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Drama Serious person . Small tragedies of the Jewish Street mugger?

the Director`s tandem of brothers Koenov (the senior Joel and younger Iten) took the place under the cinema sun long ago and strongly. For the movies, and also the original / adapted scripts for them ( Fargo Barton Fink Big Lebovski and To Old men here not the place ) brothers were treated kindly more than once by jury of the most prestigious film festivals and film forums.

In their moneybox also the American Gold globes with Oscars, both the British awards BAFTA, and even the Golden Palm of the Cannes Film Festival are. For this reason each new movie of this couple of the Jewish intellectuals causes huge interest in itself, without loud advertizing and marketing media campaigns. Since ninetieth years, Koena are a producer of own movies therefore they do not need to fawn upon potential sponsors; they are free to shoot film as they want and is could. And it is could by it very well.

Drama Serious person came out in 2009 and, in general, did not cause a special stir, unlike the previous works of a brotherly duet - the black criminal comedy After reading to burn and Oscar-winning screen version of Cormac McCarthy To Old men here not the place . However, it is easily explainable - total absence of star names on the poster and the format, unusual for Koenov, psikhologichesko - the social drama with obvious religious implication frightened off habitual audience, having left the place only for constant fans of their creativity. Nevertheless, considering that this time Clooney and Pitt`s fees did not inflate the budget which made 7 million dollars, scanty to present measures, the movie rather easily paid for itself in hire. Once again having proved that any work Koenov, even the most excentric or deeply personal, brings to the creators not only awards and respect of critics, but also quite notable dollars in hands.

Externally the movie is very simple and unartful. But only externally. At first sight before us the tedious and boring biography of the Jewish intellectual, professor of college Larry Gopnik (in the Russian realities, certainly, a surname and a profession of the main character it is a little are not combined). We find Larry in the period of global, from his point of view, changes - the wife suddenly leaves for good to another, children got out of hand, at work the management threatens not to prolong the contract, and the police of the state can quite set its brother Artur strange in every respect for a lattice.

All these passions - misfortunes open before Larry`s look unexpectedly and closely as if a bolt from the blue. As if checking it happy and quiet life on durability. Without having an opportunity to cope with all problems alone, professor, being not only the rational person, but also the member of the Jewish community, looks for rescue in religion. However in actual fact it turns out that all-knowing rabbis and the Torah not always want and can help.

In general, the movie represents one big rhetorical Question which in modern interpretation sounds as Whether we Are lonely in the Universe? And the most important mistake of the viewer (and the main character) is attempt on this question to find the correct answer. The essence is that Koena quite consciously lost couple of elements of a puzzle, having initially built a trap, a labyrinth without entrance and an exit. Two Jewish jokers bring us to intellectual nonsense that in a final scene to let know that each grain of sand in the desert has the right to complain to God of loneliness, but only until wind blows.

After viewing there is an impression that you at some stage were just brought for a corner and knocked a dusty bag on the head. All road we sincerely empathize this loser Larry, together with him looking for explanations for all these messages, signs, dreadful visions and to predictions as a result to realize that you should not look for a black cat in the dark room, especially when does not have of this cat in the room. And if under cat we mean searches of the higher justice, or perhaps and God, a koenovsky sad mockery from it becomes even more concrete and exact.

In irony over the heroes and over by itself because the movie very autobiographical and personal for Koenov, consists the main sense of this picture and a corporate style of directors.

Probably, from - for congestion hints and details of life and life of the Jewish community the movie many was not accepted and not understood. Only the leading man, mainly television actor Michael Stalberg was nominated for the Gold Globe, and it is unexpected in the category The Best male role in the comedy or the musical . As usual, did not disregard the scenario which received the nomination on Oscar. However, there Koenov had strong contenders in the person of engaged " too; The Hurt Locker (the total winner) and flashing Tarantino with Inglourious Basterds .

To all admirers of talent Koenov I recommend to watch this movie as, despite the lack of a criminal plot, habitual for them, this integral and, perhaps, the most significant film work of brothers is removed with the ironic relation inherent in them to real. The wise parable or a joke from life of the little Jew - everyone will find in Serious person the intimate sense.