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Combative detective story Jack Richer or Why Tom Cruise does not play basketball?

Actually, a question rhetorical, considering that growth of the famous actor makes very modest 170 cm. No, certainly, the professional league of NBA used to know players and the smaller sizes, however this ball game is associated at us with tall, under two meters big fellows. As well as Jack Richer, main character of thrilling detective stories of the American writer Li Chayld. Considering

that Cruz`s film company was engaged in producing of a picture, it is no wonder that the star played also a leading role, having killed with that two fat hares and one cachectic a zaychishka at once. In - the first, Tom wrote down in the asset of one more combative character, having joined Ethan Hunt`s ranks from Missions it is impracticable and Roy Miller from Knight of day . In - the second, he seriously saved on own fee, having preferred to receive instead of an actor`s salary producer dividends from collecting. Well also you should not forget, perhaps Chayld whose novels represent excellent material for Hollywood, managed to produce the whole collection of books about Jack Richer. The problem is that Cruz last year exchanged the sixth ten and, despite excellent physical shape, is hardly going to conceive one more long-term franchize as the same Missions . And actor`s dimensions here absolutely at anything.

Pittsburgh shocked: the psychopath from a sniper rifle kills in broad daylight five in anything not guilty citizens. However thanks to the proofs which are generously scattered on a crime scene the police quickly identifies the murderer`s personality. Somebody James Barre, the former sniper who was taking part in operation in Iraq appears them. Barre is immediately arrested, but on interrogation he does not hurry to admit deeds, and asks to invite to Jack Richer`s investigation. Angry with impossibility quickly to close obvious case, cops hands of prisoners stack the defendant in a coma, and try to find out - as to them to find for mysterious Richer?

Richer, having seen a familiar face in news, itself comes to investigators. The former military investigator with a heap of awards and a faultless track record, he appears to Barre not the so fellow soldier, but the person wishing his fastest charge. The matter is that in the past the sniper was already connected with similar incident in army, however then it managed to escape.

The advokatessa - the blonde Helen Rodin, in combination the daughter of the district attorney intending to sentence the murderer to death is engaged in Barre`s protection. In peak to Helen`s father gets Richer`s support to understand why came to her client to mind to shoot casual citizens. During the investigation Richer and his assistant understand that Barre was a pawn in others hands, and actually other, much more dangerous people are behind this scandalous crime

In general, it is quite strange that Cruz and the company chose for adaptation to the big screen not the first novel from a cycle about Jack Richer ( Floor of death 1997), and the ninth book under the name One shot (2005). Probably, having reasonably judged that if the main character comes eternally from nowhere and leaves in anywhere, it is possible to start with any point. The main thing - to explain to the viewer, not reading who such Richer and why he leads a solitary life, disappears from eyes of the authorities and tries to poke into the other people`s business less than Li Chayld`s detectives. However, just he copes with the last worse than ever because he gets into scrapes eternally, becoming a whipping boy for others sins.

If it is honest, despite a warm attitude to an extremely topical fiction, Chayld`s creativity did not seem to me something outstanding. In relation to a series of detectives about Richer, and at all, after reading of the next book, and the writer let out them already 17 pieces (the last novel is dated 2012), there is a feeling of a deja vu and some monotony in plots. Nevertheless it should be noted very peculiar, fragmentary and accurate, as a shot, style of the narration, and also that any of Chayld`s books - almost ready scenario. It is unclear, why Hollywood still did not take work of this writer into account, preferring to stamp rather stupid boyevichka and thrillers composed by poor anonymous graphomaniacs.

Jack Richer is the typical representative of new literature with whom the loop of heritage of a detective genre tries to keep step. Hera Chaylda incorporated both analytical mentality of classical detectives, and cowboy`s reaction, and ability to offend not only the word, but also a leg in a groin. It regarding book prototype.

And here the cine option performed by Cruz, owing to the unclear reasons, looks like Jason Born`s mix with the Superman rather. Here to you and infallible tactics of investigation to which Sherlock Holmes, and the destructive power of the blows turning the person into the disabled person and ability to destroy a gang of bandits almost barehanded would envy. It is truly Hollywood habit to turn the living person into the car for murder did not do good to the thriller where some moments force to doubt judiciousness of authors.

Nevertheless Tom Cruise, despite vague compliance to a prototype is, actually, only light spot in a picture where Li Chayld was imprudently lit in a bit part of the duty police officer. It is surprising as far as Christopher Makkuorri since the brilliant scenario to cult " fell; To Suspects . Not only that all book was remade to please to genre stamps (final hand-to-hand in " style; Deadly " weapon; looks absolutely ridiculously), so also the intrigue was thrown out in a wastebasket nearly in the middle of investigation. Villains are absolutely deprived of charisma, except for that a muddy eye of the classic of the German cinema Werner Herzog which on an old age of years decided to climb on Max von Suedow`s territory. The leading female role is given to faceless Rosamund Payk who against Cruz who was using to know brighter partners looks absolutely faintly. From successful parties only veterans of the screen Robert Dyuvall and Richard Jenkins, but on that they and professionals are remembered that to make a candy of any material.

If to ponder, Chayld in the book touched upon several serious subjects, beginning from the wave of lacking ideas violence which overflowed America and finishing with a problem of rehabilitation of the former military personnel from hot spots. Authors of the movie very much dexterously bypassed everything slippery questions, having designated only general razvlekatelno - the detective line. Bewilderment causes also the fact that quite solid thriller with a heap of corpses periodically is interrupted on nearly parody gags and where the viewer has to hold heart, it grabs a stomach.

However, many will not agree with my opinion. At least because, not chitav books, perceive the movie absolutely differently. Such free boyevichok with unusually intellectual Cruz and a standard plot about the hero arranging justice mob killings in circumvention of the sparing American laws. How many they were and how many still will be. And Cruz, though was satisfied with the final collecting which got for a mark of 200 million dollars does not hurry to develop a pot of gold. At least, for today the next screen version of adventures of Richer in his plans does not appear.