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Extremely topical drama Disposal . Whether everything tourist routes are equally useful?

Four businessmen from Atlanta decided to carry out the next Wick - and not behind a glass of beer in the bar, without sitting with a family at the TV and not on a golf course. They dared to escape for a while from the civilization which bothered with the benefits and to feel the true essence on a bosom of the wild nature.

the Inveterate fisherman and the hunter, the fan of active recreation Lewis urges the companions to sweep on a canoe on the rough small river, hinting that it is their last chance - all area will be flooded soon and on this place the artificial reservoir will be formed.

In fact, only the informal leader of this group Lewis sincerely enjoys surrounding reality, the others participants of a regatta chose this way to carry out output just because habitual entertainments already bored them. The thoughtful, deeply civilized, got used to analyze comprehensively a situation Ad, the weak-willed and infantile insurance agent Bobbie and sublime and creative Drew - the typical company of city fops, clean air and to receive the portion of adrenaline and the extreme feelings which decided to take a sip. Also be sure, they will receive it wholly.

The first day of adventures passed according to the plan - travel down the river, several abrupt thresholds, splashes, laughter, enthusiastic persons, quiet evening under the moon, tents on the river bank, a fresh small fish, wine, Drew`s singing to the guitar and mosquitoes. For the second day Bobbie dissatisfied with constant subsplittings over the corpulent appearance from Lewis, changed Ad`s canoe. Having a little been ahead of the companions, they stuck to the coast to warm up legs and to empty yesterday`s excesses. On any road there are turns on which it is better not to displace also stops, on which it is better not to linger. From where Ad and Bobbie could guess that simple desire to cast in bushes will bring them into hands of two local geeks - perverts? Threatening with the fowling piece, they tied Ad to a tree, outraged upon Bobbie and were going to continue mockeries if not the well-aimed arrow of Lewis which through pierced heart of one of degenerates.

Silent walk on local sights from this point turned into a total nightmare which is usually not offered as an additional option in travel agencies. Murder of the person, let also the geek, let also for self-defense, made continuation of rest in a former key impossible. Now over a grief - tourists not only threat to be grabbed on a crime scene, but also danger to sweep from the second bastard who managed to run away hung. Not to mention that the taken place event changed their understanding about the good and evil and split group into two conflicting parties.

How to arrive? Under the law? That is to transfer a body to hands of the sheriff and to hope that the local court of jurors consisting perhaps, from relatives of these perverts, will acquit four strangers who came into the wood and killed the person? Or to go to the transaction with conscience - to dig a corpse, to hide proofs and to try to forget about everything? The situation is complicated by the fact that somewhere the armed villain wanders nearby, and, besides a moral aspect of business, city guys should resolve one more vital issue - how to survive?.

Undoubtedly, it is the most famous movie of the English director John Burmen which the domestic viewer knows according to movies Ekskalibur Emerald wood Hope and glory and The Tailor from Panama . No, the picture was not showered with awards, actually without having received anything, except several nominations on the Gold globe and the Oscar. And the director, despite rather serious track record, was never treated kindly by critics and awards. It twice (in 1970 - m for the movie Leo the last and in 1998 - m for General ) never recognized the best at a film festival in Cannes and - in the homeland in Great Britain or in Hollywood. Plus to everything Burmen was never a commercial director that always did his projects uninviting for producers and large studios, but attractive to actors and screenwriters which could be sure that their efforts will not be lost against special effects and kaskadersky tricks.

Actually, with Disposal and it turned out: despite rather intense plot for which we will thank the writer and scriptwriter James Dickie (who played, by the way, in the movie a role of the sheriff) all dramatic nature of a situation and the realness of the atmosphere frightening the inhabitant are created due to magnificent actor`s game of four key characters. Already taken place Hollywood stars Bert Reynolds and John Voight, naturally, pulled a blanket on themselves. But also Ronnie Cox (future villain in fantastic fighters The Robot - the police officer and To remember everything ) for which it was only the third movie, and the theatrical actor Ned Beatty debuting in this picture, did not concede to the more eminent colleagues from shop at all. It is interesting that Beatty, having played the physically weakest and inept character, was the only thing from all who had skills of management of a canoe.

As a result at Burmen excellent mix from the psychological drama and the intense thriller turned out. The picture breaks up to two parts where the first - narrative, slow, in style of landscape sketches immerses us in the atmosphere of the wild nature of America, and the second - prompt and unexpected as the river raging thresholds around which the main characters travel. Only having looked through the movie to the middle, you understand that the name of a tape bears in itself the hidden implication, certain double, even threefold sense. On the one hand, all this travel was planned how a way to escape from problems, to clear the head of daily routine, to calm nerves. On the other hand, unexpected turn of events and series of tragic incidents put before ordinary people, not having skills of a survival, not to mention experience in concealment of proofs, a literal task - disposal of a body. Probably, one of the most terrible and heavy scenes in the movie is the moment when all four hands dig a grave.

There is also one more disposal - of what participants of this walk should dream only now. Because it is possible to escape and disappear from all and from everything, but not from itself. And waking up in cold sweat from the next nightmare, Ad will be eager for disposal for a long time - first of all, from the memoirs.

P. S. The majority of scenes were removed on the river Chattuga dividing states South Carolina and Georgia. In a year after release of a picture of Burmen on screens, more than thirty people drowned in places of shootings, in attempt to repeat a route of heroes of the movie, on this river.