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Spiderman 2012 . All new is well forgotten new?

It is necessary only to envy back-breaking toil of our film distributors. It what intellectual attempts and creative thought costs them inventing process marketing - the focused headings to foreign movies. Therefore French tragicomedy 1+1 turns in Untouchable Last fight with Schwartz - in Return of the hero and numerous animal animated cartoons - in continuous crew forest, underwater and other friends.

By itself, in the West too do not philosophize crafty, calling the next blockbuster. For example, when the Marvel company dissatisfied with the screen version of the comic book about Hulk, decided to restart a picture with the new actor (Edward Norton), the tape was called absolutely unpretentiously: Improbable Hulk (The Incredible Hulk). Obviously, but it is improbable, the second version similarly failed in hire. Treated the Spiderman also. Without seeing other way, restart of the franchize was marked precisely The Amazing Spider - Man . In general, at the English adjective of amazing several values. Fly - choose: amazing, amazing, surprising. Ours scratched in napes and chose : New Spiderman . That is not old. That were not confused.

History was given up restart of the spidery franchize in 2009 - m when Sam Ramey, the author of the latest trilogy about Toby Maguire`s adventures in the fitting suit, suggested producers to go on figs. The official version read in mass media says that the director lost any desire to create in this direction and does not represent further ways of development of film series. It`s a no-brainer that Ramey was simply tired. Was tired of the nervous film-making schedule, of constant friction with purses eternally sticking the nose in author`s film process, from a sour mine of constantly reflexing Maguire. Money the director lifted on the project much and quietly left to shoot the film.

Producers cried - cried and threw a call. Like, on Ramey there are other fish in the sea, and if and Toby with the girlfriend Kirsten of a ski greased, instead of number 4 there will be number first again. Absolutely new movie with new faces in a shot and behind it. Following the results of a long casting the choice fell on Mark Webb, the author of the lovely and nice melodrama 500 days of summer . Key characters painted between Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker), Emma Stone (Parker`s girlfriend - Gwen Stacie), Martin Shin (uncle Ben), Sallie Fild (aunt Mai) and Reece Ivans to which entrusted to play the villain. And when all assembled, not a sin and film to shoot. Also removed, by the way, not bad in spite of the fact that the body of the previous trilogy did not manage to cool down yet.

The senior Peter Parker living after a premature demise of parents at the uncle and the aunt loves schoolmates at flashlight distance. Peter not that the full-fledged botanist, but, despite an athletic constitution and analytical mentality, has no success in school. And not especially it seeks to be allocated against peers. For what periodically there is a bit and is publicly humiliated, causing sympathy in Gwen Stacie sympathizing it. But pity - the bad base for romanticism, and therefore Parker wipes bruises and continues to suffer meek feeling.

Everything resolutely changes while Peter finds in the cellar a portfolio of the father in which secret pocket there is a folder with classified documents about certain genetic developments. For clarification of an essence of these records the young man addresses the former companion and the father`s colleague - doctor Curt Connors who is nowadays working for powerful corporation Osborn. And as it often happens, digging in the past introduces amendments in the future. Having got under an assumed name into Connors`s laboratory, Peter instead of desired knowledge receives a sting of a spider - a mutant, and together with it and superhuman opportunities.

Having found superforce, Peter does not know where to apply it therefore compensates former offenses. There would be no happiness, but the misfortune helped: some outcast kills his uncle Ben, and Parker, having sewed himself a suit of the national avenger, everywhere looks for the criminal. However the main danger proceeds not from bandits on streets at all, and from that doctor Connors to which the senior, without any ulterior motives, presented a fatherly formula for crossing of genes. Connors, as well as befits the real scientist, was influenced by an elixir and turned into an enormous furious pangolin. And now the Spiderman, following the principle I generated you, I also will kill you it is forced to enter unequal fight with the opponent`s forces surpassing in the weight and rage

we Will make a reservation at once: in spite of the fact that new and old Spiderman are identical from a face as those two of a chest (points, spiders, the villain - the scientist, a suit, one-way love), in fact, movies turned out essentially different in style and loading. If at Ramey spider that in a superheroic prikid that without it, desperately exaggerated problems of life and Peter Parker performed by Garfield was nervous from own split personality, ( Social network ) together with fantastic power got megalomania. It is more consecutive in the actions, whether it be the teenage revenge to school offenders or an earthing up of the loved Gwen, and in a suit likes to play with the victim, entirely understanding the superiority.

Certainly, nobody waited that Webb`s tape will manage to beat Ramey`s original on collecting, and it did not happen. At least because even fans of comics were concerning so prompt restart skeptic. Not to mention those to whom all these adventures of the homebrew botanist in leggings were initially to a bulb. But also to tell that the movie was shot in vain, too it is impossible. Eventually, if Christopher Nolan listened to words of pessimists when he intended to reanimate Batman`s figure after Burton and Schumacher, then not to see to us Dark knight as ears. Mark Webb did not reach similar heights, but nevertheless his opus looks thought more over and if you want, integral, than Spiderman Ramey.

To compare actor`s game it is represented to me lost labor because on taste and color. Though at Ramey the uncle Ben was played by the winner of the Oscar Cliff Robertson, and to his spouse - the actress with the Gold Globe. Webb, on the contrary, invited Oscar-winning Sallie Fild to party of the aunt Mai, having provided Ben to famous Martin Shin who, on a twist of fate, too further the Globe did not progress in the career yet. Castling successful at least because the uncle Ben has a role, owing to subject circumstances, short, and Shin coped with it brilliantly.

Emma Stone had to represent two rolled into one, that is to be at the same time also a friend instead of James Franco, and the hero`s girlfriend, replacing Kirsten Danst. The starlet who flew up on Olympe after roles in Welcome to Zombilend and To Servants looks on the place too, and as nicely swells out charming eyes. And here Reece Ivans in comparison with Uillem Defoe obviously loses. In spite of the fact that glavgad from Spiderman in the rage it was stupid and unmerciful whereas the Pangolin treads a path to hell good intentions to relieve mankind of diseases and grief. And who is guilty what people do not need so generous gift?

If to speak about the reference, then, by itself, Ramey was closer to the original. But the task of authors new the movie also consisted in as much as possible to abstract from the previous franchize, at the same time without missing key details from Peter Parker`s life. That is why New Spiderman - it is not the alternative version, but author`s reading of the cult comic book which, as we know, has the right for existence.