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Mystical horror film Kengdimeng . How city legends arise?

Are opinion that the genre of a horror is a low-standard product. Many film critics do not even fall to reviews of horror films. Become an exception absolutely bright stars a genre, like the long-playing franchizes The Nightmare on Vyazov Street Friday, 13 - e and to them similar. Let`s not forget also creativity of such venerable authors as Stephen King, Dean Kuntz and, certainly, Englishman Clive Barker.

the Legend says that Kengdimeng was a son of the released black slave who managed to get on feet and to grow rich. Existence of money allowed the father to give to the only son the best education. However Kengdimeng did not become the lawyer or the doctor, and preferred a thorny road of the artist. Its works had special success among the powers that be who often appealed to the painter to transfer all gloss and triumph of the wellbeing to a cloth.

However, as they say, that fed him, ruined. Having entered illegitimate communication with the daughter of one of the white clients, Kengdimeng passed that invisible line which still separated the offspring of the former slave from the former misters. And it cost it life. To the poor creature cut off the right hand, got a hook on a stump, stripped naked, covered with honey and filled on it with pack of wild bees. From stings of insects the poor creature also died. There is such entertaining and instructive history.

Chicago, our days. Helen (Virginia Madsen) and Bernadett - two graduate students - the girlfriends writing the thesis on modern city folklore. It is not about chastushkas and sayings, and about city legends, in other words, of any horror stories and pugalka. And if Eduard Uspensky`s tales about the Black hand, the Coffin on castors and the Red spot can frighten only preschool children, then a story about Kengdimeng keeps in awe whole zhilmassiv multystoried constructions in the north of the city under Kabrini`s name - Green. Gloomy rumors go that it is enough to say his name in front of the mirror 5 times and awful Kengdimeng will arise behind just a moment to unstitch you the hook. Baizes baizes, but Helen conducts research and finds out that in Kabrini - Green really people die as a fly, often under the obscure circumstances.

Being a girl adequate, Helen believes that behind all these mysterious murders there is a banal human fear and someone`s evil will, but will of the living person, murderer from flesh and blood, but not the foolish ghost. However with the doubled nonsense of the woman - the sociologist continues to ransack on the area in search of incontestable proofs to prove to the more venerable colleagues that the majority of city legends are only underdeveloped collective intelligence and human ignorance.

Who looks for - that obryashcht, the proverb therefore annoying swaying of the blonde on back streets of an unfriendly Black ghetto led to natural result - cherepno - a brain trauma says. The swarty attacker was called Kengdimeng then came around to the young lady a hook on the head and retired. The neighbour`s boy rescued white Ms., having called police. The criminal was detained without delay, wrote off for him all wood-grouses and calmed down.

Alas, but history of adventures to the country Helenv of twilight imaginations only began it. Having recovered from attack, the girl met the real nightmare of Kabrini - Green, the Kengdimeng angered by the fact that the faith in him was shaken. The illusive maniac intends to draw Helen for edification of locals and to revive their fear feeding Kengdimeng`s existence in the real and otherworldly worlds with

For Englishman Bernard Rouz Kengdimeng became the first and most successful experience of combination of work of the screenwriter and director. All other hand-made articles of this film figure of a specific mention do not deserve. By the way, Rose the big fan of creativity of Lev Tolstoy also picturized three of his works - Anna Karenina Ivan Ilyich`s Death and To Kreytserov sonata .

Clive Barker acted on the project in two forms: as the coauthor of the scenario according to the story Forbidden and also executive producer. That case when the author so carefully transfers the creations to the screen that the primary source can and be not read, effect will be the same. I honestly got acquainted with its director`s attempts in Night tribe (Nightbreed, 1990). I was even enough for viewing of the first three parts Risen from hell (Hellraiser), however on it I decided to get stuck.

Why I cool treat Barker? So to say, in my modest opinion, it lacks refinement and an ingenuity of King. Take any work of the British - the main postulates and elements following: blood, meat, a garden - mazo and a Satanism. Hell, demons, devil, dismembered body and other pleasures of life - here the most popular and constant subjects of books and movies of this English author. I do not want to enter senseless polemic with the writer`s admirers, but to understand enthusiasm for similar masterpieces too is not able.

If to speak specifically about Kendimene the tape at the same time is also similar to other barkerovsky opuses, and at the same time favourably differs from them. On the one hand, habitual components of the Universe of the writer are present much here: the rivers of blood, the torn to pieces corpses, the head of a dog which is cut off by a kitchen knife, the demonic maniac and as deification - the inscription Sweet - to " sweet; made in a public toilet the substance which is the most extended for this institution. On the other hand, Kengdimeng - it is not just the meat grinder, and rather strong psychological thriller that distinguishes this tape, in particular, from above-mentioned film series Risen from hell where it was focused not on the scenario courses, and on different visual demonstration of the perverted pictures.

We will separately note also Virginia Madsen and Tony Todd`s excellent actor`s works. Talented sister of the famous actor Michael Madsen ( Reservoir Dogs To Kill Bill 2 ) reached at cinema of some heights, however, alas, did not leave role it is in danger of the blonde without having become the superstar like Kim Besinger or Sharon Stone. In total it more - less successful roles fall on the beginning of the ninetieth, and her name tells nothing to present generation any more. Her more eminent brother Michael Kendimena it is unlikely estimated because essentially does not watch movies in which his sister acts bared.

The picturesque Afro-American Tony Todd which quite often should represent on the screen of villains and bastards became the second star of a tape. Participation in the well-known decked remake romerovsky " became first signs for Todd; Nights of living dead persons then the actor for a long time attributed the name to a genre of horror films. Kengdimeng in his execution turned into really cult film villain though popularity of this franchize in comparison with Jason Vurkhis or Freddie Kruger`s adventures is insignificant (two sequels which appeared in the second half of the ninetieth added nothing sensible to the original).

Here also it turns out that, despite my dislike for creativity of the British horrormeyker of Barker, Kengdimeng I consider as one of the best screen versions of its bloody works. Unexpectedly in medley of mysticism inherent in the author and absurdity the intrigue and even certain morals is found. And - be not frightened by that who learns in the littered interiors of the region of Kabrini - Green native zhilmassiv, shootings took place in Chicago so you sleep peacefully The main thing, you do not say in front of the mirror five times the name of the movie.