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Who falls in love in married men ?

are extremely popular In Russia office romances. Sometimes they have the destructive force because interpose in the family matter and complicate the worker`s life.

Who prefers married colleagues?

the big category of women who prefer married men - colleagues Exists. Life with such married men turns for them into hell. But these women as if are programmed on such misfortune.

Often on the married colleague the woman aims with feeling of own inferiority. Such thoughts direct it approximately: I am not fit anywhere, is not capable of anything. In marriage all the same nobody will take me. Means, destiny my such... . The woman chooses such well-educated colleague in advance - the family man who only occasionally would meet her and would not make her offers. Because she marriage fears like the plague: for example, it had an unsuccessful experience before, and she does not want its repetition. Or she just considers herself not ready to marriage, unworthy.

However eventually she comes to other conclusion. Sincere feelings of the man whom she knows everything better better because he sits at the desktop, next to it, or in the next office, convince her that it can be quite happy that it is worthy happiness. But the colleague at this moment does by the " handle; - and they leave. Woman again one.

Razluchnitsa the Image of women - razluchnitsa is desperately operated by

in fiction and cinema. The scenario at razluchnitsa approximately same: they compete with other women. For example; two female individuals work in collective. At one everything is: both husband, and children, and good work. And at another - anything: career did not develop, men somehow by pass everything. And then she, the unlucky person, decides to take away the husband at that which considers as the competitor.

No, of course, it, the razluchnitsa, does not love her husband to such an extent to spend with it the rest of the life. But it is so keen on process of competitions that plays not the role. Eventually, by weaving of intrigues, she tries to obtain that the husband of her colleague undersigned with it for the REGISTRY OFFICE. It celebrates a victory. But actually there is no victory any - the man to it is uninteresting. And now, when he was her newly made husband, she does not know where to put it.

To love it is impossible to part

Exist also stranger situations: when women fall in love with married colleagues because those, so to speak, checked . Like, they quite are cultivated at them is not present special cockroaches in the head, are inclined to family life. And does not come to such women to mind that time the man walks on the party, so at it is cockroaches . Some fallen in love with the married man - doubts begin to overcome the colleague of women. They think of that, they did how right thing, their actions are how moral. These thoughts haunt them. At last, they state the fears to the man. And here it can arrive differently: or will agree with it - and it means that their union it is weighed long ago also by it only and waited for an occasion to leave, - or will disabuse her, will tell that all this supposedly trifles, that`s nothing unusual, nothing terrible, and will suggest to continue illegitimate office union.

Many women do not test any remorse at all up to that moment when colleagues do not begin to reproach them all around, for example. It is necessary to know that all these reproaches are caused by different motives. One colleagues just envy foreign happiness, others - cannot reconcile to the fact that the imagined by them, allegedly firm, moral foundations fall.

Many women are surprised that the man cannot make a choice in their advantage in any way. At the same time he swears to them eternal love, says that the wife grew hateful - and offers does not do. Why? Yes because everything suits it. Life on two houses (or rather - on two houses and office) does not weigh it at all (both there, and there he receives what he wants), he is not afraid of condemnation - here and does not hurry to make the choice.

If you are a woman and fell in love with the married colleague, or you are a man, and your colleague fell in love with you, then you have to know on what tricks there are wives to hold about themselves the gone on a spree spouse:

1. Decide to bring one more child. But, by the way, such buffer the unwanted child can become a burden for all, and - to separate partners even more.

2. Set on the man public opinion. But often otrinuty all the man approaches with " even more; antisocial girlfriend: he simply has no place to disappear more.

3. Get sick . Sometimes - it is simple game in an illness . They count that the man has to return out of a debt to a bed patient . However call of duty - a bad substratum for rapprochement with the wife. As well as an illness which the man takes seriously and of which desperately is afraid.

4. Remind of the previous merits. For example, the wife could write to the husband the thesis or support him. And now she demands from it gratitude - in the form of marital fidelity. However it is too a kind of a debt which does not want to be executed at all.

5. Reproach with already available children. Actually, men know that even in case of divorce nobody to them will forbid to meet children. So children are not decisive argument.

If you, the woman, fell in love with the married colleague - what to do?

1. Look whether it is a tendency of your life - to connect themselves with married men - and what this tendency means for you.

2. Not especially listen to public opinion. Arrive more how you consider it necessary.

3. Know that the outcome of your history can be the most different. Attentively look narrowly at the elect. Listen that he tells you, compare it with its acts - and draw conclusions.