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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on June 1 - 2? Bachelor party: Part III etc.

did not manage to look back, and summer on the way. Went by the last car of the leaving structure of spring film premieres: the third Bachelor party animation three-dimensional blockbuster Epik a shelter - faugh Wong Kar`s drama - Wai Great master and French comedy Polet .

1. Bachelor party: Part III (The Hangover Part III, 2013)

our Poor localizers. Having For some reason translated Hangover as The Hangover they then were forced to create prichinno - investigative communications about from where and where (sequel From Vegas to Bangkok ) and, at last, to the third movie the imagination was settled and limited to dry serial number. Who knew that the crushing comedy of Todd Phillips in four years will turn into the trilogy, a format, so popular in present Hollywood.

I will remind that the first Bachelor party unexpectedly for all became the real bomb of already incredibly cash 2009 - go, having taken the sixth place following the results of avatarno - transformerno - twilight and having overtaken years on collecting such monsters as Star Trek Sherlock Holmes and the third Ice Age . The general cash desk of a tape made comedies of 467 million dollars, incomprehensible for a genre. And, by itself, all pricked up skis to the sequel at once.

But to continuation there was a familiar trouble: having moved heroes to other locations, creators resolutely did not want to change a plot. Got drunk, regained consciousness, rushed. Only still becoming banal and growing dull. What, in principle, had to is strong to cost authors a pretty penny. But, you want - believe, you want - no, the sequel of 2011 worked in hire even more powerfully, having raised more than half a billion evergreen money worldwide. Despite the reading off scale scabrousness of jokes, flashing in a shot genitals and which became the business card for the project strong language, Phil, Styu and Alan`s adventures in Thailand entered already the four of the most profitable projects of year, having left ahead only Harry Potter, Stephenie Meyer`s vampires and the next Transformers.

Nevertheless critics picked the second series to pieces and not to reckon with their opinion would be a big mistake. And the nomination on Gold " raspberry; besieged authors. That is why the third movie Phillips approached cautiously, as the treasury surrounded with killing traps. A step to the left, a step to the right - also you are a corpse.

In fact, in a trequel we will see nothing essentially new. Unless this time for Zac Galifianakis and Ken Zhonga`s characters on whom, actually, the project also leaves all road it is allocated much more screen time. But now heroes get up everything on the sober head that proves once again that to fools and vodka not a hindrance. Whether it is worth watching film at movie theater? The question is rhetorical because the one who liked two previous parts will not pass also this. And here judges of more subtle humour should beware. The epic final still professes spirit and style of the franchize where there is no place to graceful curtseys if only the last are not made at the time of idolatry to the white friend .

2. Epik (Epic, 2013)

was Lived. The budget of the animated film Chris of Wedge, or as it is accepted to speak in Hollywood, from creators Rio Ice Age and " Robots; makes, neither more nor less, 100 million dollars. Yes, appetites since the time of Disney`s Alladina drawn in 1992 for 28 mln. dollars, significantly grew. However, the same Alladin can brag of semi-milliard collecting, and Epik - cash fiasco from whom to save the large-scale project of " studio; 20 - y Century Fox even voices of such celebrities as Colin Farrell, Christoph Waltz, Stephen Tyler from Aerosmith, Beyonce Knowles and the rapper of Pitbull could not.

Possibly, on paper the plan seemed grandiose: a powerful video series, a global message about opposition of the good and evil, amusing characters and the improbable fenteziyny world. However heroes should beginning to speak, and you understand that only the wise Indian Joe does not step on the same rake twice. Hollywood already so many time fell a victim of own unreasonable pathos what already simply ridiculously to look as next epic the megaproject groans under oppression of own hollowness.

There are no claims to a plot, all - is a children`s animated cartoon and so on. However it is a pity, first of all, for those kids which should vnemlit to heavy dialogues. Even through sample Ice Age and that was more various in verbal outbursts. Comparing production Fox with inventive and clever animated cartoons of Pixar studio.

Only plus Epika - it is, certainly, the hundred-million picture, 3D and other visual sweets. Beautifully, vividly and in places even takes the breath away. In other words, if not to try to penetrate into a plot and to designate the presence at movie theater only as the attendant the beloved child, then you should not miss. But also to remember something after viewing it will hardly turn out.

3. Great master (Yi dai zong shi, 2013)

Six years Wong Kar`s admirers - Wai waited for it the new movie. After the stylized melodrama My bilberry nights the Chinese director undertook the project born in the head about well-known long ago, is not present more likely legendary IP Manet - Bruce Lee`s teacher.

It is so difficult to imagine Kar`s movie - Wai without favourite actor Tony Leung as a picture about a shelter - faugh - without hand-to-hand fights. Both that, and another in Great master it is a lot of though fights, certainly, much less, than in standard Hong Kong fighters including in rather recent tapes IP Mang and IP Mang 2 . Under philosophy a shelter - faugh Kar - Wai skillfully brought own philosophy of motion picture art therefore Great master - very ambiguous work, but truly author`s view of the biography of a legend.

The Chinese`s picture surely balances somewhere between beautifully and perfectly . Poetic style of Kar - Wai preferring to use the checked visual means is skillfully combined with skill Yuan Hepinga, the director of fighting scenes in Tarantino`s To Kill Bill and To the Matrix . Perhaps, creators nevertheless miscalculated something and therefore the tape did not get loud awards, but it has no value. Eventually, the poetry also has to exist as a hobby, but not for mass worship.

The French comedies of subjects are also interesting that in them any, most banal history happens to the point of absurdity then you do not perceive all events on the screen differently as the reporting from parallel reality. To take at least Gerome Enrico picture Polet , telling about the harmful pensioner who decided to improve financial things on a narcodealership field. And that, than not business for the lonely old woman, whose official income is hardly enough to make ends meet. And when the state in the person of bailiffs will want to select also the last, there is nothing to do, a swag in hands - and forward on streets, to sell minutes of oblivion to sufferers.

While indigenous French protest against the law on same-sex marriages, their descendants localized in Canada in the person of young Xavier Dolan with might and main dig even more doubtful subject. Main character of the movie And still Lorans dreams to become the woman long ago, but fears reactions of parents, acquaintances and those outcasts which are ready to kill the person only for the fact that it differently looks. Dolan`s tape participated in a competition of Cannes and Cesar, but, judging by reserved reaction, the viewer is not ready to take a similar plot very much to heart yet. Nevertheless the social and psychological problems which are brought up in a picture excite society for a long time, and it is senseless to close eyes to it.