is bad - everyone solves for himself, but it is pleasant that though in something this world is stable. Or, as it was expressed itself Parker: I Hate chaos in the life . It is necessary only to be glad for Jason whose ticking years (you did not know, and to him 45 knocked) are not reflected in density of blows and a spring ability in any way.

As you already guessed, Parker is not a so prestigious handle, but the character of books of the famous American writer Donald Uestleyk who, alas, died on the eve of New 2009. Actually, the picture is also devoted to it what you learn from final credits about. Strangely enough, Parker - it is the first nominal the screen version of the books of this cycle written by Uestleyk under a pseudonym Richard Starck. The writer in general liked to be represented by others names and had the whole collection of fictional surnames. However, if to include the pedant, couple of movies about Parker nevertheless are available. For example, picture of 1999 Payment with Mel Gibson`s participation, only the main character there for some reason call Porter.

Especially sad film critics complain that all movies are similar to Steytem`s participation in the leading role as twins are brothers. And what? Probably, poor creatures under a barrel of the gun are forced them to watch and to find ten differences. It is asked what for? it is Not enough to you of the fact that the genre is in an epileptic seizure, forcing to come to life even Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger`s sacred relics. One Steytem, actually, also personifies fighters of zero, improving subject permanently faultless physical shape, a permanent nebritost and excellent sense of humour. No, all surely want that Jason diversified the filmography with roles of poor losers or superheroes in spandex. That then tastefully to declare that supposedly focus was not successful and it is time to fall back to the actor into place. And it also does not gather anywhere. And correctly does.

Yes, Parker in Steytem`s image will show nothing new. The same black yumorok, impenetrable look, the modest smile (intended only to women) and exact, capacious phrases from which enemies shrink to a condition of dried date. Also it is not necessary to drive the actor into a framework of the sample filmstar, he drove himself into them and is happy with the received result. And we together with it.

And nevertheless producers of the movie at the initial stage did everything that Parker differed from the previous opuses of Steytem. Took a strong literary sample as a basis. Invited in a director`s chair of Taylor Hekford, director well-known The Devil`s Advocate and Ray Charles`s biographies. And even delivered in the workmate to Jason Jennifer Lopez insured in all intimate parts from whom in the movie only the tearful drama monologue and a notorious set of linen in peas is remembered. But something to change all pathetic attempts broke shaky small boats against severe reeves of a three-day bristle. And again we question: it was worth being puffed up so?

As one would expect, we will not wait for indelible impressions. The cold revenge accompanies hot views of Florida and a faultless figure of Lopez (which, by the way, is not the main object of desire on a plot), and villains fall stacks regardless of hand-to-hand skills and coolness of the criminal status. All promise that Parker will wash bloody tears, but so far one speak - others do. With such guys to us on the way.

The only thing that it is possible to impute honestly to authors Parker - this obvious unwillingness to follow canons of the chosen genre of the movie - noir. Because in this style Uestleyk`s books - Starck, and the present screen version - the straightforward criminal fighter in the best traditions of Steytem were written. Discrepancy is available. The book character was less scrupulous in questions of morals and relied on sharpness more, than on fists.

Owing to obvious reasons there will be no resistant aftertaste left also. In total - cinema, though dynamic, but disposable. Also it is similar recent To Jack Richer it is unlikely will become the beginning of the long-playing franchize. Partly and therefore that Steytem in itself - one big and long film series about the good guy able to be bad.