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How Keanu Reeves played Sting and what it is a shame to Will Smith with?

to Write the original scenario, it appears, it is easier, than it is successful to adapt the famous literary work to the screen. Especially to Hollywood it is possible to create the characters absolutely unlike itself book.

the Bright example - recent Jack Richer where Tom Cruise tried on on himself a role of the two-meter healthy fellow from detective novels Li Chayld. And as usual, example not only.

Screen versions of comics, books, TV series and numerous remakes offer the audience not of fresh heroes, but the characters already famous to mass audience altered to unrecognizability. Those who read Chaylda were unpleasantly surprised with transformation powerful, tall (1,95 m), the blue-eyed blonde Richer in fifty-year-old dark-haired Cruz`s pudge. However, the writer approved the choice, having noticed that impressive dimensions of his hero are only a symbol of determination and persistence. Thank God, Tom is rather competent and professional to reach the necessary effect on the screen and without solid physical parameters. And not without the aid of operator art, by itself.

In the sixtieth the American TV men decided to cross an espionage genre to a western. The popular TV series " became result of their work; Wild wild West on CBS channel about adventures of two secret agents in 1870. However James T. Vest`s character is associated at present generation not with Robert Conrad, such James Bond with the revolver in hands at all, and with a remake of 1999 of Barry Zonnenfeld. In the last the leading role was offered the former rapper, and now a megalozvezda of Hollywood to Will Smith. And though that, and another at the time of shootings in Wild wild West were at peak of a serdtseedchesky form, alas, on it similarity of two heroes also comes to an end.

Zonnenfeld`s remake unambiguously pleased with a soundtrack, and also the fact that did without sequel. And though authors, certainly, soiled a series reputation, will not refuse to Conrad sense of humour. Having learned that a remake eight times (!) it is nominated on Gold " raspberry; the actor personally arrived to a ceremony to receive five awards . For what Will Smith had to apologize later to him publicly.

Sean Connery, perhaps, also became the agent 007 embodiment, but fans of Ian Fleming know that he is very far from that image that the writer carefully represented in the first novel Casino Grand piano . Book Bond represented something between Fleming and the American singer Hoagi Carmichael. Instead the viewer received the fattened handsome Connery.

Not that we complained, but comparison of the agent of his Majesty with Carmichael stands out through all spy novels of Fleming. Bond`s girlfriends permanently note coldness and ruthlessness his eye. Especially it pounds in powder of those who sincerely believed in cheerful Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore`s authenticity. Actually only the last option in the person of Daniel Craig almost ideally corresponds to the book original. Yes, Craig cannot brag of gallantry of the predecessors, but his severe lines and a rigid look precisely meet with a literary prototype.

One more example of not too accurate screen version - Constantine: Lord of darkness (2005). John Constantine (generally, Konstantayn) is the detective - the occultist from the comic book Hellblazer of Vertigo publishing house. The artists who created this hero are great admirers of The Police group therefore made him similar to Sting. And now - attention, a question. In what place Keanu Reeves reminds you the famous English musician?

Instead of a short light hairdress - an uncombed head of hear of the brunette. Fell the Liverpool accent into oblivion, and the light coat was painted in black color. In other words, the hero of the movie of Francis Lawrence is similar to anyone, only not to John Constantin / Sting. The most amusing minor characters also got that from authors. Played the closest companion and the assistant detective Chaz absolutely still young 19 - summer Shia LaBeouf. And whom concerns that in the comic book Chaz - the old man grown wise years. However, there is a hope that justice will triumph because in 2015 - m Hollywood is going to picturize this plot again.

Not less amusing story developed also with a casting of a biopic of Steven Spielberg Catch me if you will be able (2002) about misadventures of the young speculator Frank Ebigneyl - younger, for the sake of an entertainment and money pretending to be the pilot, the doctor, the lawyer and god knows whom else. Cinema it was played not by anyone, and Leonardo DiCaprio that in itself is strange. The matter is that the real Ebigneyl claimed (and this photos prove him) that in youth looked is much more senior than the years. What, actually, also allowed it to fly more than 1 million miles, pretending to be the pilot of PanAm airline.

As for DiCaprio, it is ready to argue that documents asked to show the guy upon purchase of alcohol up to 25 years, not to mention that Leo could play authentically the pilot aged when also the driving license it is not necessary. Certainly, reliability - not the strength of the Hollywood biographies, but if Frank Ebigneyl indeed looked, as his film option, then would hardly become a celebrity.

Sometimes the character and the actor so do not suit one another that unexpectedly from this symbiosis something standing turns out. Let`s take, for example, Batman - the most famous superhero of comics on both sides of Atlantic. This hero is so severe and ruthless that one menacing look fills with dread hearts of criminals. Therefore when the director Tim Burton stopped the choice on Michael Keaton playing before mainly in comedies and melodramas, admirers of graphic novels of DC Comics publishing house were revolted to a limit.

Incredibly, but the director managed to force Keaton to frown properly eyebrows, both Batman`s opposition and Dzhokera performed by Jack Nicholson turned out impressive. At least, before emergence nolanovsky Dark knight .

However the most unsuccessful screen version in respect of a casting can brag of Master of elements M. Knight Shyamalan. Any reliable character who completely would correspond to the prototype from very popular animation series. Creators of the movie changed literally all that could, at the same time fondly believing that the main support to the movie in hire will be given by fans of the animated film Avatar: Legend of Aange . The last, without having seen in a shot of any familiar hero, by the principle the spitting " collective; drowned Shyamalan in pejorative responses.

Certainly, it to any comparison does not go with reaction of the American audience who saw legendary John Wayne, the hero of various westerns as Genghis Khan, but there off-screen there was excentric Howard Hughes so strongly it is not necessary to be surprised. Said that in the period of the voluntary imprisonment the mad billionaire reconsidered the tape Conqueror daily. Wayne was expressed extremely accurately: Sometimes you should not tear a bum for the sake of roles which are written not for you .