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Hungry games . Anti-Utopia woman`s eyes?

Contrary to the statement that hunger - not the aunt, and bread - not herring, the screen version of the teenage best-seller of Susan Collins how rich and shameless scoff over poor and unfortunate, is expected turned into a season hit.

But, despite secondariness both the book, and the movie, and distinct twilight musty smell, Hungry games with their combative melodrama nevertheless it is more preferable, than a sophisticated necrophilia of Stephenie Meyer.

In the far future which is so clearly reminding the past, America returned to feudalism. After revolt of poor miners the country, represented by the too choosy center, decided to extinguish annually with small losses unhealthy revolutionary vibrations of the population of raw appendages - distrikt. Every year in the capital the Capitol are arranged Hungry games - something between genocide, a rating TV show and theater of puppets. Participants of this atrocity are the young young men and girls called in voluntarily - a compulsory order to offer itself for the sake of tranquility of the nation. The winner - only one, but to win over rivals, it is necessary to rely on muscles and reaction how many on complaisance and love of sponsors not so much.

12 - summer Primrose Everdeen for the first time participates in the Harvest - the lottery selection of applicants for sacrifice which is annually taking place in each of 12 distrikt. And when the manicured hand of the leader pulls out from a glass sphere a piece of paper with a name of Primas, her elder sister Katniss rushes all breast on an embrasure. Together with the young man Pete it goes to the Capitol where him have to guide a head of hear, decorate with pastes and in beautiful packing to present to impudent eyes of the bourgeoisie. Their mentor (mentor) explains rules of the game: you want to live - it be able to be pleasant. Gloomy singles die the first, not very well, of a knife of the rival, dehydration, hunger or a lock caused by indigestible forest food. But force and skills will not prevent therefore recruits in the shortest possible time are trained on the " system; How to become Rambo in seven days .

Katniss has quite good chances because the girl she effective and history of unfortunate love of Pete to the companion pressed to public on plaintive glands. But governed - there are rules. Kill - or will kill you. Betray, run, hide. In this game there are no prize-winning places and a pedestal, out of the wood you either will be brought, or will take out. Katniss has only one advantage: it does not agree to turn into an animal only for the sake of rescue of the skin Somewhere we it already saw

. Or heard. Ah yes, similar perfidious Greeks made something with the Minotaur to whom just there was a wish to eat . Or the backward wars waged by the states outside the territories that small violence to anticipate the big conflicts. And about ten more books and movies painting technology of games of survival in details. Beginning from Sheckley and King and finishing cult Japanese Royal fight . Generally, American Susan Collins who created the trilogy Hungry games did not rediscover the homeland, and quite diligently and diligently rewrote in a new way old as the world, a story about the one who pays a banquet that and the girl dances.

Nevertheless the audience of forgery allegedly did not notice also the two first the book nearly two years dangled in the list of the most sold novels of America. Even Stephen King recognized remarkable talent of a kompilyatorstvo for Collins that had to flatter the writer, considering that King of horrors extremely sharply expressed creativity of her colleague Stephenie Meyer. First of all, from - for disagreements concerning from what party it is necessary to approach the vampire. Generally, all literary brotherhood of Susan zalaskat that added oil to fire.

Four years were required to Hollywood to realize need of adaptation of the novel to the big screen. Director Hungry games appointed Gary Ross, the screenwriter Big and director Plezantvil and Favourite . Nobody was confused by the fact that earlier Ross only worked according to romantic melodramas and with big adventure projects did not deal though a number of his pictures had fantastic background in the basis. Eventually, in such movies, as Hungry games the director, how many the competent screenwriter is not so much important, and here claims any - worked on the text of the scenario, including, Collins.

Selection for leading roles was is deranged careful. Only for Katniss`s role about thirty young actresses of different star size were tried, beginning from Sirshy Ronan ( Lovely bones ) and Ebigeyl Breslin and finishing Chloe Moritz ( Fuck-up ) and Emma Roberts. As a result invited Jennifer Lawrence who even took three days on thoughts. Clear business, not everyone will agree to contact the long-playing franchize. The tough schedules, contracts entangling on hands and legs, popularity wild, the fees the mad and other accompanying nuances. But Lawrence accepted the offer, and it is possible to tell safely that Katniss in her execution is the most great luck of the movie. Even big, than Stanley Tucci with an acid blue hairdress, unrecognizable Elizabeth Banks in the wildest make-up and eternally poddaty hippie Woody Harrelson.

In fact, before us free retelling of Orwell for generation of next. Therefore fantastic and melodramatic components all foot press a throat of philosophical. Anti-Utopia for small where the sobytiynost prevails over common sense. Admit, you did not reflect why grotesque bedash rich men tease serf the fact that publicly mock at their offsprings? What it is an agony of the next Roman Empire which sank in own vices and perversity? Or skillful satire on modern society, with its show from the " series; Behind " glass; and The House - 2 where the same teenagers - overages are ready to gnaw through each other a throat for 15 minutes of fame? Unfortunately, further a primitive kopipasta authors did not promote. All these distrikta - tributa - mentors - sponsors - only professionally executed rewriting which is visually showing the level of present literature, in particular American.

As usual, lost in a plot it is filled with dynamics of the narration. Not that on one breath, but the two-three of the intense moments in Ross`s movie is available. Especially when the story enters a final phase of fight for life and Hungry games get shades Lord of the Flies . In this part tiresome Twilight to which for some reason Collins`s creativity is compared most often, nervously smoked aside. It is a pity only that in some technical details the female hand is obviously felt, and at the main character all movie in a bottom plays a maternal instinct, but not an instinct of a survival. And joint long creativity with Clint Eastwood obviously did not accustom the operator Tom Stern to work with dynamic scenes: the most part of fights and pursuits looks as the high-speed train passing by - continuous messing around.

All flaws, okromya scenario, can be still corrected. Grandiose cash desk of world collecting Hungry games rejected all doubts in need of the screen version of all trilogy. The second part under the name Also the flame " will flash; will leave in November, 2013 - go, and the final The Jay - a peresmeshnitsa by foolish tradition, it will be broken into two parts and it is planned to an exit in 2014 - 2015.