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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on May 25 - 26? Forcing 6 etc. the Penultimate portion of spring film premieres brushes away

not to a complex lunch, and to having a snack in anticipation of a summer season of blockbusters. Unexpectedly it is not enough novelties and, in fact, the forthcoming Wick - and will pass under a racing tag of the sixth part of an automobile action Forcing . to

the Company to cheeful film series will be kept by new work of Spaniard Pedro Almodovar with the heading ", characteristic of it; I am very excited Joseph Rubin`s thriller The Penthouse overlooking the North and couple of animated films.

1. Forcing 6 (Fast & Furious 6, 2013)

Appeal of the racing franchize Forcing in what to begin to watch it is possible from any place of any of series. Because it is unimportant who whom and for what, and it gives pleasure process. Let`s take, for example, one more long-liver - a horror Saw . There is each subsequent episode, though is not direct continuation of history, but constantly refers to last parts. Therefore it is almost impossible to watch the last series, without knowing background of events. And Forcing every time is written from a new leaf. And even if someone from the main characters managed to kick the bucket on the road, then not it and to recover a sin.

The sixth Forcing obviously, intended to outdo all five previous movies - such scope was not even in Rio where the Dominica team of Toretto lit in 2011 - m. Last time children not bad earned and decided to go in hiding, to calm nervishka, to lick wounds, etc. But here the federal agent Hobbs, only already as asking again inconsiderately interferes in their vital space. Hobbs does Dominica the offer which it is impossible to refuse. Only it is required to catch the impudent war criminal who is engaged in robberies on roads and also to take in hand Lettie, the former girlfriend Toretto. The last it seems as is registered been killed in action, but it turns out as large as life moreover and in a camp of the enemy. In exchange for services the agent offers the feasible help and amnesty to all members of team of the House to the fifth knee. Not to see a century of will.

As we see, the plot of special changes did not undergo. If to be exact, the same story is told by authors already for the sixth time. Only scenery, the number of the injured noses and wheelbarrows plus small frauds with characters when bad guys become good change, and the former girlfriends come over to a dark side of force. However, in Forcings in general the plot concerns?

In a new tape creators decided not to limit themselves to old toys and to already bothered wheelbarrows added military equipment - armored troop-carriers and tanks. And planes. All this is destroyed, flies, jumps, shoots and tastefully collapses on the spare part in the face of the happy viewer who outside movie theater shivers over each scratch on a bumper of the ten-year foreign car. The action periodically alternates dialogues, but here the hand of the fighter was tired to prick so on all movie if the two-three of intelligent phrases and will be gathered, then already bread.

Certainly, in the forefront cinema halls will be hammered by admirers of the franchize, and into absence how many - nibud interesting competitors to them also other curious will be tightened. Forcing 6 has every chance to break financial records of predecessors, laying the next bridge to number 7 which is planned to an exit next year. However, without director Justin Ling, but under James Wang`s leadership (here not for nothing we about Saw remembered) and with Jason Steytem`s participation.

2. I am very excited (Los amantes pasajeros, 2013)

the Vital credo of Pedro Almodovar consists in passing a decency framework, without getting out for borders of legal. That is why all its creations, with rare exception, represent topical blow to moral principles of society, but at the same time in a root are innocent. Especially as the Spaniard initially preferred to be behind a screen of satire and humour, without trying to speak about something seriously. Only over the years sense of proportion slowly evaporates, and on a surface there are company stamps with which the director once again addressed audience in the comedy I am very excited .

The plane flying from Madrid to Mexico City turns into a death capsule halfway, giving chance to his ill-matched passengers and not less picturesque crew to reveal from an unexpected side. As to panic and be upset categorically is not present time, all attendees at a board of an airliner agree to spend the last hours of the life in an incendiary separation from reality. That is promoted by tequila with a mescaline, rich life experience and desire to enjoy everyone remained minute. Dances, heart-to-heart talks, sex, at last. Than passengers played if only did not dream of a safe landing.

The comedy, the farce, the drama, the melodrama - everything as usual at Almodovar is added in a heap. A distortion in bisexual subject and a frank mockery over morals do not cause rejection at least because it you will not get at modern audience. The Spaniard falls short of a former subtlety of jokes, but also in sortirny American humour did not get off yet. Like the plane balancing between heaven and earth, the tape I am very excited (our film distributors, certainly, could not refuse in pleasure to translate themselves heading, proceeding from a context, but not literally) is something between what was expected and that actually left. Also that critic is right that advises readers to reconsider Airplane where it was not less absurdity, and - it is much more successful humour.

3. The Penthouse overlooking the North (Penthouse North, 2013)

American Joseph Rubin that is called knew inside out thrillers, since Stepfather (1986) and In a bed with the enemy (1991) with Julia Roberts`s participation and finishing Forgotten with Julianne Moore. Actually, Forgotten to this day was considered as the latest work of the director who in 9 years did not shoot any picture. And here suddenly decided to return to cinema.

It is impossible to tell that return turned out triumphal, but the thriller Penthouse overlooking the North it is possible to call a strong sample of a genre safely. The blind girl who lost sight on a field of professional activity (the journalist in Afghanistan), lives in a magnificent penthouse of the fight - the friend. Troubles begin with that moment when in apartments the severe man with an open razor demanding to return it certain jewelry is declared. Here and to the sighted person - that is necessary hardly, and to unfortunate Sara (Michele Monakhen) at all hardly. Worst of all, that the criminal was not mistaken the address and in a case of the owner of a penthouse there is a couple of dusty skeletons.

Not too original, but, nevertheless, the dynamic thriller not only will remind us of Rubin`s existence, but also will refresh Michael Keaton`s shape whose best days remained in the late eighties together with Batman and Bitldzhus .

Complete the list of film premieres on May 23 two animation projects - Gruffalo , the animated film of coproduction of England and Germany about the brave little mouse forced to escape from gluttonous predators and absurd animated solyanka from well-known Monty Paytonov - a set of the drawn sketches Autobiography of the liar , drawing Graham Chapman`s the biography, the participant of this British comic group. Chapman died from cancer in 1989 - m so this tape put based on its memoirs - a peculiar tribute to one of revolutionaries of the British television.