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Criminal " shooter; Gangsters Hunters . The tired retro?

Here are hard to damage the gangster movie. In Hollywood to this historically American genre the special relation, as at us - to movies about the Great Patriotic War (Mikhalkov with his citadels is not counted). Therefore to anyone the good idea will not be entrusted. But Ruben Fleischer is the person not casual, the truth? He and in thirty minutes is in time, and the zombie beautifully flattens. here with Mickey Cohen was not lucky

A. Though whether it is worth substituting concepts, confusing bad luck to sloppiness? Or Fleischer fondly believed that the viewer will not notice falseness behind expensive scenery and suits in retro style? It is so much questions, and the answer one: prick hands are curve, you have only yourself to blame.

City of Angels of the end of the fortieth. War and a depression ended, cancelled the Prohibition: it became simpler to live and, undoubtedly, more cheerfully. But not to all, but certain marginal persons. For example, to the former athlete, and nowadays to a reketmen to Mickey Cohen, intended to turn Los - Andzheles into the personal ancestral lands. On Cohen`s party the corrupted officials and judges, selling cops and tens of the illegal enterprises, beginning from brothels and bookmaker offices and finishing with an underground drug traffic. However still there were on the American earth people honest, not disfigured by dirty money and vicious communications.

Grown wise for years of fight against a gangster infection the police chief Parker suggests the uncompromising sergeant O`Mare to organize the guerrilla movement on streets of the hometown. The purpose is simple and obvious: the gone too far Mickey Cohen. The sergeant makes team from among the former and current cops concordant to put the badge in exchange for an opportunity to play the Wild West. Their main thing governed - any rules. To children - ice cream, the woman - flowers, to gangsters - lead. But Cohen therefore is dangerous that he is always ready to a fight and itself does not look for easy ways. You want war? You receive it!.

No, nobody waited for esthetic break from Fleischer. Actually, from where? His boyish enthusiasm shown on a field of parodying of zombyatnik in Welcome to Zombilend and a feeble attempt obsmeyat a robbery of bank in the tape To be in time in 30 minutes give out in it talented, but, alas, the handicraftsman capable only effectively to outrage upon others finds. This manner is regarded recently as of paramount importance because wishing to obstebat something much more, than those who really know where to move further. And nevertheless Fleischer earned a shred of the authority by the debuts. And right there fell the victim of megalomania.

Authors Gangsters Hunters as if it is aware that the genre elected by them ispakhan at Factory of dreams up and down. Without getting into a jungle, we will remember only the most sign pictures of the present - Untouchable Brian De Palma, Secrets of Los - Andzheles Curtice Hanson. Rock Malkholland at last. It apart from several tens gangster tapes where not cops, but mafiosi act as the main characters.

It would seem, all cards in hands, but Fleischer and his screenwriter Will Bill adapting Paul Lieberman`s book made very strange thing. They carefully took all genre cliches and stamps, attentively studied them, but instead of cutting out one more, let also secondary, criminal epik, for some reason at the last minute solved svayat usual shooter. With drugs, whores, tompsonam hats and morals that the dark side of force does not bring to good.

Paradoxically, but fact: having taken the best, creators of the movie managed to create the worst. The plot represents a train an action - the episodes connected by lyrical inserts - exactly - in - exactly, as in the well-known cheshsko - the American computer toy Mafia . Only dollars worth 60 lyam. Only for it Bill should be killed, but that not Tarantino, and realities of present Hollywood cinema: it is in most cases staked not on the scenario, and on stars, scenery, a sloa - mo and an epic soundtrack. All this equally can be seen in the same Untouchable but there was a history, living characters, ingenious Morricone, wise owl Sean Connery and enchanting Al Capone in the syphilitic madness. In Hunters - only dummies with pathos dialogues, all right the cut-out suits and unintelligible, but magnificently beautiful stylization under a retro. As if a cover of the glossy magazine behind which the ton of painful advertizing and two tens grafomansky articles is covered.

Komiksovy seal of characters kills on the spot from the first shots. The irreconcilable fighter with crime Josh Brolin with the eyebrows knitted by a lodge and the pregnant wife of the house. The picture handsome man Ryan Gosling deprived of the police officer`s ambitions, but allocated with charisma to strike women one phrase: I hoped to oversleep with you . The fresh vamp Emma Stone to whom already charge roles of mistresses of criminal leaders. The moustached shooter who descended from the poster Tumstouna performed by Robert Patrick`s old times which was successful liquid Terminator far better. The expert on electric chains and the former counterspy Giovanni Ribizi reminding the accountant from a masterpiece De Palma and in the same way dying the first. And, certainly, did not do without beginner (Michael Penya), on the course of the movie which is rubbing off the blood-stained sleeve dairy moustaches, and a politically correct tick in the form of Black Anthony Maki.

Only with whom in this glossy nonsense it is not a shame - it is Sean Penn as Mickey Cohen. Its desperate style of game will present to the cult gangster those lines which at it was not trace: grace, charm and charm. The real Cohen was a baldish bandit with a bloated face whose criminal career ended not at will of brave cops at all, and owing to efforts of the tax specialists who found tears in its declaration. Penn very much tried that his film villain caused in the viewer at the same time fear, rejection and respect. By the way, De Niro as Capone could brag only of the first two emotions. But under oppression of poor phrases which Sean is forced to say from depths of a three-hour make-up it looks so ailing, as well as all statement.

Interest of public stirred by transfer of a premiere Hunters in connection with slaughter at a premiere Dark knight it appeared insufficiently for successful rolling destiny. The picture naturally came to grief. What proves once again: packing of candy can be never more important than a stuffing. But, oh, damn, as tasty this wrapper looks outside!