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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on June 8 - 9? After our era etc.

All spectator attention at the beginning of a summer season of blockbusters will be riveted on the first of them - the fantastic action engaged in mass media After our era with Will Smith`s participation. Further according to the list a new tape of Terrence Malik To a miracle domestic biographic drama Gagarin. The first in space gloomy musical imagination Voobrazharium and several European tapes from England, Spain and Italy.

1. After our era (After Earth, 2013)

as an introduction: the second time in a row Hindu M. Knight Shyamalan undertook to hill the hundred-million budget (the depressing experience of three-year prescription with Master of elements taught him to nothing), and also for the first time the director worked not according to own scenario moreover and under the sensitive management (if not to tell intervention) the producer and the leading man Will Smith. Results unfavourable - critical defeat After our era and pathetic collecting - the picture really risks to turn back one losses for creators.

And as everything remarkably began. Having looked at some transfer about a survival, Smith lit up idea to act in at film together with the son Jaden who all road will rescue the beloved father. Already later the scenario was transferred to postapokaliptika rails, having made a scene of action the waste land which ran wild for 1000 after departure of mankind. The cool and fearless commodore - the ranger and his young offspring have an accident, and now while the father broke a leg, its trained, but such lonely son in the big wood is obliged to reach a control point and to call the backup.

The continuous green melancholy removed on the last peep of digital equipment from Sony. The strategic course of Smith dreaming to make so skillfully the filmstar of the little son who is desperately changing in each shot turned back a total collapse. What, generally, is no wonder because Jaden since small years did not show special talents, and in the memorable drama In a pursuit of happiness where also was in a shot together with the father, took exclusively children`s spontaneity. Neither smart visual effects, nor computer landscapes, nor rich fauna godforsaken and people of the blue planet can hide obvious: with each such movie it will be harder and harder for Shyamalan to look for highly paid work. And if Master of elements - it is just fenteziyny trash, unsuccessful attempt to get into others kitchen garden, After our era - banal pseudo-fantastic nonsense with colourless characters and affected sincerity.

2. To a miracle (To the Wonder, 2012)

the Counterbalance advertized to the monster Shyamalan the plotless opus of Terrence Malik " acts chamber, intimate, incredibly beautiful and painfully; To a miracle catcalled by public of the Venice Film Festival. Expecting repetition of magnetic charm Life Trees the audience was forced to vnemlit almost two hours to incoherent dialogues against amazingly magnificent shots created by a sure hand of the operator Emmanuel Lyubetski. For the sake of the picture Malik who played with a form offered contents, pochikav at a final stage actor`s outbursts of Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko and in particular Rachael McAdams from whose powerful role there were only scanty scraps.

In forty years Malik shot six movies, and To a miracle (the name of the movie sends us to Maun - Seong - to Michel, the French shrine where the main heroes of a tape make a trip) - the weakest of them. Odium of a figure of the director who steadily had success, first of all, in intellectual festival public played a dirty trick with it: from heated debates and a lomaniye of copies apropos Life Trees the audience passed to a sluggish exchange of feelings. And, as it became clear, to exchange especially and there is nothing. Malik, as usual, did not find time to visit a film forum therefore Kurylenko and producers thrown on an embrasure had to listen to all claims.

3. Gagarin. The first in space (2013)

the Second time in a row after Legends No. 17 domestic film figures undertake safe subject, decking bright paints the biography of the person, it is a lot of meaning to our country. And here it turns out here what space scales anomaly - to abuse Pavel Parkhomenko`s picture it seems as it is unethical, all - the movie about Gagarin Yury Alekseevich. Also it is impossible to praise at the same time because weaved from a set of flashbacks and step-by-step reconstruction that day the project tells not about Gagarin - the person, and about the Soviet superhero. Alas, again with purely Hollywood intonation from which the present Russian cinema already is also glad, but is not able to get rid.

Certainly, you will not find the truth in the Internet. Because the general opinion such is that pushchay and ridiculous, but native. Who not with us - that not the patriot. It appears, we have to be still happy that about Gagarin remove, but not the thriller about murder of the honest businessman Berezovsky from creators One in one with Kutsenko in a leading role. And it is difficult to argue with it - at court everyone is for himself. We will understand and we will forgive. Let`s forgive historical inaccuracies, extremely schematical sketches minor characters it seems the Queen, the humiliating parody to Khrushchev and irrepressible pathos about the country and times which ourselves also buried. And now here with warmth we remember, we shoot movies, we fill national property. Only there is a wish for emotions real, not cardboard, not by the holiday and just like that. With all the heart.

4. Voobrazharium (Imaginaerum, 2012)

the First association with a distressful tape of Terry Gilliam (that that was completed the whole world after sudden death of Heath Ledger) will be true and incorrect at the same time. Without having any relation to a tape of the English intellectual, the picture of the Finnish cinema-men, in fact, professes the same principle - a plot minimum, an absurdity maximum.

The free flight of fancy is based on creativity popular threw - Nightwish groups, and the tape represents the one and a half hour music video picturizing in a big format a new album with the name of the same name. Despite the chosen genre of a fantasy and presence at the child`s shot, Voobrazharium - not children`s cinema, but quite gloomy surrealism. However, any who is close familiar with creativity of group even should not explain it. For the same reason immersion in twisting labyrinths of consciousness of the leader of Nightwish Tuomas Holopaynen will be interesting only to fans, but not broad spectator masses.

As if understanding that any of the aforesaid movies will not be in unambiguous demand, film distributors hurried to throw out the last year`s stocks in hire. The fresh English picture " became an exception only relatively; Street Dance 3: All stars . This family children`s comedy with a dancing bias has no relation to the famous franchize, just our greedy film distributors also did not know how still to draw attention of the viewer. It was necessary to go for forgery. And in vain, because the tape quite lovely, though suits more likely not for the big screen (here the format 3D confuses the issue), and for evening display on the channel Disney.

As for stocks, we deal with the Danish maiden drama " here; You and I forever , occult Canadian horror film Will , Italian thriller Room of butterflies (returned on screens a star of the Italian horrors 60 - x Barbara Steel - the old woman 75 knocked, and all there) and the Spanish three-dimensional animated cartoon Bleki flies on the Moon about adventures of a lamb who is not sat on a farm.

I know, I know, the present list of debutants not too is pleasing to the eye, but there`s nothing to be done: the first film premier Thursday of June was stuck together from what was.