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How grow up garlic?

- are time to clean July garlic.

Garlic is cleaned the second half of July when the lower leaves begin to dry and to turn yellow tops. It is not necessary to be late with cleaning, otherwise bulbs will break up to teeth and will lose a lezhkost.

It is better not to wait for full maturing: garlic well ripens after wrest.

When cleaning at first cut off arrows, then undermine a plant a shovel or a pitchfork and pull out for a tops of vegetable then shake off the soil from roots. At dry weather it is possible to leave it on a bed for a week for drying under the sun, and at adverse - to clean under a roof and to suspend for a tops of vegetable.

Roots obstrigat, without touching their basis. Drying is conducted until stalks do not become soft, then braid garlic in braids on 10 - 15 bulbs and suspend on storage in the warm aired room. It is possible to cut off a tops of vegetable on penek in 3 - 4 cm and to store a harvest at first in the warm room, and then in a cellar at a temperature of 0 C.

The garlic plants intended for receiving bulbochek leave on beds and continue behind them leaving. Do not forget to tie up them to pegs.


At the garlic landed on seeds in August inflorescences begin to ripen. Start cleaning when the film covering bulbochka begins to crack. The shooters which are cut off with part, inflorescences connect in snopik and suspend in the dry warm room where bulbochka within 1 - 1,5 months ripen. After that they are threshed and sized, then filled in sacks and stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 0 C or dug in during snow.

Bulbochki, landed in the spring, by the end of summer give only sevka, but not a bulb. At the beginning of August at plants tips of leaves begin to turn yellow, and then and absolutely polegat. It means, sevka ripened, it is time to reap a crop. Plants undermine a shovel, and sevka choose from the earth for leaves. At dry weather it is displayed on a bed for solar drying and a dozarivaniye. In crude weather or at threat of a rain of sevka clean to the room, display a thin layer and periodically stir. When sevka dries up (will begin to rustle), it is cleared of leaves and roots, and in October landed on the prepared beds towards the winter.

If sevka grow up in through-culture, then do not dig out it. In August at it die off leaves, and he enters a dormant period. During dying off of leaves designate site border by mistake not to dig over landing, remove the appeared weeds.

By winter it will take roots, and the next year during the summer will give a large bulb. In this case crops bulbochek are thinned out on 6 - 8 cm

Summer garlic only begins to gain strength, continue to water it, to feed up complex fertilizers. From simple fertilizers it is possible to use a kalimagneziya and superphosphate on 1 tablespoon on 1 sq.m


If sevka land, then choose the term of landing so that plants managed to take roots and leave at winter in the fall with well developed root system which usually manages to be formed in one or one and a half months. In Siberia and in the Urals of sevka sow in the first or second decade of October, in a midland of Russia - at the end of September - the beginning of October, and in the south of this operation are engaged at the end of October.

For this purpose in a week prepare a bed the earth sank under the influence of rains a little. On the friable soil teeth are strongly involved to the soil. At first put air bulbochka, and then garlic teeth on depth of 5 - 8 cm, having among on 5 - 7 cm of Bulbochki put on 2 - 3 cm. After landing garlic for a zamulchiruyta peat or sawdust, it is possible also leaves of trees. It protects from formation of a crust, and in the winter from a garlic vymerzaniye.


On spring when snow descends, garlic shoots at once will appear. Means, time to loosen the soil, to weed weeds, to carry out waterings approached. Will help also top dressing. Usually they are done by three.


Garlic is watered plentifully with impregnation of the soil on depth of 30 cm with an interval in 7 - 10 days. The first watering is done at the beginning of May with top dressing. In the second half of May shooters appear. It is possible to leave part of them for cultivation bulbochek, and the others should be removed, without allowing them to grow more than 5 - 7 cm. Remove excess arrows during a time when they are extended on 8 - 10 cm. Break out arrows at the level of an exit from the top leaf.

Whatever portly garlic was, it all the same degenerates, becomes shallow. Therefore for updating of seed material in the middle of May small teeth presoak in warm solution of potassium permanganate (40 - 45 C) within 6 - 7 hours, then land on beds with carrots, pepper or wild strawberry in row-spacings with an interval of 7 cm. Weeks through two garlic sprouts, and subsequently gives heads to 5 cm in the diameter. They are dug out when the stalk begins to turn yellow in the lower part, dry two - three days, cut off a tops of vegetable and put in boxes for subwinter crops.

Progress in cultivation of this useful vegetable!